Hot Stove: Yankees trade Manny Banuelos to Braves for RHP David Carpenter and LHP Chasen Shreve

Manny Banuelos

The Yankees made their first transaction of 2015…and it involved shipping away one of the former Killer B’s to Atlanta.

According to Jack Curry of the YES Network, the Yankees traded Manny Banuelos to the Atlanta Braves for RHP David Carpenter and LHP Chasen Shreve.

The Yankees envision Carpenter to replace Shawn Kelley in the pen after Brian McCann gave Brian Cashman a strong endorsement on him–McCann said he caught Carpenter a lot while McCann was with the Braves.

Banuelos had a 4.11 ERA and a 1.239 WHIP between Single-A, Double-A and Triple-A in 2014, which is a disappointment since Banuelos was considered one of the three Killer B’s along with Andrew Brackman (who had since been traded) and Dellin Betances (who thrived in the Yankees bullpen last season).

Well, one out of three Killer B’s isn’t bad.

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23 Responses to Hot Stove: Yankees trade Manny Banuelos to Braves for RHP David Carpenter and LHP Chasen Shreve

  1. This could be a good trade for the Yankees. Banuelos was still a decent prospect, but was far from what he once was after Tommy John surgery and a few setbacks. They managed to get a couple of solid relievers for him. Carpenter definitely has setup man potential, Shreve seems like a quality arm too. Then when you consider they got a pretty decent bullpen prospect for Kelley the other day the bullpen has come together nicely.

    Right now the Yankees have: Betances, Miller, Wilson, Carpenter, Shreve and Germen in the bullpen. Warren, Whitley and Rogers can compete for a rotation spot and/or be the longmen. Lindgren is kind of blocked, for now, with 3 lefties ahead of him though.

    Gotta hand it to Cashman. I didn't like seeing D-Rob go and swapping D-Rob for Miller was a slight downgrade, but Cashman has still put together a solid bullpen, saved some money and got a draft pick out of it. I don't like to see Banuelos gone, but if they get 2 solid relievers out of it the trade might be worth it. I guess it depends on how his elbow holds up. Last year certainly didn't make things look promising.

    • hotdog says:

      we have a solid bullpen, too many hands in fact…the trade brings in one guy who turns 30 next year and is mediocre, the other guy, who knows, he's not been in the majors long enough…did Manny pitch in winter leagues, I"m very surprised and disappointed that they didn't give him 2015 to see if he can get back on track…a topnotch bullpen is nice to have but I don't like losing starters with high upside (and he still does) and I would have much preferred Cashman go after a high upside position player prospect than adding 2 more relievers to the stable…enough with the bullpen…

      • Mike Sommer says:

        Mediocre? He still has done better than Kelley the last two years. Upgrade. The other guy at least made the majors and is only a few months older than Banuelos. Banuelos only averaged 3 innings per start in 2014. Maybe some of that was the Yanks being too cautious, but… the Yanks obviously thought he regressed. I don't think Cashman is done. A lot of lefty relievers, right now. Some may go in another huge deal? Also, Carpenter came recommended by McCann, who caught him in 2013.

        • hotdog says:

          yes, he was better than Kelley and maybe he's on the higher side of mediocre but he's nothing to rave about either, far from it…the Yankees were innings count cautious with Banuelos coming off TJ surgery, that's not atypical…it's also not unusual for a pitcher to struggle with command during the early stages of their return…i just didn't like the idea of losing faith in Banuelos before he's really out there and trading for the one thing we have strengthened which is our bullpen…I'm sure it's in part a personal desire I had to see what Banuelos can deliver having followed him each year in the minors and believing he could be a front end starter…it's hard to determine whether or not he regressed without seeing how far he could reach as he recovers…obviously Atlanta was willing to take that chance…

          • guest says:

            Manny has already been passed by Severino and Clarkin…he was not going to pitch in the Bronx this year so good trade.

          • Mike Sommer says:

            Given that he (Banuelos) only averaged 3 innings/start last year, the Yanks may have thought that he'd never go long into games and would be best suited for relief. Maybe that was their thinking. If so, the Yanks have Miller, Wilson, Shreve, Lindgren and two others as lefty relievers. Maybe now they deal (from strength) one of them to shore up another area. We'll see. As I mentioned, McCann caught him in 2013 (to a 1.78 ERA) and raved about him. A lot of guys Cashman is picking up are power arms with good K/IP ratios.

      • guest says:

        Last year with had a lousy pen outside of Robertson, Betances and Warren…all the rest were mediocre at best but now look at how deep this pen has a chance to become. If Warren stays in the pen instead of the rotation he along with Betances, Miller, Carpenter, Wilson, and Shreve make up what looks like a very solid pen.

  2. Bronx Bomber 22 says:

    Take one or two of these arms and call the A's to see if they would move Kendall Graveman. Love how he shot up through the Blue Jays system last year. It would be nice to have a 24 year old ground ball starting pitcher.

  3. Joe says:

    We will regret this down the line. I hate how the yankees always value what others have more than what they already do. How about instead of trading for the hit king eovaldi we could still have prado and gave man ban a chance and if worse came to worse and he couldn't cut it we would still have phelps. Every move has been a downgrade this offseason. We are still paying for last offseason and it's not gonna work this is a bad team. They should have paid cano and still went after tanaka and McCann. I don't understand cash mans logic at all and I used to always like him. I love my team but they aren't doing themselves any favors it seems like they are making changes for the sake of making changes and not for the better.

    • The Yankees don't like Banuelos as much as they used to and only saw him as a reliever in the majors. With Miller, Wilson and Jacob Lindgren, the Yankees have 3 lefty relievers that were ahead of Banuelos so without an injury there was no spot for him on the 2015 Yankees.

      • hotdog says:

        why would you think Banuelos was being setup as a reliever…TJ surgery does not force a pitcher to change positions although that is sometimes the case…since we were not on the field in discussion with coaches etc., we have no way of knowing, do we…

        • Mike Sommer says:

          Maybe here is why: Since 2009, Banuelos has had only one season in which he's pitched over 100 innings. That is before and after the surgery. I know that lack of him being stretched out and giving 150 innings a season bothered me.

  4. hotdog says:

    They should have waited a year to see what Banuelos was capable of doing…we brought in two relievers which we really don't need and traded away a guy, still, with a big upside…this one I don't like…Cashman should have given him the year to see what he really had…

    • Like I said, there wasn't really room for Banuelos on the 2015 team. If they stashed him in the minors and he had another season in 2015 like he did in 2014, the Yankees would not have been able to get anything at all from him let alone two major league ready and cheap relievers. Heck, Carpenter could compete for the closer role.

  5. joeblow says:

    Carpenter is not that great he is basically a journeyman. Andrew Miller was terrible he just became a good pitcher a few years ago. If these guys perform well then the pen will be excellent. The pen is talented but it carries some risk as opposed to keeping Robertson who has a long track record. Also Betances is only going to be in his second full year in the league. If everybody plays the way they should the pen should be great. Our pen is high risk high reward.

  6. Balt Yank says:

    Banuelos must be worth something for the Braves to give up a solid RH bullpen arm and promising LH bullpen prospect. I think the trade makes sense, especially for the RH, as Carpenter is a grade up over Shawn Kelley and knows McCann (another plus). However, why have so many LH bullpen players and prospects? Shreve sounds good, but its a logjam. Maybe Miller will be a 1 year deal, until KILLER B shows he has sea legs.

    • guest says:

      Banuelos makes sense for the Braves as they are not trying to compete until moving into their new ballpark in 2017. Manny has one option left unless he is given another and that's not a sure thing. With the Braves he will be given time without the pressure to win now…with the Yankees having so much uncertainty in their rotation to start this year there was no chance he would get an opportunity this season and likely come to camp in 2016 without options.

  7. tom says:

    Wow. Banuelos alone is worth of 2 MLB players. Nice despite they are relievers.

    Let's see if Cashman could net two starters out of Jose Ramirez. lol

  8. olie says:

    Nobody knows how effective a pitcher can be more than someone who has caught him so if McCann thinks Carpenter can help the Yankees this year I have to like the deal! Having said that it seems like forever, I like most of you have been waiting for Banuelos to pitch for Yanks, so it is a bit disappointing!

  9. otto says:

    It is very disappointing they traded him. I was really hoping to see him pitch for the Yankees. It probably is the right move, but still disappointing.

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