Who is David Carpenter?


Earlier this week, Shawn Kelley hinted to the media that Brian Cashman was going to make a move following his trade to the San Diego Padres. Now we know what Kelley was talking about and who was involved in the second trade.

Yesterday afternoon, the Yankees traded away former Killer B prospect Manny Banuelos to the Atlanta Braves in exchange for David Carpenter and Chasen Shreve. Carpenter is most likely a lock for a bullpen spot when he comes into Spring Training and Shreve is more likely to acquire a bullpen spot in Spring Training. But what do we know about Carpenter? The Yankees sent out a press release yesterday on David Carpenter’s MLB back story.

Carpenter, 29, went 6-4 with three saves and a 3.54 ERA (61.0IP, 61H, 24ER, 16BB, 67K, 5HR) in a career-high 65 relief appearances with the Braves in 2014. In 29.1IP over 29 games following the All-Star break, he held opponents to a .155 batting average (16-for-103) and .207 on-base percentage.

A native of West Virginia who attended West Virginia University, Carpenter was originally selected by the Cardinals in the 12th round of the 2006 First-Year Player Draft. Over 188 career appearances with Houston (2011-12), Toronto (2012) and Atlanta (2013-14), he has a 11-10 record with four saves and a 3.62 ERA (186.2IP, 185H, 75ER, 65BB, 201K, 18HR).

The Yankees project David Carpenter as a slightly better arm than Kelley. Carpenter doesn’t walk a lot of batters and he was decent for the Braves last season–he even earned an endorsement from Brian McCann when Brian Cashman wanted to make the deal. It’s too early to tell how big of an impact Carpenter will be, but this was a good under the radar deal for the Yankees, and it could be the move that bolsters the Yankees bullpen.

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19 Responses to Who is David Carpenter?

  1. Balt Yank says:

    Considering the Yankees lack of starters, maybe we should have just get kept Little B at Triple A. Our bullpen was strong without Carpenter from the right with Killer B and Adam Warren.

  2. Steve says:

    This is a great move carpenter is better then Kelly and also gives the Yankees a better bullpen but I would not make warren into a starter because that means a fastball with less power remember warren only threw this hard since being in bullpen I would go to a free agent for rotation or give a kid from farm a chance

    • guest says:

      OMG Warren can't throw hard enough to be a starter…come on stop with this stupidity!

      • He didn't say that Warren could not throw hard enough to be a starter, merely that Warren threw HARDER as a reliever. Most starters see a spike when moving to the pen since they can air it out rather than holding something back for a 2nd, 3rd and 4th time through the lineup.

        • guest says:

          Warren's fastball as a starter will be MLB average for a right handed pitcher…he's more then capable imo and should be an asset if the Yankees put him in the rotation.

  3. Bob S. says:

    I agree. The Yankees have a strong need for starting pitching depth. They seem to develop relievers at will, and have a number of good arms ready to contribute, but almost no depth in starters. I hope Cashman and his staff know more than they are letting on but, with their history ,it is fair to be concerned.

    • guest says:

      Again wrong…if healthy the Yankees are in great shape and they do have depth with Mitchell, Warren, Whitley, DePaula…if one goes down they will make a trade. I wouldn't be surprised to see Webb moved to the rotation as well. Severino could be ready by midseason and Nova will be coming back also. With health in the rotation the Yankees will run away with the east!

      • Brooklyn joe says:

        You're right, if healthy this can be a decent rotation, but given Tanaka's suspect elbow, Sabathia's knees, Pineda!s endless injuries, can you really feel confident about this staff. Let's hope Cashman has one more significant move to bolster this rotation. Carpenter I believe was added to allow Warren a chance as a starter but I'm not sold on him yet in the rotation. We still need more depth, with quality arms,please no more Capuanos!

        • guest says:

          The problem is that everyone is already assuming failure and that is the pessimistic view and Baseball is about optimism…Tanaka and Pineda finished the season healthy…Eovaldi is interesting and can give innings with interesting numbers that suggest he's better then at first glance. CC is all about knee health and I believe he will be fine to start the year. Capuano has always been a decent first half pitcher before fading badly. Warren was a very good MiLB starter who now has MLB success out of the pen so he should be able to translate that to the rotation. Nova is coming back plus we have young depth behind them.

          If one of our starters does go down with an injury I could see a trade happening…I like both of the Astros starters if they are pitching well to be targeted.

          The Yankees have made many small incremental improvements all over the team and with a little luck when it comes to health they will be very good…emphasis on the WHOLE team not stars.

  4. Yankees Fan says:

    You all say the word HEALTHY which is a key word I agree if the Yankees players are healthy we are in good shape… If not we louse games. If everyone can stay healthy the Yankees will make the playoffs. We need to get a relif pitcher / closer a starting pitcher and a utility infielder to play 2 an SS if the youngsters can't get it done. I would love to see Max Scherzer, or James Sheilds for relif pitcher /closer , i like Rafael Soriano and at SS/ 2 Stephen Drew or Rickie Weeks.

    • guest says:

      Sad…you are looking for a guarantee which is why the Yankees are dealing with the problems they have now. I want none of what you want and think this is a solid team.

  5. SuperSwede says:

    Keep Drew and Weeks. Let the kids come in fight it out for 2nd.

  6. Yankee Fantasic says:

    Yankees certainly need another starter to make their staff not over tax the bullpen from early on until the roles are played out. Girardi has a big task ahead of him alligning the bullpen in addition to keeping peace and harmony with Jeter gone and A Rod back. I am hopeful Alex can keep his voice only being his bat and as a contributor to another world series.

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      I have faith Joe Girardi can keep the A-Rod drama down to a minimum. Between A-Rod, Cashman and Girardi, Girardi seems to be the most mature about the situation. And Girardi–whether we like him or not–has always done a great job with the pen. His slight bugaboo is he leaves starters in a little too long, but that's because he feels they deserve the chance to clean up the mess they made. 🙂

      • guest says:

        Girardi stinks at in game management…I hope he quits the sooner that turd is gone the better.

        • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

          The Yankees had a negative run differential last year. They should have finished in fourth place. Instead they finished in second. Why? Good management: Joe Girardi.

          • guest says:

            Girardi is a terrible in game manager…is always out maneuvered. There are many things his does well for the Yankees but as a fan I look only to how he runs the game and this includes running the pen. He always boxes himself into unnecessary corners. Plain and simple his is crap! My 11 year old niece can do better!

          • Put me in the camp that loves Girardi as manager. He's consistently gotten the Yankees to outperform my expectations. As if him leading the team to the 2009 World Series wasn't enough what he's done with two absolutely pathetic teams over the past two seasons is simply amazing. I'm not sure if he's the best in baseball, but he's among the best. He wouldn't be available for 10 days if the Yankees released him.

          • In the last two years the Pythagorean record for the Yanks was something like 78 and 77 wins. Instead, the Yanks won 85 and 84. More than they should have won
            That is on girardi.

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