What to expect from Andrew Miller


Yesterday, we evaluated what Nathan Eovaldi did last season for the Marlins and how he could help the Yankees in the rotation. Today, we move back to the bullpen where we’ll discuss the Yankees newest and priciest addition, Andrew Miller.

When the Yankees were searching for a reliever in the free agent market, it was clear the competition was between Andrew Miller and David Robertson. In the end, the Yankees went with Miller and Robertson sighed elsewhere. But why did the Yankees opt for Andrew Miller over David Robertson? Well, between the Baltimore Orioles and the Boston Red Sox in 2014, Miller had a 2.02 ERA, a 1.51 FIP, a 0.0802 WHIP in 61.2 innings and notched 103 strikeouts. He also only gave up three home runs the entire 2014 season.

Now, just because Miller has many pros, it doesn’t mean there aren’t cons with him either: he gave up 17 walks 61.2 innings which means he might have a bit of a problem with control. Also his past resume aside from last season seems to be worrisome; the last time he pitched at least 60 innings in a season was in 2011 with the Red Sox and his ERA and WHIP were a whopping 5.54 and 1.815.

So what are the Yankees expecting from Andrew Miller this season?

It’s quite simple: they would like Miller to replicate his 2014 season but the Miller signing will be a true test to see if the Yankees made the right choice. They had the option of signing Miller or Robertson and even had the luxury of signing both. However, the Yankees picked Miller and now eyes will shift to Chicago where Robertson got a four-year deal with the White Sox. Could Robertson have a better four-year tenure than Miller or will Miller be worth every penny the Yankees are giving him? Well, it’s too early for us to assume the outcome of the four-year deals, but for now let’s focus on the upcoming season and see what Miller has to offer this year.

Tomorrow: We move to the disabled list (and also the rotation), where we’ll discuss what impact Ivan Nova could have should he return healthy from Tommy John Surgery.

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2 Responses to What to expect from Andrew Miller

  1. Terry says:

    I like this signing.He had the walks but his era was still 2.02.He and DBets give us two nasty arms at the end of the game.He looked good in the post season also.Gets lefties and righties out,I expect him to well for us

  2. Robert Rufa says:

    I don't understand why they would give up someone who had proven himself as a closer. They may truly regret this one.

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