Shawn Kelley on being traded, the state of the Yankees bullpen and Seabiscuit


It was pretty much a shock when Shawn Kelley found out he was being traded to the San Diego Padres after two seasons with the New York Yankees, but Kelley did leave behind some great memories. He was a reliever who battled with control but was decent when all his pitches were working, and he introduced us to Seabiscuit, the horse head Kelley bought for $20 to give the Yankees good luck. Kelley spoke to the media after he was traded, and discussed the state of the Yankees bullpen, his initial reaction to being traded and if he’ll hang up Seabiscuit when he gets to San Diego.

Shawn Kelley on being traded: 

“It was a little shocking at first but I’m sure they’re still going to have a good pen, even with Robertson gone and now myself gone. I was really looking forward to a third year. I hate to go. But at the same time I’m excited for this new opportunity.”

Shawn Kelley on the state of the Yankees bullpen: 

“I think Dellin, Warren, and Miller will probably pitch a lot. It’s tough—I feel like the teams that are built to go deep with offensive stuff, and sabermetrics, it’s going to the teams where the starters go five or six, and the bullpen can shut it down from that point on.

“The more arms the better—that’s one of the reasons I was shocked by this whole situation, because I thought we were going to try to have four, five, six quality arms that were all interchangeable.”

Shawn Kelley on whether he’ll hang up Seabiscuit:

“I’ll have to talk with the horse head, sleep on it for a few nights—I mean, sleep with it on—before I make any decisions.

“I don’t want to do a disservice to Major League Baseball by keeping the horsehead from baseball.”

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13 Responses to Shawn Kelley on being traded, the state of the Yankees bullpen and Seabiscuit

  1. jimmy1982 says:

    The only way any of these moves, the trading of greene for gregorius so they didnt have to spend on a ss, the trading of prado for eovaldi and the backup 1b, the nonsignings of kuroda and mccarthy, the signing of miller over robertson to save 10m, and now the trading of kelley, make any sense whatsoever is if they eventually culminate in the signing of scherzer; if thats the case, and theyve been trying to free up money, brilliant! If not its ridiculous.

    • guest says:

      No it does not…poo poo to Scherzer. This is a very solid team and with health in the rotation they will compete for the division.

      • jimmy1982 says:

        Poo poo to scherzer? You know we won 84 games last year right? You know we pretty much return the same lineup as the one that finished up with 84 wins EXCEPT for an even lighter-hitting ss than jeter and a rookie second baseman right? You know our 3 most durable pitchers from the end of last year, greene, mccarthy, and kuroda, are all gone right? And our 3 top starters tanaka, pineda, and sabathia, are all held together with scotch tape and band-aids right? Wake up; at this rate 84 wins will be a wet dream for 2015.

        • Mike Sommer says:

          Lighter hitting SS than Jeter? Gregorious isn't 25 yet. Let's see what he develops into. He isn't replacing an in his prime Jeter, but a 40 year old who hit .256-4-50, OPS+ 76. Despite hitting just .226 last year, guess what. Gregorious had an OPS+ of 81–HIGHER than Jeter's 2014. So with better range than a diminishing 40 year old (and don't get me wrong, I love Derek), if Gregorious so much as equals Jeter's .256-4-50, it's an upgrade. He isn't 25 yet. Don't give up on kids before 25. Really. Let him develop.

          • guest says:

            When adding up innings and position played with PA and spot hitting in the lineup Jeter was the worst MLB player by a large margin. He stunk! Didi has not had the chance to play a full season but he has a great glove defensively and his power should play up in Yankees stadium and the AL East…I think he will do better then most expect. Just replacing Jeter will add a bunch of wins.

            Scherzer does not do anything for the Yankees if the other starters go down and if those other starters stay healthy he's not needed so why pay over 40 million for one player who won't make a difference when adding in the tax?

    • Celerino says:

      I love how a team with a $230 million payroll is faulted for not spending enough. Now Kelley? Two years, each with an era over 4.30, then traded for a prospect. I'm not seeing the problem with that. He'll be replaced by somebody better from the minors or another bargain basement pickup.

      • Most teams aren't paying Teixeira, CC, and A-Rod to do almost nothing. The Yankees also spend the smallest percentage of the team's revenue on payroll out of every team in baseball. So they have 3 huge anchors weighing them down and have the potential to spend MUCH more. One Yankee official estimated that they could break even with a $500 million payroll. Not that they should be going up to $500 million, but it’s a bit silly when they pretend they’re broke.

  2. Balt Yank says:

    The Yankees have gotten younger with all these trades. To sign Scherzer, a 30-something decent pitcher w/ 2 excellent years to 7 years $200 is trying to catch lightening, and guess what, CC, Tanaka (sorry), AROD, Beltran, all busts. McCann already is a suspect signing entering year two of five.

    • Walt says:

      I agree with the above Post. The Yankees have been burned over and over again when they sign these long term deals like Arod. That's why then refused to sign Robinson Cano to a 10 year deal. Screw Cano. I'm glad that he's gone. He had an attitude problem. And I can assure you that Seattle will regret their decision after 5 or 6 years. Scherzer is nor worth $180- $200 million. No one is. Walt

  3. Dave S says:

    I like the trades getting younger helps improve for the future. like to see some of the kids get a chance to break into the lineup . I also don't have a problem with signing Scherzer . I believe he could be very productive at 35 or 36 years old .

    • guest says:

      Scherzer is a fly ball pitcher that already walks to many and will likely have a decline in his K9 going forward. He is someone you believe could be VERY productive in his mid 30's? I doubt it especially if the strike zone is raised.

  4. Nunzio says:

    The Yankees need young arms not old arms….the future lies with what cash can deliver from the minor league system….when you count on big contracts and old arms you get fat cats with nothing to prove….they made there's ….go with the young and give them a chance….when they get to the bigs and do not do well you can always send th down…..right now yankees have had to many big contracts that they have to eat….I'll say it again the future is with the young and hungry

  5. Bulldog says:

    First, I would like to go one week without seeing a Jeter article, I am first a Yankee fan, and second a Jeter fan. Second, the reason the Yankees have not gone to the playoffs the last 2 years, other than the manager, is Texeira, Jeter, Rodriguez and Sabathia. For the past 2 years, the Yankees have spent $177,000,000 on these 4 players, which have produced only 55 HR, 207 RBI, 17 Wins, and 17 Losses, and the only person who has lead the league in any category is Sabathia, and he lead the league ER allowed in 2013. You can also add Gardner in that mix, of the people who has produced in the past 2 years. Everybody says how great Gardner was last year, but he had more extra base hits in 2013 than he did in 2014. In 2011, Gardner stole 49 bases, in the past 2 years, he has stole 45 bases. 2014, April & May, Gardner attempted 14 bases/stole 13, but from June to Sept., he attempted 12 bases, stole 8. In 2014, Gardner had 147 hits, 56 walks, 6 HBP, subtract 50 EBH, and he was on first base 159 times, take away 26 attempted steals, and you have Gardner sitting on first base 133 times doing nothing, other than having his oven mitt on his left hand, in addition, Gardner, the lead off man, lead the Yankees in SO. That is why the Yankees have missed the playoffs in the past 2 years, other than the manager.

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