Hot Stove: Cashman failed to trade for players on the move



Before the Winter Meetings began, I speculated the Yankees would make one move by the time the four days in San Diego were up. Instead, the Yankees let David Robertson go to the Chicago White Sox and Brandon McCarthy go to the Los Angeles Dodgers without making either one of them an offer. It turns out, the Yankees not making any moves was planned on Brian Cashman’s part, but it raised many questions.

Cashman inquired the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Detroit Tigers about Rick Porcello and Wade Miley, both pitchers that were traded to the Boston Red Sox just after the Winter Meetings, but wasn’t comfortable with the asking price.

“Did I call Arizona? Yes,’’ Cashman told the New York Post. “Did I call Detroit? Yes. I didn’t have Cespedes to send to Detroit. We are waiting for something we are comfortable with.’’

However, just how comfortable are the Yankees with their rotation woes: CC Sabathia recently had knee surgery, Masahiro Tanaka has a small rip in his elbow, Ivan Nova isn’t expected to return to the rotation until June or July at the earliest and Michael Pineda, while extremely impressive, is an injury prone question mark.

Porcello and Miley weren’t the only players the Yankees let get away: Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reported the Yankees called about Ervin Santana and appeared interested in his services. But Chris Cotillo of MLB Daily Dish later reported the Yankees ceased their interest, allowing Santana and the Minnesota Twins to agree to a four-year deal. They called the Philadelphia Phillies about Jimmy Rollins and the Los Angeles Dodgers for Dee Gordon. The Phillies had a big asking price for Rollins, and Cashman was never able to get a deal done for Gordon.

With the Yankees going through offseason with a frugal approach, it’s pretty hard to imagine they would shell out the cash to pay for Max Scherzer. So what’s the current plan the Yankees have for the rotation?

David Phelps and Adam Warren are going to head into Spring Training to compete for a rotation spot. Shane Greene originally was supposed to be in the mix, but he was involved in the three-team trade that gave the Yankees Didi Gregorius. Instead, Bryan Mitchell will be in the mix for one of the rotation spots. As for the infield, the Yankees are hoping to sign Chase Headley to play third base for the 2015 season.

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11 Responses to Hot Stove: Cashman failed to trade for players on the move

  1. Thomas says:

    I don't understand. Your last post was to give the kids a chance to play and now you are saying that Cash shouold have traded for someone. Which is it?? You do know that other teams want our best kids? They want Refsnyder, Bird, Judge, Clarkin, Sanchez and the like. They want Gardner, Warren, Phelps, Betances. They don't want Tex, A-Rod, CC or Beltran for Porcello or Miley. Cashman failed because he didn't want to prat with Betances or Gardner or Refsnyder, Sanchez or Severino.

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      I'm still saying give the kids a chance, but this is what Cashman did during the Winter Meetings. Nothing. This is a Hot Stove piece which is just facts. The last piece I posted this morning was an opinion piece on what I think the Yankees should do (let the kids play).

  2. Hey yankee fans, we got this guy for 3 more years. Just prey

  3. Terry says:

    A-men to both of those comments.Warren way to important in the pen

    • mikefoxtrot says:

      Warren did well in the pen, but starters are 3 times as valuable and Warren has the stuff to start,

  4. LarryM says:

    Do not need Headley unless we are terminating ARoid, could sign Beachy and Medlin to an incentive type contract while they recover from TJ

    • Mean_Mr_Mustard says:

      I am completely with you on Medlin and Beachy. Secondly I don't trust Ervin Santana pitching in YS3. Also i accidentally gave you a thumbs down instead of a thumbs up because I'm on my phone. My apologies.

    • Gonzalo says:

      I would love for the yankees to get Beachy and Medlen

  5. DML says:

    If Cashman signs Headly anything in the range of D Robertson or north of that. To me his values would be horrendous. He let go of a popular home grown player. Perhaps the only player we had that we felt great about coming into the game. And I thought what an ingenius move signing Miller and having a bullpen of him Robinson and Betances. It would've been the most feared in MLB. At a much lower cost of Headly or a starting pitcher.

  6. mikefoxtrot says:

    lots of players get traded…why would the yankees want to trade for Porcello or Miley???

    Miley isn't particularly good and Porcello is bit bit above average and a year from free agency. neither are worth much in way of prospects.

    I liked him bit the Yankees didn't want to go four years on McCarthy and they have his medical records and I don't.

    Scherzer, though, looks pretty healthy and can sure pitch…… with the Dodgers, Red Sox and Tigers all out of the bidding

    perhaps the Yankees have only the Angels to bis against….or are the Marlins gonna swoop in?

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