Hot Stove Rumor: Cole Hamels gives Yankees, eight other teams permission in trade talks


Cole Hamels has a no-trade clause in his contract with the Philadelphia Phillies, but after reports came out Hamels wanted to venture elsewhere, he started listing the few teams where he wouldn’t mind being traded to, and the Bronx Bombers were on the list.

According to Bob Nightengale of USA Today, Cole Hamels gave the Yankees and the Texas Rangers permission to negotiate with the Phillies from the American League and seven teams from the National League. Most of the teams are unknown from the National League except for the San Diego Padres, a team that has been making the most noise this offseason.

While Cole Hamels in pinstripes sounds intriguing, the Yankees most likely won’t trade for him since they don’t have the pieces or are unwilling to part with some of their big prospects and Major Leaguers. The Yankees missed their opportunity with Jimmy Rollins after Rubin Amaro wanted high value prospects in return, so Hamels to the Yankees would cost high value prospects along with a Major Leaguer–maybe Dellin Betances or Brett Gardner for example.

The upside to the Yankees possibly acquiring Hamels is he would provide rotation depth after Brandon McCarthy went to the Los Angeles Dodgers and Hiroki Kuroda went back to Japan.

Hamels was 9-9 with a 2.46 ERA and a 1.148 WHIP in 30 starts with the Phillies last season.

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31 Responses to Hot Stove Rumor: Cole Hamels gives Yankees, eight other teams permission in trade talks

  1. We need to continue to develope our own players. Not worth tradin for when you could just sign Scherzer

  2. guest says:

    Do not want him…with pitching as good as it is today only a marginal improvement at best.

  3. Mike says:

    If the Yanks sign Shields they will be a contending team and interesting to watch as well. As a long time Yankee fan I think this is the one and only remaining move they need to make.

    • Adam says:

      They are after Scherzer NOT shields!!! They want nothing to do with Shields!!

      • Michael says:

        There is absolutely no indication whatsoever they are after Scherzer.
        Many posters here, including myself, hope they sign Shields and give themselves a real opportunity to compete this year.

  4. Scott S Bin says:

    They need a pitcher or more…. I think we can all agree on that.

  5. Sandonsq says:

    Would have to give up too much for Hamels. Might better stand pat with current roster

  6. Jim says:

    Hamels would work much better for the Yanks than Shields. He's 1. better, and 2. he's only under contract for 3 years (with team option for the 4th). So it would be a nice fit into the Yankees long term plans (it would keep their options open past 2017-2018).

    So he'd be worth giving up decent prospects (and that's all the Yankees have: they don't have any "top prospects" so the suggestion that they would be giving up top prospects is silly). But he would of course not be worth giving up Gardner or Betances.

    As for Scherzer, please don't say that. I'd rather the Yankees overpay for Hamels than commit to giving Scherzer $30 mill./ year into his late 30s.

    • Adam F King says:

      WOW are you a dunce bucket!!! The Yankees have TOP prospects in several different players! Judge, Bird, Severino, and Sanchez to name a few! I wouldn't mind trading Gardner for Hammels BUT…. NO WAY IN HECK ON BENTENCES!!! As for Scherzer…. He won't get near $30 Million a year! LOL $26 Million a year TOPS!!!

    • TONY says:


  7. Michael says:

    Why give away important parts of your future when you can sign a bulldog free agent like Shields, with an intense desire to win?
    We're fans. What do we care what it costs.
    What happened to the New York Yankees?

  8. Casey at the bat says:

    Cole better tha "big game James"——-a left hander at Yankee Stadium makes more sense! However, having to give up Betances is a deal breaker. Would like another starter but at what cost is the question.

  9. Matt says:

    I like the thought of Shields more. Win with a smaller budget. Too many fat contracts hampering what this team can do. Those that wish to sign Scherzer should be reminded of Teixeira, Sabathia, A-Rod, Beltran, Giambi and others about how well large contracts work out.

  10. Call Me Crazy says:

    It's obvious that the Yankees need to sign a "work horse" SP. As we reflect on the 2014 post-season, it's apparent that that this type of ace is essential to teams who fail to win their divisions, yet succeed in qualifying for thw "wild card" spot and/or the short (3 of 5) playoff series. The upsets that occurred in these games were, for the most part, due to a single SP who was "lights out"; had the capacity, despite the "marathon" 162-game season to dominate and pitch deep into the 8th inning; and come back and pitch on short rest (i.e., 3 days off). This "paradigm" applied to the World Series Champion SF Giants team as well. It's impossible to dismiss the dominance and almost incredulous performances of Bumgardner, who essentially "carried his team on his back" to the championship.

    Not only do the Yankees have significant question marks surrounding every SP pitcher on their current roster(we all know who they are), there's no doubt that they are missing one with the characteristics already detailed. In addition, because their success is inexorably linked to the sustainable success of the current designated starting pitchers, the coaching staff, trainers, and management will have to monitor the number of innings pitched and intensity of the pressure placed on each throughout the regular season. That will entail an incredible amount of scrutiny and long term focus. Will Tanaka, Pineida, CC, Nova (when he returns) be limited to 200 games or less? Will they also be restricted to pitching 6 innings and then "hand over the reigns" to their bullpen, which appears to be solid at this time? Will this, in turn, tax the bullpen to the "max" over the course of the regular season and leave them exhausted by the time the post-season is upon us?

    It's obvious that they don't have an ace who can accomplish the task of a "work horse". I agree that the Yankees should not mortgage their future on a SP like Scherzer, nor should they view as this type of acquisition. The closest they can get to signing such a "stud" is "Big Game" Shields. With Kuroda departure to Japan confirmed, there's no other choice at this time. Do the right thing…sign him!

  11. Michael says:

    Great post.

  12. Tilt says:

    Agree with the Shields pick-up…Proven AL pitcher; which Hamels is not. Just tell him to leave his nickname Big Game James in KC; because thus far, it has been an ox – moron ( for the most part ).
    The Yankees need an innings eater or our bullpen will be "toast" by the All Star game.
    Farewell Kuroda…I think he was an overrated pitcher anyway…Made good $$ ( $15-$16 million )…Started off good & faded in the second half…A .500 pitcher at that pat rate ?!?!?

  13. Adam F King says:

    The Yankees need to sign Scherzer PERIOD!!! End of story!!!!! A trade for hammels would be great as well. So long as guys like Bentences, Judge, Bird, Severino, and Sanches are untouchable!!!!

  14. Daniel G says:

    National league pitchers dont usually do well in the Amercan League. Matt from tigers would be less risky

  15. Enter42 says:

    3yrs/$48mil for Shields or the Yanks should move on from thoughts of him.

    • Michael says:

      They probably would have committed $15-16 million to Kuroda for one year.
      If they sign him they field a competitive team.
      Those empty seats at Yankee stadium and the dead atmosphere there , go far beyond the price of tickets. And even YES ratings are way down.
      The Yankees, despite their competitive spirit in dealing with all the injuries, have not really been fun to watch the last couple of years.

  16. scooter10 says:

    I agree with most of posters.

    While Hamels is a talented left-handed pitcher, you have to give up prospects and pay $23.5m/year for the next 4 years (when he's 31-34) and there's a $24m vesting option in year 5 with a $6m buyout. So at a minimum, you're paying $100m for 4 years + prospects. I vote no on this one unless the prospects are B/C level which they likely will not be.

  17. Les says:

    I would certainly trade for Hamels with Gardner the key piece moving back to the Phillies along with some prospects not including Judge, Bird and Severino.

    • John D. says:

      I would agree with not trading two of the three prospects you mentioned. Bird, is the one I might part with, but only for Hamels. It's going to talk more than Gardner and lower level prospects to get Hamels.

  18. svicenty says:

    Try to get Brown and Hamels from Philly

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