Yankees begin their transition to the youth movement



The main Achilles heel in the Yankees organization hasn’t been the starting pitching, bullpen or even the offense. It’s their lack of young talent in the Yankees farm system. However, this offseason the Yankees finally started a youth movement and have made trades that brought back young quality arms–and a very young shortstop.

“We’re much deeper now,” Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said to FOX Sports. “We’re much more flexible. We’re younger, more diverse.”

The Yankees newest young major league talent is shortstop Didi Gregorius, who the Yankees acquired via a three-team trade earlier this offseason to replace Derek Jeter. And the trades the Yankees have been making could raise their ranking on Baseball America’s farm system list. It’s hard to believe, but the Yankees actually have the pieces–if they wanted to–to trade for Cole Hamels or any other starting pitcher on the trade market. But while they are in a position where they can, they most likely won’t. The Yankees did something similar where they refused to trade their young players–they passed on moving Phil Hughes and Melky Cabrera in 2007 and both later helped the Yankees in winning the 2009 World Series.

While the Yankees have made quiet progress, they’re nowhere done making trades. The Yankees made six trades this offseason and Luis Severino, who is the Yankees No. 1 prospect according to Baseball America, could be on track to play some sort of role in the majors this season. But when it comes to phone calls and trade proposals, Cashman is willing to listen to anything.

Could the Yankees find a second basemen on the market as insurance in case both Jose Pirela and Rob Refsnyder don’t pan out? Could the Yankees bolster their rotation some more after losing Hiroki Kuroda and Brandon McCarthy? Could the Yankees acquire a decent bat via trade in case Mark Teixeira, Carlos Beltran and Brian McCann aren’t productive? The possibility of moves is intriguing and most likely won’t happen, but Cashman proved anything was possible when he baffled us all and traded Martin Prado, Shane Greene, David Phelps, Shawn Kelley and Manny Banuelos, five players who could have played a part during the 2015 season.

The Yankees are nowhere close to being a World Series caliber team. It’s even tough to assume the Yankees are a playoff caliber team, but if there’s one thing they did right, it’s giving the kids a chance to earn spots and begin a brighter future. The players currently on the major league roster aren’t getting any younger, which makes it the perfect time for the Yankees to begin their youth transition.

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  1. Nunzio says:

    Brian Cashman and the Whole Yankee Brain trust should be given lots of praise for putting there young first….it's a good thing to hear Cash is going to build within and take other pieces of young talent and be patient with them…..I would rather see a young team get beat and tries then a old team that sits on there contracts and falls asleep ….way to go Brian I am happy to see the hustle and determination of our new young that u bring in , even if it means losing

  2. Celerino says:

    I'm glad the Yankees have become more willing to take the risks that come with going with a youth movement. Fortunately the bar is set pretty low for the new guys at second and short. Love Jeter, but Didi will surpass him with his glove alone and Refsnyder doesn't have to do much to beat Roberts and Drew at second. Pirela doesn't have to do much either to beat Kelly Johnson.

  3. Dart Vade says:

    Wow you guys are so high on Yankees its crazy. We traded away one of the best young pitchers we had in Greene for a guy who couldn't keep his starting job for the Diamondbacks and will be lucky to hit his weight in the AL and hits all of .180 against lefties already, yes the same diamondbacks you were thinking of. He is balls awful and his glove is not actually that good when you look at stats and he wont save us any games as his bat will lose us more than anything. This will be an all time bad trade made worse by the fact we needed to trade Prado to get a worse starting pitcher (bum from Marlins who gave up most hits in weak hitting NL) who was same age as one we gave away for a non-starting SS. So now we have a SS SO BAD AT HITTING HE WILL BE BENCHED EVERYTIME HE FACES LEFTIES AND THEN WILL JUST BE BENCHED ONCE WE REALIZE HE SUCKS (sorry cap lock stuck) and now we will have an awful defensive 2nd baseman that will negate most if any really good D from the SS. Total and utter disaster, they are moves for moves sake and did nothing to address the team short or long term. First time I ever thought Cashman should be fired, just terrible.

    • Celerino says:

      Clearly the Yankees see something in Didi and Eovaldi beyond their stats last year. They had the same vision last year when they promoted Greene in spite of his 4.61 era at Scranton, and traded for McCarthy even though he had a 3-10 5.01 record and Headley who was batting .228 at the time of the trade.

    • C3POMG says:

      Wow, I would love to hear what you'd have done this offseason as Yankee GM….you ragged on Cashman so much so that he should be fired…Let's hear what you would have done this offseason. Just for laughs…

    • thomas says:

      If you are looking for DiDi to be driving in all the runs then we really are in trouble. He will be batting down in the order, just as some on here suggested that Jeter should have been batting. I do think that DiDi range will be much better than Jeter. If Beltran, McCann, Tex, and some minor extent, A-Rod are not driving in runs, then it will not matter who plays SS and 2B.

    • You're really not being honest here.

      First of all, Greene was never a big prospect. I'm not sure why so many are saying that he was since he was traded. He was never listed among the Yankees Top 20 prospects by anybody. This website had him at No. 31 overall prior to the 2014 season. And while he had good numbers in a short stint for the Yankees, he had a 4.61 in Triple-A. Maybe he will eventually be a decent pitcher, but to me he was in the same boat as Chase Whitley, David Phelps, Adam Warren and Esmil Rogers.

      Then when you say that trade didn't fill a long-term or short-term need, you are certainly wrong again. The Yankees had no shortstop. None. Brenden Ryan is on the roster, but saying he was going to start in 2015 is like suggesting Bubba Crosby was going to start in 2008. The shortstop market is also rough right now so getting Didi certainly fills a short-term need. Worst case scenario, he's a stopgap player that buys the Yankees time to find a more permanent shortstop. Best case scenario, he reaches his ceiling and becomes a productive everyday shortstop (he was, unlike Greene, recently a very highly rated prospect, 63rd overall in baseball). Either way, he fills a serious short-term need and possibly a long-term one as well.

      Trading from a position of strength (the Yankees have 4 other starters with a similar ceiling as Greene) for a position of weakness (the Yankees had no shortstops) is what the start of a good trade. We'll see how it works out, but I'm happy with it so far.

    • Les says:

      The dogs may bark but the caravan rolls on. Your handle should be Dark Vade. I believe that Cashman is doing a very good job reassembling the team. It appears to me that he has more authority as far as player moves than in the past. The farm system is improving by everyone's standards. Personally I can't wait to see what other moves they make in the future. I can wait until this all comes together. By 2017 they should be a team to be reckoned with.

    • 4cornersfan says:

      So… you don't approve of the recent trades?

    • hotdog says:

      Greene pitched well for us but looked like a back of the rotation guy and was expendable…i would rather have him back but sometimes you have reload with guys that have higher upsides…

    • ChrisC says:

      I completely agree with this guy, not impressed at all

    • Ron Prochaska says:

      I couldn't have said it better myself! Dart, you know what you're talking about!

  4. manly man says:

    dude, nice

  5. StephenP says:

    Even if didi has an identical year to last year. He would still bring more WAR to the table then Jeter did last year. He may end up with a much improved year than last year by not always going against lefties. If he is platooned for only righties his slash line will be much improved. But I hope they let him suit up against a couple lefties to attempt to improve throughout the year. I bet some people who are so mad about Shane Greene being moved didn't know who he was coming through the farm system.

  6. Dan says:

    Trading Greene and now Manny….. stupid trades!!!! Didi will not survive NY! They trade the good and can't develop players period! How many first round picks can't even get an at bat with the Yanks. You watch next to go will be Gary Sanchez. Look at all the players they couldn't develop that went on to have decent careers. Yankees are going to return to the 80's if they are not careful.

  7. Hugh Jasol says:

    Dont pay attention to @Dart Vade. He's not even a fan, just a ball tugging idiot

  8. Tomaless1 says:

    In all these moves it gives us more contract flexibility. Cash didn't have to give up a 1st round draft pick and in fact gained another 1st rounder. Brilliant moves by Cash. We may not contend this year (depending on the health of the rotation) but we sure have a bright future.

  9. Dano of LI says:

    Man you guys must realize when it comes to pitching, Cashman is clueless. Mark my words , Green will win 18 games this year. The trade for De De or shoud I say Da Da , never had to be made. Cashman signed Drew anyway, so we could have kept Green, play Drew at shortstop and rookie Jose Perila at 2nd base. If given the chance, Perila will hit in the 280s. He has speed and he will be better than Da Da.Cashman gave up on a good pitcher once before in trades with the Tigers. Let us not forget the 3 for one trade ,to get Granderson. Kennedy turned into a good number 2 or 3 starter. Also what happened to the Killer Bees? Well Brackman was signed needing Tommy John Surgery. What team drafts a number one pick needing Tommy John Surgery ? Brainless Brian does it . Now Brackman is gone. Manny Banuelos , the other killer bee , is a young lefty , who has control issues. So Brainless Brian trades him to Braves for Relievers , Carpenter and Sheve. Do you know how many relief pitching prospects we have in the minors? A lot. We do not have too many starter pitching prospects , except for Servino and Clarkin. Cashman is a poor GM. We would have won 3 more World Championships , if Steinbrenner had fired Cashman years ago. Back to the a Killer Bees , well one bee survived and he us a Gem.of course that's Dellin Betances. I am a die hard Yankee fan for over 50 yrs. I am so upset about the Green trade.You watch Green this year. Dano of LI.

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