Hot Stove: Yankees trade Shawn Kelley to San Diego Padres for Johnny Barbato


Just a few days before New Years, the Yankees got down to business as they traded away one of their bullpen arms for a minor league prospect.

According to Jack Curry of the YES Network, the Yankees traded Shawn Kelley to the San Diego Padres for minor league arm Johnny Barbato. Barbato pitched to a 2.87 ERA and notched 16 saves in Class AA with the Padres last year. Kelley was scheduled to be a free agent after this seasonĀ and was expected to get a raise in his final year of arbitration.

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41 Responses to Hot Stove: Yankees trade Shawn Kelley to San Diego Padres for Johnny Barbato

  1. Jackie says:

    There goes another good player!!! I happened to like Shawn Kelley and thought he did a great job. I know the team is looking to rebuild, but having experienced players to help the recruits along is necessary. In my opinion, this was a bad move. But that's my thought.

    • Jackie your analysis is sound, but the NYY were to old. They needed to get younger and hopeully for good results. I hate that they traded Prado and Kelly but they have to gamble with younger talent. The key thing in here is the fact that Kelly will become a FA after 2015 and getting a good prospect for a reliever that is on his way out is good business sense. Of course time will tell…

    • Jack says:

      I'd have to disagree,
      Yes the prado trade was questionable, evoldi is good but jone not sure.
      But Kelly's numbers last year weren't good and this kid throws hard plushas proven himself in AA and arbitration was soon. This move I believe was good.

    • Mike Sommer says:

      In two years as a Yankee, Kelley's ERA was about 4.40, ERA+89. (100 is average). That isn't so hot, and that is why he was expendable.

  2. guest says:

    Yeah! Wonderful, so happy he is gone!

      • guest says:

        Because he is just not that good…think Veras when he was with the Yankees or Bruney when he was here…just a waste of the roster spot. They could have non tendered him back on the 2nd but instead they turned him into a young pitcher instead…YEAH!

  3. bill talarico says:

    I think the Yankees have enough young arms to replace Kelley- do not know enough about this Barbato- but he is young and under control and is supposed to have great stuff- so they got younger, saved some money and are developing the kids- I think I more big trade to come or signing- Perhaps Hamels- but they may have to give up a ton, so a FA may be the route taken-

  4. Walt Lee says:

    Just like Green, Prado, McCarthy, Kuroda, and DROB and they say the rotation has taken shape!

  5. ramberg2013 says:

    Still a lot of time left so maybe there is something else coming down the pipe. Definitely a head scratcher given the recent pitching loses they have suffered.

  6. David Ranno says:

    clearing money to sign either Shields or Sherzer or gathering prospects to trade for Tulo

  7. joe gigs says:

    Just making some room for the scherzer signing. If you believe they're not going after him, you're not a true yankee fan

  8. John says:

    They have traded or let walk every healthy pitcher they had. Robertson, Green, McCarthy, Kuroda and now Kelly.

  9. jmb says:

    There's a reason why the paid professionals made this trade and a reason why fans don't. Doesn't really matter what you guys think about it. Obviously they saw something.

  10. jimmy1982 says:

    Heard this kid barbato is going to need tommy john surgery; can anyone confirm? If so, this just adds to the list of incomprehensible moves by cashman so far this offseason.

    • hes clearing up money what moves were bad we got 2 great arms and a backup first baseman and rightfielder which we needed. Also got younger in the process with the trade for Didi.

      • jimmy1982 says:

        Yeah but is one of the 2 great arms that youre talking about this kid barbato, who might need tommy john?

  11. Nate Ayer says:

    They need Cole Hamels

  12. Fred says:

    The brain trust of the Yankees believes that the prime years of any player is 24-32 and now that Hal is on board with this they will try not to throw buckets of money at players on the decline. All around baseball teams bring up young talented guys to invigorate their clubs. Very refreshing to see some though process being used instead of business as usual.

  13. anthony says:

    I love every move Cashman has made. about time

  14. steve e says:

    I thought the idea was to improve the pitching. they lose out on McCarthey, trade away Green and Kelley, lose Kuroda, lose Robertson… where is the improvement? they may have something up their sleeve we all do not know about, but as far as I am concerned, I have never liked Cashman as a GM. he makes AWFUL personnel decisions. has since day one. granted he has gotten lucky a few times, but then generally blows it with the one we lucked out on. whatever… I'm just a fan, I don't own the team, and I don't pay his exorbitant, unearned, salary. GO YANKS!

    • thomas says:

      First of all, McCarthey went for the money and years. I would have been upset if they signed him to the same contract as LA did. Picked up good pitching in Miller, Wilson, and Eovaldi. Kelley was a spare part which is easy to replace. Rodgers will take his place in the pen plus a rookie can break in as did Betances last year.

  15. Fred says:

    Just wait till you see Aaron Judge in the outfield and Greg Bird at first, hopefully by next year. Don't forget they signed a bunch of International players and should start feeding the team in 3 -4 years.

  16. mark from lancaster says:

    Another head scratcher. I thought Kelly was going to be a back up closer in case things didn't work out for Betances. Now what's next…..I can't imagine. I do find it interesting that they still haven't found a batting coach. Maybe no one wants the job of trying to get Tex and McCann to go to left field when batting against the shift. Add in a rookie (or two) second baseman, a shortshop who had problems hitting in the NL, and a 40 year old DH who hasn't faced pitching in a year, and you have a formula for failur. I see another lousy season on the horizon

    • thomas says:

      years years younger and 2 million dollars saved!
      Kelley is replaceable. I think they see Rodgers as his replacement and a new rookie to try out as was Betances last year.

  17. tom says:

    It is a fine trade. Barbato has bad elbow right now. However, Kelley has been dealing with bum back. It is basically a salary dump move by Cashman. There is no reason to fuss around about why Yankees don't get a steal out of Kelley.

    Barbato may be ready for 2016 season and there is no 40 man movement necessary for him until then.

  18. GaryR says:

    Here's the thing. If Cashman made a deal of this nature 5-6 years ago, we'd be licking our chops saying this is a good deal and this kid must be some kind of phenom. But now, after all the horrible years since they won their last World Series, us fans question EVERY move the Yankees make because they've made a ton of horrible ones. .

  19. Balt Yank says:

    I am glad Kelley is gone, as his control was unreliable, but trading for a double a pitcher with elbow problems is curious. Esmil Rogers is no answer. The Yankees have plenty of rookies. It is notable three pieces of last year's bullpen are gone: DROB (great), Phelps (good), Kelley (sometimes good).

  20. Glenn2000 says:

    I like this trade. The Yankees need to develop more young players and reduce the older guys who can't produce anymore. Any GM has to take chances, and I think Cash has a good track record. 5 years in a row of losing means we need to make changes. I love our chances for 2015!

  21. scooter10 says:

    Acceptable trade for a number of reasons.

    1. Kelley is only under control for 1 more season and would have been a FA in 2016
    2. Kelley was estimated to get $2.5m this year – can prob get similar output one of the guys from AAA
    3. While Kelley did perform well sometimes, he was also inconsistent (4.53 ERA in 2014, 4.39 ERA in 2013)
    4. Barbato has some upside – was a 6th round pick out of HS in 2010 and given a $1.4m bonus
    5. Gives Yankees some 40 man roster flexibility – clears a spot

    This is not a guaranteed to succeed trade but assuming Barbato becomes a ML reliever, the Yankees will have him for at least six years. I'm assuming there's another move coming.

  22. Jim Skinner says:

    Glad to see this trade. The Yankees could be stocking up with young arm's for the future. Besides young Johnny being my grand-nephew, he has done well in the minors.

  23. Paul Rossitto says:

    out of all the moves, I just don't get the Mcarthy move. Pitched well, solid, just don't get it….

    • Celerino says:

      Regarding Kelly, he was just a mediocre middleman who got turned over. Regarding McCarthy, would you really commit to a four year deal for someone hurt as often as him?

  24. thomas says:

    4 years and 48 million
    I would have figured 2 years for 25 million would have been fair but not 4 years. Glad the Yankees passed. Saved that money for something bigger/ better.
    Right now the replacements for Jeter, Kuroda, and Ichiro with DiDi, Eovaldi, and Young has saved 32 million from last year.

  25. Balt Yank says:

    The Yankees are definitely stocking up, but probably for 2016 as this year, even an added ACE would not win a World Series with this team, considering this trade, the Phelps trade, the Cervelli trade, letting DROB walk (for a draft pick) and the international signing bonanza. Cashman has taken some risk by dismantling, partially, last year's only strength, the bullpen, while he's solved the infield disaster (for 2015) with Headley / Didi / Rookie / Tex plus Marlin backup.

  26. mikefoxtrot says:

    trading Kelley for a minor-leaguer appears to be a move that clears a 40-man roster spot in preparation for an imminent acquisition.

    it suggests that the team is possibly going to be trading minor-league arms for a major league player.

  27. Tony says:

    As a longtime Yankees fan I am amazed by a lot of comments we have been spoiled for years and all you do is complain like little kids no other teams have had run like this . Its time to rebuild and reload , bring in some homegrown talent and sign the right free agents that's what worked in the past. Why haven't they paid some high money for some of the scouts or player personal from the A's or Ray's cause they keep bring kids up over and over. I have no problem of rebuilding for a couple of years if they start another run like the one we just had. But I think the issue is with Junior is nothing like is dad with the win at all costs mentality , that's what made the Yankees a billion dollar franchise not worrying about the bottom line.

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