If Chase Headley goes, what are the Yankees options at third base?


Ideally, the New York Yankees would like Chase Headley to be their every day third basemen for the 2015 season but if the Yankees want Headley, there’s a price they’re going to have to pay. As reported yesterday by Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports, a mystery team offered Headley a four-year, $65 Million deal. That deal would probably deter the Yankees from Headley considering the asking price is too high for a player with a history of back issues.

So if the Yankees are unable to retain Headley, who could be an option at third base?

If the Yankees are looking internally, there’s only one true option: Martin Prado. Sure, the Yankees have Alex Rodriguez, but the Yankees aren’t considering him for the every day third base position due to his age and his history of hip surgeries. Prado is a versatile infielder who can play second, third, left and right field, but an AL evaluator told the New York Post that Prado could be the perfect fit to be the Yankees new third basemen.

“His range is better suited for third,’’ The AL evaluator said of Prado. “His hands are good and he can play both, but third base is his best position.’’

If Prado moves to third, the Yankees could use the farm system and fill the holes at second base: Jose Pirela and Rob Refnsyder are both candidates for the position. An infield of Headley, Prado and Mark Teixeira sounds better than Prado, Pirela/Refsnyder and Teixeira and it’s not the most idealistic infield, but the Yankees were put in this hole before where they signed Brian Roberts last offseason to play second after Robinson Cano bolted and went to the Seattle Mariners for a 10-year, $240 Million deal.

The Yankees are going to have to decide who will play second and thir base when the time comes, but third base isn’t the only position the Yankees need to address: they’re currently in the hunt for a closer, rotation help and shortstop. But with the way the Yankees are operating this offseason, you have to question whether the Yankees already missed their chance in improving their team.

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4 Responses to If Chase Headley goes, what are the Yankees options at third base?

  1. hotdog says:

    My guess is that the Yankees will prefer to go outside the organization to fill holes…Refsnyder and Pirela only get a chance if the Yankee pick up journeymen to fill those positions and spring training goes Refsnyder and/or Pirela's way…or they get a chance if a player goes down…this is a win now team and preference goes to guys with major league experience…

  2. Ray Vega says:

    stop the bull crap. a rod is our best chance there.and he will be there opening day/

    • hotdog says:

      address your concerns to Brian Cashman, Yankee Stadium, E. 161st Street, Bronx, NY…

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      Yes because a 40 year old third basemen with two hip surgeries and no MLB action in the last year and a half is really the way to go during the 2015 season.

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