Alex Rodriguez visits baseball’s incoming commissioner Rob Manfred

Alex Rodriguez 10

As Alex Rodriguez continues his road to redemption, one of his stops included a trip to 245 Park Avenue in New York to issue and apology to incoming commissioner Rob Manfred.

The New York Post and reported Rodriguez was trying to clear the air after being one of the 13 player suspended in the Biogenesis scandal. Manfred was current commissioner Bud Selig’s point man in the Biogensis investigation.

The last meeting Rodriguez had with Manfred was on November 20, 2013 when he stormed out of his appeal hearing. Rodriguez’s suspension was decreased from 211 games to an entire season the following day.

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7 Responses to Alex Rodriguez visits baseball’s incoming commissioner Rob Manfred

  1. Terry says:

    If the team was a little better constructed,I'd say negotiate a buy out or DFA him;whatever it would take to be rid of this problem.But oddly and painfully,we may end up needing him given our current offensive situation.I personally don't like it.The problem of keeping him may be even bigger than we all know.But we've done little to jump start the offense and still have a lot of injury concerns.He may turn out to be a necessary evil.One legit RBI bat addition would help distance ourselves from him.Admitting the length of this was so wrong may be a hard pill to swallow.Add the bat and let him go

  2. mikefoxtrot says:

    there is no redemption for this jerk.

    all he can earn is a measure of toleration and he only can earn that if he still can hit a baseball well.

    if he can provide value in the batter's box, he'll play.

    otherwise he'll sit frozen on the bench until he has the decency and wit to walk away

  3. Super Swede says:

    Hopefully he comes back and shuts up the naysayers by at least somewhat justifying what is left on the worst contract of all time. People hate him but if he succeeds he bring back the fans again.

  4. Celerino says:

    I'm reminded of the scene in Animal House where John Belushi's character smashes a guitar into a million pieces and then shrugs his head and says "Sorry".

    I really don't need him to apolgoize. I don't think I can take it seriously. I just want to get on with it. Like it or not he's coming back. The bright side of Alex is that he is a hard worker and seems to be putting everything into coming back. I hope he succeeds and keeps his nose clean and mouth shut.

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      Agreed. He's really the last person who should be having offseason antics and should focus all of his time on getting back on the field. His sorry's mean nothing especially when he continues to undermine the game. All we care about is him getting back on the field and having a productive season. If he does that, the $60+ Million the Yankees owe him won't entirely go in vain.

  5. Nunzio says:

    Before anyone in the commish office preaches to A-Rod and all the so called cheaters in baseball,they ought to bring to task all who were around these players at the time of there fall from grace,who knew , ask them all and you will never get the truth from the owners down to the lowest guy on the totem pole…..You cannot take away God given talent….and all these so called cheaters have it even if they have that so called edge…..A-Rod and Bonds were jacking the ball over the fences when they were babies ….these are players all should share the blame for cheating not only the players….they are still great players and 100 years from now they will still be

  6. Les says:

    A-Rod is in a no win position which is where he belongs. He is a deceitful cheat with zero credibility. Even if he was to outperform everyone's expectations he in my opinion will NEVER regain support from True Yankee fans. If I had a say, I would sit his butt on the bench and never play him again. For him to pass Mays in home runs is a farce. For him to get 3,000 hits is a disgrace to all of those players that did it the right way. I would try everything possible to shame him out of the game if I was part of the organization.

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