Hot Stove Rumor: Yankees show “strong” interest in 2B Hector Olivera


More than 200 scouts reportedly went to see second basemen Hector Olivera in the Dominican Republic for a two-day showcase on January 21st and one of the teams that were in attendance were the Yankees.

Jesse Sanchez of said the San Francisco Giants, the Yankees, the San Diego Padres, the Texas Rangers and the Atlanta Braves have shown strong interest in Olivera. Baseball America had video of the 6-foot-2, 220 pound second basemen during his showcase and described what Olivera did during the two-day showcase.

That combination of talent and uncertainty drew hundreds of scouts to a two-day showcase at the Giants’ academy in the Dominican Republic last week. The first day of the showcase featured Olivera running the 60-yard dash, fielding grounders in the infield and taking batting practice. The next day, he faced live pitching, and recorded three hits in seven or eight at-bats.

Scouts said Olivera looked good, perhaps a little tired on the second day, but he appeared to be in good physical condition, with more weight (6-foot-2, 220 pounds) than he had during his prime years on the national team, but carrying it in a good way. He ran the 60-yard dash in around 6.7 to 6.8 seconds, depending on the stopwatch, showing slightly above-average speed. He’s not flashy at second base, but scouts said he looked like a steady defender. Olivera also took groundballs at third base, and while he’s shown a plus arm in the past, he didn’t seem to be airing it out quite as much at the showcase.

Olivera has a quick bat and showed a tick above-average power, hitting the ball hard to all fields and generating loft with his swing. Like a lot of Cuban hitters, he wraps the bat in his setup, but he has a history of making consistent contact in games and scouts have lauded his hitting approach and strike-zone management.

Olivera is still waiting for a specific license that Major League Baseball requires Cuban players to have in order to be able to sign. There’s no clear timetable as to when that would happen but Olivera hopes to be signed by Opening Day.

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6 Responses to Hot Stove Rumor: Yankees show “strong” interest in 2B Hector Olivera

  1. guest says:

    I hope they sign him…seems to be the needed 3 hole hitter! The Yankees need his OBP plus his right handed power in the middle of their lineup.

  2. Manuel says:

    I hope they get him for 2b, and trade or release Drew! Even if Drew is his usual self, this guy sounds like a way better all around hitter.

  3. guest says:

    I don't want him for just second base…turn him into a Prado and play him all over plus DH.

  4. Guest says:

    I would like to have him but not at the cost of not signing Yoan Moncada

  5. Les says:

    He could be very well be the consolation prize for not signing Moncada if they lose out on that bidding.

  6. Stafford says:

    On the Mound, Jimmy travels to try out for the Tampa Rays. What words would you use to decbirse Jimmy’s reaction to the baseball scout?I thinkt hat his reaction was suprised, happy and scared.I think that he was suprised because I don’t think that he thought that he could get a shot and this and that is why he is happy too. I think that he was scared b/c he hadn’t played baseball in a long time and he didn’t know what to do. What words would you use to decbirse his wife’s reaction to the phone message left by the baseball scouts?I think that his wife was suprised b/c he didn’t tell her that he was trying out. I also think that she was happy b/c this could save there family b/c there don’t have a lot of money and if he made it to the MLB that would save them.

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