What free agents do Yankees fans want for Christmas?


It’s that time of year where Yankees fans make their list, check it twice and wait for Brian Cashman to decide if the team deserves some flashy new toys or if they deserve a lump of coal. With Christmas coming up, there are some shiny new toys left on the free agent market, and fans have been making their list all year hoping with anticipation one of the players on the market dons pinstripes next season. So, which toys do the Yankees fans want for Christmas this? I took to Twitter earlier today to ask the title question and these were the players that garnered the most responses.

1. Max ScherzerSorry, Queen Elsa and Barbie. The hottest toy on the market is none other than Max Scherzer. While Brian Cashman said the Yankees weren’t willing to pay big money for him, fans can dream of Scherzer in Yankees pinstripes. It’s Christmas, maybe a Christmas miracle will happen.

2. Hiroki KurodaIf Yankees fans can’t have Max Scherzer, they’ll gladly take Hiroki Kuroda back. While he doesn’t fit the Yankees needs in getting younger, he’s still effective, but the main question is whether he wants to play baseball or retire.

3. James ShieldsMax Scherzer may be too expensive for the Yankees, but Yankees fans also put James Shields on their list. They don’t call him ‘Big Game James’ for nothing: he went 14-6 with a 3.21 ERA and a 1.181 WHIP in 2014. He also would cost less than Scherzer and could fit into the Yankees plans of spending economically.

4. Rafael SorianoWhile some Yankees fans want the shiny new toys on the market, some people wouldn’t mind bringing back a familiar face in Rafael Soriano. Having a 3.19 ERA in 62 innings isn’t spectacular, but the Yankees did take a chance on him in 2011. While he didn’t do well in 2011, 2012 was a good bounce back year where saved 42 games following Mariano Rivera‘s season ending ACL surgery.

5. Derek JeterTechnically Derek Jeter is a free agent and while Jeter has already departed onto the road of retirement, fans would still want Jeter to come back. I don’t blame them for wanting him back–the infield’s in shambles right now.

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14 Responses to What free agents do Yankees fans want for Christmas?

  1. Otto says:

    I know they are going to do it, but Scherzer makes the most sense. He could be the stub especially with the youth movement. You never know how young guys would respond to the pressure especially in NY. The real prize would be Yoan Moncada if they are able to get him before July

    • gcorcoran says:

      I don't think they need Scherzer. Get Hiroki back if he doesn't retire. Reinforcements from the minors will arrive by next year (Severino, Banuelos, Mitchell).

      I would love it though if they were able to pick up Moncada. That would be huge for their farm and in a year or two, their major league team.

  2. Larryy says:

    I think has run out of gas. Don't expect any more than 11 or 12 wins from him in 2015.

    • Otto says:

      I do not know what you been watching he is hitting his prime. He will 18 to 20 wins for the next four or five years

  3. Dcd says:

    I'd like some type of package for Hamels. His contract isnt too bad given todays market.
    The Phils are rebuilding a Catching prospect, Pitcher, maybe Whitley and an OF prospect.

    • gcorcoran says:

      If you want Hamels then you are going to have to say goodbye to either Judge or Severino. The Phillies would insist on one of those names being involved, or Big Mike/Eovaldi

    • Otto says:

      Seriously Whitley they would never take him It would have to be Serevino or Clarkin and Sanchez and Judge not worth the it when they can sign a better pitcher without losing the young talent they do have.

  4. Steve says:

    I would not want to give up Pineda, Judge, Severino or Clarkin in a deal for Hamels…Sanchez can go with Eovaldi, but obviously the Phils would want a lot more….Instead of Scherzer, sign Shields for less years and money, it would be more economical.

    • Otto says:

      So funny to hear someone say the Yankees be more economical. Shields does not pitch well in post season so why bother investing. If not going to sign Scherer then stay the course miss the playoffs for the next few years until all the dead weight comes of the books.

  5. Brooklyn joe says:

    Shields would be nice, but Kuroda on an affordable one year gig may be the answer. It gives Severino,Clarkin, and Manny B one more year to develop. The only problem is he may not want to come back. Remember Nova will be back by June hopefully,and Mitchell may be ready to join the rotation now. My gut tells me Cashman isn't done yet, and has one more pitcher up his sleeve. Why trade the farm for Hamels when you can have shields for just the cash!

  6. your mother says:

    If we are really serious about not signing Shields or Scherzer, we need to make some kind of trade. Amaro wants way to much for Hamels so, as crazy as I may sound, I want us to go get CJ Wilson. He won't cost too much in prospects and LA will eat some of his money. He's no ace but I think he could work for us if we don't want to spend big money right now.

  7. guest says:

    The Yankees are not going to sign any big time free agent starter or trade for an expensive starter however an interesting trade target is the Astros Dallas Keuchel if you believe in him…200 innings last year with 4 years of team control left…21 quality starts out of 29…he fits what the Yankees are looking for…if CC is done I wouldn't be surprised to see the Yankees get him.

    • hotdog says:

      who do we have to trade for a guy like Keuchel…we would have to clear the board to get him…not worth it…

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