Will the Yankees be a better team in 2015?


If there was one word to describe the 2014 season aside from Derek Jeter‘s retirement tour, it would have to be “disappointment”. The 2014 season was heartbreaking on many levels: Mark Teixeira and Carlos Beltran were constantly hurt, Brian McCann didn’t hit to his potential for the first four months of the season, the rotation kept suffering injuries and two of the best hitters were the table setters. While the 2014 season was nothing to write home about, on Wednesday we can turn the calendar to a brand new year, which means Spring Training will be just around the corner.

Not only is it a new year, but the roster looks incredibly different: David Robertson went to the Chicago White Sox, Brandon McCarthy went to the Los Angeles Dodgers, there’s no Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez is returning, Chase Headley and Chris Young signed new contracts, Martin Prado and David Phelps were traded to the Miami Marlins, Francisco Cervelli was traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Yankees have a new reliever in Andrew Miller. While the new names and faces aren’t as flashy as James Shields or Max Scherzer, they are all helpful contributors in helping the Yankees achieve their goal in reaching the postseason.

Now, there has been some impatience among Yankees fans with the team spending economically this offseason, and with the luxury tax so high, the Yankees are attempting a different approach at winning a World Championship. Do I believe the Yankees as of right now are going to win a World Series? No. But do I believe this team has the potential of being a postseason contending team? Yes…but only if certain factors come into play:

— The Yankees need production out of Teixeira, Beltran and McCann. Teixeira has been on a rapid decline, Beltran was constantly injured last season and McCann wasn’t as productive as in past years although his bat did show up in the last two months of the season. The Yankees are paying these three (and Jacoby Ellsbury) big money to carry this ball club, which means they all need to start playing to their contracts and earning their money.

— Can Masahiro Tanaka stay healthy during the 2015 season? Tanaka currently has a small tear in his elbow and as of right now, the Yankees are expecting him to make all 32 of his starts. If Tanaka’s elbow can hold up and he can pitch effectively, the Yankees have a weapon in the starting rotation.

CC Sabathia needs to bounce back from his last two abysmal seasons. I’m not expecting Sabathia to go back to his ace from in 2015, but I am expecting him to be reliable starter in the rotation. Following knee surgery, it’s hard to tell if Sabathia’s going to be able to pitch effectively–or at all.

— Could the bullpen survive the loss of Robertson? The team was able to survive the loss of Mariano Rivera, but only because Robertson stepped up and became a dominant closer. With no Robertson in the bullpen, there’s a big amount of uncertainty, especially if Dellin Betances can repeat his rookie performance. If all the arms in the pen step up and pitch the way they’re supposed to, the Yankees could overcome Robertson’s loss.


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11 Responses to Will the Yankees be a better team in 2015?

  1. That is a lot of ifs…The bullpen will likely be a strength again, even without Robertson. The rotation will be okay, but Tanaka is probably going to need TJ surgery sooner rather than later. But for a club that couldn't score runs, they have not done anything to make that any better. They will play Tex, Beltran and ARod because they make too much to sit but they'll be constantly injured or under-performing and Jones and Young will be no real help. McCann may be better but he won't be enough. Hopefully the kids will help.

  2. hotdog says:

    my hope is that they bring up a couple prospects and give them a chance…Cashman is trying to put together the pieces and field a pennant winner but I think that's as likely as Tanaka throwing 200 innings in 2015…and if the team is doing poorly before the trade deadline, I hope Cashman sells…the Red Sox knew they were out of it mid-July and made some decent moves (Lester?) that might actually payoff…not waving the white flag before the season starts but I'd like to see more young players on this team, good young players and decent high upside prospects down below…

    • Fred says:

      Hal is charging top dollar for tickets and giving us F troop as a team.I suggest that all fans stay home for a season and send Hal a message.If your gonna give us crap for a team,then lower your darn prices.You can't have it both ways.

  3. Bruce says:

    The Yankees have two major problems and a host of little ones. Pragmatically, if most of these guys stay healthy they could reasonably be a wild card team. hardly what Yankees fans want. They need to solve the two big problems. ARod and Sabathia. There is little Cashman can do to upgrade the team other than, what I would consider a pretty good job currently, of fixing a lot of the small problems. ARod is not only a drag financially but a distraction and the worst kind of clubhouse presence. Just suck it up and get rid of him or wait and see if he is unfit, get some money back and get rid of him. In CC's case I am praying he just can't go and has to retire so they can get 75-80% of his contract back on insurance. If you want to talk about ifs, those are the two big ifs. As long as they are there the team will not be able to get back to prominence.

  4. guest says:

    I like this Yankees team better then any since 09 when they won the WS. If I guy finished the year healthy you have to believe he is healthy…there is just no way to insure it as the cost is prohibitive. They Yankees brought in 3 pitchers that have good home run rates against. Headley has a career OPS of .799 on the road so playing most of his games in hitter's parks should help him. The Yankees added Jones for power off the bench as well and Young for the same reason. No coddling of Jeter should give the Yankees at least 5 more wins…I expect them with normal health to win the division…I wouldn't be surprised to see them add Mike Adams, Dallas Keuchel and if Arod can't play Carlos Quentin for right on right power…I like the Yankees this year…potential to have a real team for a change.

  5. Robert Rufa says:

    Well let's see… the 2014 Yankees were supposed to be a better team than 2013's. They'll be better if some of the same guys play better. Otherwise, probably not.

  6. lefftee says:

    I am not a Cashman fan and believe that Cashman lived off of Stick and Watson to secure his Championships. He has had the opportunity to buy his way out of situations he has put himself in and let's be honest his farm system is somewhat of a joke. He hasn't drafted one top flight pitcher or everyday player in his 12 plus years.

    For those that say Newman and Oppenheimer were in charge please step away from the vehicle because Cashman is their boss and the buck no pun intended stops and starts with him. He is a poor evaluator especially arms and lets look at some of the trades and FA signings he has done. Jay Vasquez not once but twice, Pavano, Wright, Weaver, Feliciano, Igawa, Brown to name a few.

    He traded a useful arm in Greene who was young and did a decent job for us last year and was homegrown for a 2.20 platoon SS with a great glove, the problem is he has a great glove no hit SS already on the roster in Ryan. Why not keep Greene and let Ryan do the same thing that DD will give you without giving up the arm. Second blunder he trades his best option not only at 2B but in the OF for when Carlos gets hurt again, he's a nice hitter and good clubhouse guy along with a guy that can start and come in relief for a STRAIGHT hard thrower that has a career 15-35 with a 4 plus era and apparently a bad attitude along with a journeymen 1B that can replace the soon to be injured Tex and an alleged potential arm.

    He has given up proven commodities for unknowns with potential. Potential means squat unless you deliver and when you look at the back of their baseball cards they haven't delivered squat. This team in my opinion is constructed worse than last years group and as a season ticket holder I am disgusted that I have to spend a great deal of money to see a second rate product. George would not allow this to happen and we need to show Hal that resigning Cashman was a mistake as he is not the right person to rebuild this team. He has had opportunities and hasn't delivered. When the team wins 76 cames or thereabouts the fans will stop going to the games or watching on TV and revenue will be down just like after the 2012 season.

    Anyone who thinks this team will make the playoffs needs to really see what is out there in the AL East because Boston is better and so is Toronto and even though Baltimore lost some pieces they still have a better O than the Yanks. This is a 4th place team right now at best.

    • guest says:

      Dude both boring an ill informed…I like the Yankees farm system and think they are in great shape to start making major contributions this year. While I am not a Cashman fan I like this team…I think with a little health they will surprise.

  7. mikefoxtrot says:

    Teixeira, Beltran and McCann as well as Ellsbury are all good and valuable hitters…BUT the Yankees still need the BIG bat batting clean-up behind Beltran and in front of McCann and Tex.

    acquiring that player will be costly, but Teixeira, Beltran and even McCann only have a couple of seasons left as productive players and without a centerpiece for the offense, the Yankees are as likely to finish in fourth place in the AL East as they are to make the playoffs.

  8. Paul says:

    Well let's see… the 2014 Yankees were supposed to be a better team than 2013's. They'll be better if some of the same guys play better. Otherwise, probably not.

  9. john says:

    They did absolutely nothing to increase run production even after Hal's post season apology in which he promised BIG changes. Instead, we got the Silas Marner act, traded away those few who did contribute last year and replaced them with stiffs that other weak teams were trying to unload. 2015 will be even worse than the fiasco last year as presently constructed.
    Stephen Drew sums up the effort from the front office perfectly.

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