Could Joe Girardi end up in the hot seat if 2015 goes awry?


Over the last two seasons, the Yankees have been a disappointment. They missed the postseason for two years in a row and witnessed legends hanging up their cleats for the final time in their legendary Hall-of-Fame careers. But lost in the two back-to-back seasons where the Yankees didn’t make the postseason was Joe Girardi‘s impressive handling of the roster.

Injuries were bound to happen, it’s an inevitable part of the game and the Yankees had their fair share of them. What was inspiring was how Joe Girardi quickly adapted to the situations and kept the team afloat, even when they had their naysayers.

Mark Teixeira suffered a hamstring injury? No worries: Girardi put Francisco Cervelli at first base for the time being.

— Francisco Cervelli suffered a hamstring injury? Not an issue: Girardi got creative and used Brian McCann at first and used John Ryan Murphy as the catcher.

CC Sabathia missed the rest of the season with a knee injury? Masahiro Tanaka missed time for his elbow? Michael Pineda only made 13 starts in the season? No problem: Girardi put Shane Greene and Chase Whitley in the rotation while Brandon McCarthy and Chris Capuano came over from the trade/free agent market.

Girardi is many things, but one of the things is he’s a great manager and he figures out a way to fill the holes on the roster when the inevitable happens. He also managed to keep the Yankees in second place last year despite the team having a negative run differential (-31). However, Girardi hasn’t led the Yankees to the postseason since 2012 where the Yankees were swept in four games by the Detroit Tigers in the ALCS.

If there’s one way to describe the New York fans, it’s their quite demanding; for them it’s either World Series or bust. The Yankees (on paper) don’t have the components to be a World Series-caliber team, but they are desperate to make it to the postseason, and despite Girardi being in the second year of a four-year extension, he could end up being in the hot seat if the Yankees fail to enter the postseason for a third year in a row.

Does Girardi deserve to be in the hot seat? No. His job is to make sure his players are healthy and to make strategic moves with the roster he has. He can’t go out there and hit for Mark Teixeira. He can’t go out there and pitch for Dellin Betances. He can’t go out there and steal for Jacoby Ellsbury. He can’t go and sign players for Brian Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner. All he can do is sit in the dugout with his challenge in hand and watch the game unfold, whether it’d be in his favor or not.

If the Yankees don’t make the postseason, everyone is going to find a scapegoat, and unfortunately Girardi appears in danger of becoming that scapegoat should the team fail. Is it unfair? Yes. Has Girardi been nothing but a great manager to the team? Yes. But all of Girardi’s hard work and dedication won’t matter if the team can’t produce a winning season and they miss the postseason–again.

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50 Responses to Could Joe Girardi end up in the hot seat if 2015 goes awry?

  1. A lot of fans will turn on him if 2015 goes the way it will likely go with the Yankees missing out on the playoffs. I would be completely shocked if the Yankees fired him or even pushed a tiny bit of the blame his way. Steinbrenner and Cashman love Girardi and they both realize that this isn't a "championship caliber" team regardless of what they say to the media.

    Girardi's job is secure now as it will be a year from now. He's an excellent manager, one of the best in baseball, and Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner know this.

  2. Hal has to be blamed! !!

  3. Jack says:

    I hope if the Yankees flounder they FIRE this by the book jerk . Also I truly believe that a lot of Yankees if they could say their true feelings they would say that they hate playing for him

  4. Joe says:

    Still having a tough time with boston signing Moncada. I can only imagine Moncada killing the yanks in a few years. That would be very tough to swallow. Let's hope the yanks made a smart move by not going all in on this guy.

  5. Celerino says:

    I'm not sure where the Joe hate comes from around here. I think a team has a pretty good manager when they wins 85 games in spite of scoring fewer runs than they give up. It also took a good manager to deal with the chaos in the starting rotation last year. That said, he's probably on shaky ground if they don't do well this year.

  6. hotdog says:

    I don't think firing the manager makes this team better…if the Yankees do make the playoffs, Girardi should ask for a raise…

    • mick says:

      You are absolutely correct, my man. Girardi will never be confused with Stengel or Martin, but he's a solid manager.

  7. James Dogg says:

    You pose an odd question because the spectrum of potential outcomes this season is so broad, what will "go awry" look like. If all the 34+ year olds go down is that on Joe? Joe did a pretty good job of plate spinning the past 2 years, he is not the problem. It is the Cashman/Stienbrenner lack of coordination in decision making that is the problem.

    • mick says:

      Dogg…….great post. The past two seasons, Girardi has done a great job of handling a team decimated by injury. He toils with the roster he's given, and if healthy, it can be a very good team. It's not the great team of the Core Four and O'Neill Yankees, but this could be a very potent offense if everyone is healthy and contributes as they have. The same can be said of the pitching. It's starts and ends with good seasons from CC and Tanaka. If Pineda and Eovaldi perform at a reasonable level, it become a high ceiling.

      • guest says:

        Just plain stupidity…he is a push button manager so he will win when everything is perfect but sucks when it's not…I will take every other manager in MLB and AAA over this clown…

        • Celerino says:

          What team were you watching last year?

          • guest says:

            To all you foolish Girardi lovers what do you actually like about him? His is shitty at everything!

          • Celerino says:

            Shitty at what?
            Dealing with a rotation that lost four out of five members?
            Managing a bullpen that was need 3-4 innings almost every day?
            Dealing with a .160 hitting secondbaseman?
            Dealing with an injured pull happy firstbaseman?
            Do I need to continue?

          • guest says:

            Lousy at in game management…passive reactive…Joe Maddon took him to school every game…
            Sucks at informing us the fans on why…
            Horrible talking to the press about anything…
            Lies freely all the time…extremely dishonest…
            Terrible at bullpen management and he boxes the team into corners.
            it goes on an on an on…he plain sucks!

          • mike says:

            Do you watch baseball. Tampa finished in 4th place 77-85. Taking him to school. The Yankees were 8 and 11 against Tampa. not really taking him to school with 4/5ths of his rotation out. Tampa loses one starter and finishes under .500

          • guest says:

            I am not talking about just last season but his overall performance as Yankees manager. He is not very good…a perfect example is how he failed Melancon…how many young pitchers come up and never get in a game? Young hitter get a chance? NEVER…box a team into a corner YES all the time…

        • Jack says:

          Absolutely correct. Finally some one who sees this phony for what he is, someone who has to have everything perfect to produce a win. The Marlins got rid of him because the players could not stand him. I was hoping beyond hope that the Cubs would get him

          • guest says:

            Girardi is terrible…

          • Celerino says:

            Actually he was the NL manager of the year that year. That was one of the years the Marlins where they dumped salary and went with rookies. The entire lineup was 27 or younger. Only one guy in the rotation was over 24. The Marlins were widely expected to lose more than 100 games, but somehow Joe kept them over 500 most of the year before they tailed off at the end. It was the owner of the team, not the players, who couldn't stand him. And we're lucky for that.

          • guest says:

            If he was so great why is he not there now? He is a Cashman YES man…Cash say three feet and Joe jumps three feet…lol

  8. mick says:

    guest…….please feel free to pass all of my poss. You remind me of a troll. It's fine to have a differing opinion, but present some facts for an argument, other than using foul language and insults to posters who seem to know far more about the game than you.

    • jack says:

      It is OK for you to insult someone by saying he reminds you of a troll because he has a different opinion then you. Perhaps you should heed your own advice

      • mick says:

        NO, JACK. Not because of having a different opinion, certainly not. But for presenting his opinion in the manner he did. Since he seemed to agree more with you, you defend him. It had nothing to do with his opinion, but the foul language and the accusation that he used. Perhaps you should follow your advice, as his actions were that of a troll.

        • Jack says:

          You still were disrespectful by calling him a troll and he did not agree with me , I agreed with him

          • guest says:

            It's okay I don't mind…if you always write polite comments they tend to get lost in the shuffle but if I try to be a bit outrageous I get lots of replies…I am encouraging comments and getting them…honestly I think Girardi is terrible. He may do lots of good things well behind the scenes that I as a fan am not privy too but what matters too me as a Yankees fan he isn't very good at…his in game management skills are horrible. He lies…

      • hotdog says:

        if it was just one incident that would make sense but it's the same guy over and over…people want to talk baseball, others just want to bring attention to themselves anyway possible…sometimes you have to call a cigar a cigar…

        • mick says:

          hotdog…….thank you. I appreciate the support. No need for that kind of thing. I just wanna discuss baseball, without the inane comments.

  9. Robert Rufa says:

    Anyone who blames Girardi for Yankee failures is missing the point. Yes I think he's made a few mistakes, but my opinion on what those are isn't widely shared. No, the blame for Yankee failures in the recent past–and 2015, it it goes down the toilet–will reside with Cashman and Steinbrenner. Hal can of course fire Cashman (although I don't think he will), but I doubt if he'll fire himself. Too often managers are the scapegoat for upper-echelon failures.

  10. Ollie says:

    If they fail to make playoffs I could see Girardi and Cashman both gone. It may not be fair to Girardi who is a good manager but sometimes a change of direction is good! Cashman probably can be blamed more for teams failure to succeed!

    • mick says:

      Ollie, Cashman may come up with ideas, but he's not the decision maker. He's the ultimate scapegoat for Hal and Hank. The Brass say they have given full reign to Cashman, but Cash was not allowed to place the bid necessary to purchase Moncada. He was allowed to carry the bidding to $27M. Make no mistake, Hal is basically in charge. Sometimes, as you say, a change in direction is good. But, to imply that Joe Girardi is at fault for the failures of the last few years, is just completely wrong.

      • hotdog says:

        i don't see Cashman and Girardi going anywhere but someday they may need to let both go if they want a new direction although I agree that Hal is ultimately the man in charge which limits Cashman's effectiveness…i could see the Yankees making a big splash in the open market if they don't make the playoffs and Cashman will stay…if someone goes, it will be Girardi imo…

      • Ollie says:

        Hey Mick, Sorry for Cashman but that's part of his job! The Yanks never found a replacement for Cano leaving and not sure if they have yet! They knew Jeter was leaving and they havn't replaced him yet ,they hope Gregorios can but they don't know yet.Who hired Kevin Long? They lose Russ Martin and replace him with Chris Stewart and the offence is so poor they aquire maybe the best lead-off in baseball (Ellsbury) and bat him 3rd and how many teams in MLB would Gardner bat lead-off for. I am not sure this is all Hal's fault! However I don't blame Cashman for the Moncada situation for sure! Lastly Mick I didn't imply it was all Girardi's fault I said he was a good Manager but that a change is sometimes good! Lets hope they win this year! Your Turn!

        • mick says:

          Ollie…….I was not speaking to you as implying anything. I was speaking to Hal and Hank using him as their scapegoat. I really don't think Cash has the freedom to do anymore than work on deals, spin ideas at the Brass. They make the decisions, which was my point. Personally, I think had the injury rash not become contagious, running rampant throughout the clubhouse, this team could've been the playoffs. I would like to have had Moncada, as well. But, I'm okay with the powers that be showing some restraint for a change. In looking back at my post, it was poorly written. I see how you might have understood it as you did. My bad. I agree, let's hope for a great season. I think if health holds up, this could be a good team. I thought so last season.

  11. mick says:

    Jack…… can have it however you like it. I'd suggest you look up the definition of internet troll. He fits the criteria based on his own inane comments and foul language. It's amazing to me that you would defend his actions, while damning those of another. Simply amazin', as a great man once said. You can feel free to ignore my posts as well. I doubt I will lose much sleep over your thoughts of my demeanor.

  12. mick says:

    guest…….silly I have no issue with. I've found many of your posts to be so. But, when you imply another is stupid, because they have an opinion different from your own, use profanity, call names, etc…….you remove all semblance of intelligent debate. Please, ignore my posts, and I will reciprocate.

  13. guest says:

    I did not curse to insult…shitty is so terrible in today's world how about crappy next time? I called an absurd group of comments on another thread stupid because frankly it was arguing over whether or not Cano was a good minor league ballplayer…not the commenter…dude grow up!

    • hotdog says:

      no, you were referencing the author and making a personal statement…stick to baseball and stop the b.s….no need to insult others on these pages…we all have opinions but it's related to the game…

  14. mick says:

    Holy helmethead, Batman. First you make a juvenile post, then, tell another to grow up. Enough of this. Good day.

  15. All of this bickering in the comments has to end immediately. I don't give a damn who started it or who said what to whom. It's fine to get a little heated sometimes, but no name calling, no bullshit. Just stop.

  16. Michael R says:

    I have never been a Girardi fan, but to blame him for the failures of this team would be wrong. He has done a decent job with what he has been given. I have always thought he would be a great manager if he used the binder less, and managed using his baseball acumen and instincts more.

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      But if he used the binder less, I'd have to retire my 'Binder Joe' nickname for him. 🙂

  17. mick says:

    Michael, I agree. Is there a manager out there who could not improve? I don't understand the issues with the binder, and I've coached for over thirty years. Anything I can use, within the rules, is an advantage to winning. I don't care if he writes notes on the palm of his hand, if' it'll help get the Yanks a win.

  18. Mr. Sassy says:

    Would Girardi be fired regardless, or would the Yankees have to have a losing record?

    • mick says:

      IMO, Mr. Sassy, it would take a series of catastrophic events for Joe to be fired. Certainly, if injuries are repeated as last season, he cannot be blamed. Some thought he was worthy of manager of candidacy the last few years. I have full faith in his abilities. Plus, the Yanks are in a bit of a transition phase at this point. That should garner some leniency from the Brass.

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