Hot Stove Notes: Kemp, Latos, Miley, Porcello, Rule 5 Draft, Scherzer and Simon


On the final day of the Winter Meetings, some major league teams, including the Boston Red Sox, are making moves. However, the Yankees are still stagnant and haven’t made much noise–aside from the fact they lost David Robertson and Brandon McCarthy in a span of four days. So what’s going on around baseball? Let’s find out!

— The Red Sox made two trades today: One trade involved acquiring Rick Porcello from the Detroit Tigers for OF Yoenis Cespedes, the other involved sending Allen Webster and Ruby De La Rosa to the Arizona Diamondbacks in exchange for Wade Miley.

Matt Kemp has been traded from the Los Angeles Dodgers to the San Diego Padres in exchange for a prospect and cash. The Dodgers also signed ex-Yankee Brandon McCarthy to a four-year, $48 Million deal.

— The Cincinnati Reds made two trades today: They sent Alfredo Simon to the Detroit Tigers and Mat Latos to the Miami Marlins.

— Major League Baseball had the Rule 5 Draft today, and the Yankees drafted and lost no one, which wasn’t a complete shock. The Yankees had already said they weren’t going to draft anyone, but they also said they were going to extend an offer to David Robertson and Brandon McCarthy before admitting they didn’t.

— There’s one team out of the Max Scherzer sweepstakes and that would be the Detroit Tigers. Tigers GM David Dombrowski said this during the Winter Meetings:

“I guess anything can happen but we’re not in active pursuit of that situation at this time.”

It’s rumored the Yankees are interested in Scherzer, but if they’re interested then they might want to hear his price: Scherzer wants a rumored $200 Million from the free agent market. Hey, stranger things have happened: McCarthy $48 Million from the free agent market for so-so numbers. It’s possible Scherzer could possibly get $200 Million.

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13 Responses to Hot Stove Notes: Kemp, Latos, Miley, Porcello, Rule 5 Draft, Scherzer and Simon

  1. Gene Michael says:

    Cashman is still sleeping in his hotel room, maybe he got kidnapped down in TJ. This team has (2) Major holes in their rotation and they passed on Lester, missed out on Smarzdja (misspell) and Latos. Not sure what is going on but there is a ton of movement from other teams but only silence from the sorry Yanks. Still no 3B and the weakest bench in the league…..looks like another missed post season in the post George era. Very SAD

    • hotdog says:

      my guess is that Cashman will make a splash with Scherzer but not much else of consequence…maybe he gets a closer but there's not going to be any bid deals except Scherzer and possibly Headley and/or a closer…unless Scherzer can also bat cleanup and drive in 110 runs, he will not make this team playoff bound…

  2. tom says:

    I was about to curse Cashman out for not participating Rule 5 Draft until I saw Daniel Winkler going to Braves at 15th. Yankees held 18th. I am cool with it.

    Now, Cashman has only Schezer left to pursue after McCarthy and Santana signed elsewhere. Pathetic.

    • hotdog says:

      I'm not crazy about Santana but I would not have minded if the Yankees picked him up…assuming Scherzer signs with the Yankees, they still need another starter…i think they're putting all their eggs into the Scherzer basket…if I were the Red Sox, I'd be a bidder to at the very least, to drive his price up…

  3. San Ramon Fred says:

    What are the Yanks doing???? I was one of the minority who felt Cashman should have been replaced after the season with his continual conservative approach to free agency and bring up the ready now young guys. Clearly things have not changed. Let's head to rebuild mode folks because it's clear not much is happening this year nor for probably the next few years.

    • thomas says:

      I am not so sure. After a horrible offensive season and losing 4 out of our 5 starters, we were still in the hunt until the very end. Call me insane, but a full year of Tanaka, Pineda and CC (healthy and contributing) could make a difference. I think the offense will be much better next year with a healthy Beltran and looking like McCann has figured things out with the last month he had. A-Rod may give you something. A full year of Prado will also help. Phelps would be our 5 starter so we really only need a innings eater and we are set. Having Young instead of Icherio as the fourth outfielder will help also. I know it's a lot of ifs but I insist on staying positive.

      • hotdog says:

        thomas, if i didn't know better, I would think you're Brian Cashman in disguise…but it's good to hear some optimism…

  4. Celerino says:

    $200 over 7 years is plausible, if you figure that Kershaw's $30 million sets the bar for elite level starters. Problem is I think Boras is aiming higher than that.

  5. What we do not know is what constrictions cashman is under. If hal approved a payroll of $205mm and 15 guys are already taking up 175mm, and you are stuck with guys who have a few years left on deals then your hands are tied
    Half isn't gonna just say let's increase the payroll to 250 or 300mm.

  6. Balt Yank says:

    I don't want to see a 30 year old pitcher on a 7 year mega deal; it's the last thing the Yanks need. I can see Phelps and Bryan Mitchell in the rotation. For some reason, I liked the latter in his 1 or 2 starts last year. Even if these two can pitch, I wonder about CC and Tanaka.

  7. Rich says:

    Not a chance CC makes it past May. Incredibly, NYY gave away the only arm in the rotation for a SS that barely hits better than Ryan. Probably three years of hapless ineffectiveness until the dead weight are removed. Do have high hopes for Refsnder and Severino.

  8. mikefoxtrot says:

    who is still in and interested in Scherzer….. who is willing to go 7 years and $182M?

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