Hot Stove Rumor: Ichiro Suzuki isn’t gaining much interest in free agent market


Ichiro Suzuki proved the impossible last season, playing as if he wasn’t a 40-year-old outfielder and gaining playing time due to the injuries in the Yankees outfield. With Ichiro hitting the free agent market, you’d think a team would want him next season, right? Well…not quite.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post tweeted Ichiro hadn’t been getting much attention in the free agent market, according to his agent John Boggs. Sherman adds that Boggs hopes teams look past Ichiro’s age and take in the fact Ichiro hit .284 last season and could play all three positions in the outfield.

The Yankees didn’t express any interest in reuniting with Ichiro and instead re-signed Chris Young to be the fourth outfielder.

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13 Responses to Hot Stove Rumor: Ichiro Suzuki isn’t gaining much interest in free agent market

  1. Tmacc says:

    Someone sign this man!
    Let him get 3000!!!!

  2. Dragon says:

    Utter stupidity of not giving ichiro a shot at making the roster! Future hall of famer

    • Karen says:

      Dragon, I agree. There are so many Japanese fans in the US (and Americans lke me) who would go to games at the Stadium just to see Ichiro move closer to the HOF. Kuroda may retire and who knows when Tanaka will need surgery. If for no other reason, the Yankees should keep a face of Japan on the roster. What have they got to lose by keeping him? No one is more dependable and hard working than Ichiro.

  3. Wearwolf says:

    He's now one of the worst RBI guys in MLB. The yanks need players who produce runs. He doesn't.

    • Robert Rufa says:

      What the Yanks need are players who get on in clutch situations. Ichiro often did, but batting 7th or 8th there wasn't much chance that someone would drive him in. If you throw out every low RBI player in NY history, you lose a lot of great players. Ever hear of Phil Rizzuto? Bobby Richardson?

  4. bleedblue44 says:

    Hope the Cubs get him!!!

    Veteran leadership, we need leftys, good plate discipline on a team of youngsters…he would be a nice fit

  5. Larry says:

    Let this man play

  6. Bomber4life says:

    Yankees need him back. Can't ask for a better back up and he still has speed. Offer him a one year contract.

  7. SuperSwede says:

    Young probably won’t live up to expectations, so he’s the best bet we can get to back up all 3 positions.Sign him.

  8. hotdog says:

    I got to wonder if the Mariners have room for him on their roster…

  9. tom says:

    I heard Rays are open for trades. If so, why not Yankees try to get Ben Zobrist. Send Didi, Banuelo and Bawara to Rays.

    Yankees can always bring Banuelo and/or Bawara back when they become a proven MLB players in 3 or 5 years later.

  10. Robert Rufa says:

    Not every great Yankee has been a big RBI man. Ichiro gets on, and in the right place in the batting order he will be the runs batted in–just as Rizzuto and other light-hitting Yankees were. The Yankees are stupid if they let him go, but what's new.

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