Hot Stove: Chase Headley signs four-year, $52 Million deal with Yankees


Ladies and Gentlemen, the Yankees are banking on Chase Headley.

According to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, Chase Headley and the New York Yankees have decided on a four-year deal, $52 Million deal which would take him to the 2018 season.

“He was a tremendous acquisition in the second half,” Cashman said last night while on NBC last night. “A great leader. A tremendous defender. A switch-hitter with great discipline. He kind of checks off every box that we’d like a prototypical Yankee to look like.”

Headley was the only mid-season acquisition the Yankees retained so far; Brandon McCarthy recently signed a four-year deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers

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10 Responses to Hot Stove: Chase Headley signs four-year, $52 Million deal with Yankees

  1. hotdog says:

    we'll have a good defensive infield and Headley handles the bat pretty well…i don't see any further additions for position players…

    • mikefoxtrot says:

      the team needs a big bat, one capable of handling the the third or fourth spot in the batting order……unless ARod has found something new and totally undetectable this team doesn't have a clean-up hitter.

      what;s more, Prado might be more valuable to this team as a guy filling in and starting at multiple position on different days rather than as the every-day second baseman.

  2. Bill says:

    I agree. Now need to add two starters and one releiever, NO BIG NAMES, just servicable pitchers (Kuroda, Peavy/Zito, Romo????)
    Opening day, CF Ells, LF Gardner, RF Beltran, C McCann, 1B Tex, 3B Headley, DH A-Rod, 2B Prado, SS Didi.
    Bench, Romine, Young, Ryan, Pirella.
    Rotation, Tanaka, Pineda, Kuroda, CC, Peavy/Zito, with Nova added in June.
    Long Men, Phelps and Warren
    Closer, Romo, Set-up, Betances and Kelley from the right, Miller and Wilson from the left.

    Refsnyder stars at 2B in AAA until A-Rod, Beltran or Tex go on DL. Then Prado goes to RF or 3B and Refsnyder plays everyday at 2B. Murphy starts at C in AAA until Romine craps out. Rotation in AAA of Mitchell, Banuelos, Whitley, etc., just waiting for injury.
    Keep good prospects to plug in as A-Rod, Beltran, Tex, retire.

  3. jimmy1982 says:

    So let me get ths straight. we won 84 games last year but we want to bring back pretty much the same lineup except for a shortstop who hits worse than the one who just retired and a dh whos gonna be 40 years old. and we want to focus on run prevention, so naturally we want to trade away one of the few pitchers who stayed healthy and allow the other one to sign with another team. oh and we dont wanna get locked into a 4 year deal for headley; oh wait we do. and we're perfectly satisfied to start the season with one of the kids at second; oh wait we're not. bravo cashman bravo!

  4. Nunzio says:

    Good signing by Cash….Headley is a good defensive third baseman….and he is a average bat….he will be key to making the infield solid the next four years….Tex if stays healthy should round out the corners with A-Rod spelling them both …… Prado can play second with the new addition at short the infield looks solid…..bring up some young Arms and the yankees will do just fine…..

  5. Balt Yank says:

    I guess I can see the point, but right now we have a very weak hitting infield. The best hitter is TEX, who I like, but who'll hit 230, 25 HR, 91 RBIs if healthy. We'll have good D though. Will we develop pitching prospects, or any prospects?

    • hotdog says:

      i think Prado will be fine…it's not the infield of Arod, Jeter, Cano and Tex during their heyday but serviceable and very good defensively although i don't know about Prado's defense…

  6. Joe says:

    Hate this move, they need to start giving some kids a chance. I would hate it if I got drafted by the yankees. But most of all this move doesn't help this teams biggest flaw last season. No offense. You can't sign a guy like this when u have two light hitting outfielders and another guy who can't walk to the batters box without getting hurt. Hopefully aroid brings some of his tic tacs to help this team hit. And now that they spent that money who are they going to get to pitch for them? Cus I can't help but think Tanaka isn't going to make it thru April without needing TJ surgery or even worse he is healthy but just doesn't have the same stuff anymore cus of the tear. CC waited too long to drop weight and now he's falling apart. And Pineda who is the epitome of injury prone. Hey but the bullpen is good lol, they basically traded a guy who's been good his whole career for one who was a bust until he had a good year followed by a great one, I doubt we will get that Andrew miller. I'm not a believer in this regime, the moves they make seem like they make them for the wrong reason. I would rather them have given Robertson the $ they spent on Headley

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