Alex Rodriguez reports to Spring Training


During his “State of the Yankees” address on Friday morning, Joe Girardi said he wasn’t planning on Alex Rodriguez to report to camp until Wednesday when the other position players are scheduled to arrive. However, Rodriguez went to get his physical at George M. Steinbrenner Field this morning, then went to the Yankees minor league complex to begin preparing for the 2015 season.

While everyone had seen Rodriguez, Brian Cashman wouldn’t confirm whether Rodriguez was going to the minor league complex or if he was going to arrive.

“I’ve had two people in the media tell me they think he’s coming today to the minor league camp,” Cashman said. “We’re trying to confirm if that’s the case. Not aware of that. Trying to figure that out if that’s the case.”

Meanwhile, here’s Rodroguez,  ready to go to begin the season with hopefully no distractions. Now that A-Rod’s joined the party, let the 2015 season begin.

Some Notes

— As we’ve all heard, the Boston Red Sox have won the Yoan Moncada sweepstakes, leaving the Yankees in the dust. The Yankees were willing to offer Moncada $25 – $27 Million (almost around $54 Million with taxes), but the Red Sox upped the Yankees offer by approximately $13 Million. Why didn’t the Yankees go all out for Moncada, Brian Cashman?

“If we were going to go all out, there would have been more,” Cashman said. “We went to where we were comfortable going, and it was an uncomfortable number to put forth. But it still fell short. We’re proud of the players that we did sign and the work we’ve done on the international side, but we’re continuing to look at what’s available out there, and we were involved in the Moncada efforts until the very end. Yesterday they said they were going to make a decision and wanted your best offer. We presented that. It just didn’t work.”

Jacob Lindgren–one of the Yankees top prospects–had a bullpen today. It’s not that much of a deal, until you factor in Brian McCann is catching him. Lindgren is competing for a bullpen spot in camp this year, and having McCann catch him makes things a little interesting.

Carlos Beltran is back in camp after having Sunday off.

Andrew Miller threw a bullpen today. It’s his first bullpen of the Spring, but he did throw one before the Yankees had their first workout.

“Long ways to go,” Miller said, “but I’ll take it for where I am on February 23. All in all, nothing really to write about, but I’m sure you guys will find a way.”

Ivan Nova, Chris Capuano, Jose Campos, Tyler Webb, David Carpenter, Chase Whitley and Bryan Mitchell are all expected to get work in tomorrow.

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6 Responses to Alex Rodriguez reports to Spring Training

  1. Terry says:

    Kind of a quiet entrance for Alex.I like it.The Lindgren/McCann side note IS interesting

  2. hotdog says:

    Wonder what Jose Campos has left in him…i remember he was being touted as a nice addition to the Montero-Pineda trade who might wind up being the marquee player…he could use a good year…

  3. I'd begin to believe Alex Rodriguez's apologia when he decides to retire this season in place of forcing the NYY to dish out an extra $ 60 million towards himover the next three years instead of allowing NYY reinvesting in the Farm System, Draft, etc., etc., etc. If he did that, retire, that is, then I'd accept his apology.

    • hotdog says:

      love to see it but that would be an apology at a cost of $60 million…too bad he can't cut a deal with the Yankees

  4. hotdog says:

    Hope Arod hits…if there's any chance of trading him, I'd be thrilled…we'd have to eat virtually all his salary and I'm not sure if his bonuses vest but he'd be out of Dodge…

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