Hot Stove: Yankees meet with Chase Headley’s representatives


Now that the Yankees signed Andrew Miller for the 2015 season, they can focus their attention to other matters, such as attempting to retain Chase Headley to be their every day third basemen in 2015.

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports says the Yankees met with Chase Headley’s representatives recently, but it’s no secret Headley is gaining interest from the outside market. The San Francisco Giants are aggressively pursuing Headley after losing Pablo Sandoval to the Boston Red Sox two weeks ago.

More from Heyman:

Headley is said to have suggested to some the Yankees are his top choice. However, the Giants, champions three times in the past five years, provide an interesting second ooption. They lost Sandoval, and their appearance in this derby raises the possibility of a spirited competition for the player who hit .243 with 13 home runs and 49 RBI but was much better than that in New York. Hank Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle mentioned the Headley interest on the part of the Giants a couple days ago, and Ken Rosenthal of suggested it was “aggressive.”

The Marlins and Astros are said to have interest, but it still seems hard to imagine — despite a report of a $65 million offer by an unnamed team — Headley going somewhere other than New York or San Francisco.

The Yankees were hoping to offer Headley a three-year deal, but after hearing the four-year, $65 Million offer, they’re uncertain if Headley will be in their future plans.

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15 Responses to Hot Stove: Yankees meet with Chase Headley’s representatives

  1. jimmy1982 says:

    Honestly, i could do without headley if it means adding a starting pitcher or 2. Just by saving the 65 million or so we hear it would take to land headley, plus the money saved by trading for gregorius instead of trading for a ss, i feel this has us primed to add a top tier starter. add in the fact that you can move prado to third and bring up one of the kids to play second, plus we lost greene in the gregorius deal, and i would absolutely love to pick up 2 starters. its all a domino effect. but if youre gonna play the run prevention game, as you hear all over the place now, id love to play it with scerzer and lester in the fold, or scherzer and mccarthy, or lester and mccarthy. dont give in to the headley demands!

  2. Nunzio says:

    Headley seems like a good choice for the yanks but remember no one knows what A-Rod has left in the tank….I have to go with pitching…pitching ….pitching pass on chase and chase a top knotch pitcher….yanks have backup at third if A-rod dives …..good or bad A-Rod is a Yankee…this steroid mess is not only a Yankee problem it's a baseball problem….there are no saints just Hippocrits….if A Rod hits 60 home runs 20 angels swearing he was straight would make no difference his reputation was well earned and his talent will never be appreciated

  3. Bob S. says:

    Love to have Headley back, but not at the years or dollars he can get. Prado can do the job and it allows Refsnyder or Pirela the opportunity to play and to shift the $ savings towards pitching. I agree with jimmy1982, we need more pitching.

  4. scooter10 says:

    The downside to signing Headley is that (1) I then don't see us signing Scherzer/Lester (one of these guys is sorely needed to anchor the staff) and (2) there's no where for Refsnyder to play. I really would like to see the Yankees promote a position player from within. I believe Refsnyder has the ability, makeup and talent to do the job. Only one in the starting lineup who was promoted from within is Gardner. I like Headley but I just don't see him as a difference maker for the amount of money/years being discussed.

  5. scooter10 says:

    That said…. I'm a Headley fan. A defensive alignment of Tex, Prado, Didi and Headley would be well above average. Guess we'll see what happens over the next week.

  6. Ray Artz says:

    A Rod….I am sure wants to show he is still a major player in spite of his age and PED scandle. From reports being published he is training very hard and seems obsessed with being a factor going forward. He played very hard and helped the second half of 2013. He loves the game and am sure does not want to end his career with the drug scandal. Let's hope he can have a couple years left of productive baseball left. Time to tell. The Yankees need him! They can't hit! Did not last couple seasons, much worst last season. I do not believe much will change next year. Old over paid mediocre players that we are stuck with will not improve next season on spite of what the hierarchy thinks.

  7. WyomingGrizFan says:

    With Headley's injury history: arthroscopic surgury on a torn meniscus in his left knee; epidural injections for a herniated disk in his lower back, why is any one offering more than a one year contract?

  8. Sluggo says:

    Funny, after the season, I thought the Yanks might give Headley a contract for 3/$36M. Don't know where I found those numbers, but I don't know who might have offered 4/$65M, either. Seems like stupid $'s to me no matter who the mystery team is. Arod may surprise a few people this year. Having lost his integrity long ago, his pride is all he has left. Hopefully, that will carry him. I'd risk giving Arod the nod, and allow Prado to share some time between 2B and 3B. Yanks could give Pirela/Refsnyder a shot to earn 2B, or they could make a deal for another 3B during the season.

    • Three years and $36 million was never realistic. Headley has health issues, but you could make a case that he's better than Sandoval, who got about $100 million. If it weren't for Headley's back and knee, he would be getting closer to that payday.

      • Sluggo says:

        Rob…….tremendous defensive 3B, when he's healthy. But, you cannot deny his numbers, nor the fact that he has a bad back, and a bad knee. If you believe he will even bump that $65M "mystery team" deal, one of us is dead wrong. He may draw $15M per, but not for four years. He's good, but not at those numbers. Just because Sandoval drew stupid money, doesn't mean the Yankees should pay it, too. I'd rather see the Yanks spend the money on Scherzer or Shields. WIth the hitting that's available to bolster the club, I'd try to sign Mike Morse for RH power, and then sign all the pitching I could afford. If you can't score runs, you can win with good pitching.

        • hotdog says:

          i think there's also the notion that Headley has an upside that can lift him close to the numbers represented in his best year…otherwise, he's a good fielding 3rd baseman with some offensive skills, nothing special…are 3rd baseman's so rare that paying $65M is reasonable? maybe it is…

        • I didn't say that it was the best way to spend the money, I said that it wasn't realistic that he would get only $36 million. I guess we'll see when he signs. Headley over the last 3 years — .262/.352/.429 — is better than Sandoval over the last 3 years — .280/.335/.424.

  9. Williechimes says:

    If we play our Card Right, and let 2015 be the Beginning of the NEEDED YOUTH
    for our Team. To Expect the Yanks to be the Division Winner this year is Folly.

    I would happily Give up and see us not make the Playoffs for the Third year
    and Make 2016 and Beyond the Return of the Yankees .

    WE will Lose D Rob I would have loved to see the Three be Yankees — Killer B–Miller and D Rob But I have a
    HOPE that the Yanks would not let D Rob walk and Took Miller instead There must be a REASON more then $
    to Choose Miller over D Rob At this Point I just Trust there is a Reason that made Sense .

  10. Lets say the Yanks don't sign Headley. AROID craps out and Prado has a pedestrian type of year. How does that help the Yankees out. I say sign Headley the Yankees can always trade him . If I were the Yankees brain trust I would make sure to pickup two Yoans not one.Yoan Macado SS/3rd and Yoan Lopez pitcher. That opens how long the team has to go with Headley.

    • hotdog says:

      I hate these contracts where mid-level players are overpaid for 4 plus years…Headley is a good ballplayer but he's not better than Gardner offensively…and even though that might not seem like a fair comparison due to the positions they play, Gardner is being paid $52M over 4 years…Headley commands more and I don't see why the Yankees need to pay the ransom…

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