Hot Stove: James Shields signs four-year deal with Padres


I guess Brian Cashman was serious when he said the Yankees weren’t interested in James Shields.

According to Chris Cotillo of SB Nation, James Shields has landed a four-year contract with the San Diego Padres in the $72 – $76 Million range. The contract has a fifth year option and is pending a physical.

Shields was one of the biggest pitchers on the free agent market along with Max Scherzer and Jon Lester, but the Yankees didn’t seem to be interested in any of them. Scherzer eventually signed with the Washington Nationals and Lester eventually signed with the Chicago Cubs.

While Shields was a nice thought, especially with the Yankees rotation with so many question marks, it seems Shields was another player the Yankees let get away.

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5 Responses to Hot Stove: James Shields signs four-year deal with Padres

  1. Roy says:

    Shields decided to go home to San Diego to close out his career. It is not an objective perspective to describe him as someone that the Yankees, or for that matter every other team, let get away.

    The pundits were saying that the market had collapsed on Shields. In fact, it was he who became focused on a long term contract and going back to Southern California.

  2. Fred Stanley says:

    I would say the Yankees only let Shields "get away" if they made a significant effort to sign him, which they did not…The Yankees seem to be all in on the youth drive.

    Now, go and sign Moncada !!

  3. guest says:

    "Shields was another player the Yankees let get away". That's definitely taking advantage of your artistic license.

  4. hotdog says:

    Shields would have also cost the Yankees a draft pick…i don't see the Yankees signing Moncada at the cost they'll have to pay…George Steinbrenner's boys are not about to pay that type of penalty…

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