Joe Girardi on Opening Day lineup, six-man rotation and more

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Now that we had gotten a vague idea on the main topics of Joe Girardi‘s press conference (the rotation, Alex Rodriguez, etc.), we can finally dig a little deeper and review his thoughts on the issues that were speculated about. I had a few quotes of his jotted down in a notebook after watching his press conference the first time and it’s funny what you pick up when you decide watch the same press conference the second time. The second time around, I picked up some quotes of Girardi discussing the possibility of a six man rotation, determining the Opening Day lineup, the changes in the AL East and even the possibility of having co-closers after the departure of David Robertson.

Joe Girardi on the possibility of a six-man rotation: “It’s something that we will talk about. As far as having a six-man rotation all the time, no, but if you get into some long stretches where you’re playing 18 days in a row, could we interject a sixth starter for a start to give the guys an extra day’s rest? Absolutely.”

Joe Girardi on determining the Opening Day lineup: “Figuring out our batting order I think is something important, because there are some people we don’t know exactly where they are at, and there are obviously some new people in camp. I think the importance of the games in the last two weeks will determine our order a lot. I think with a healthy Carlos Beltran will help. A healthy Mark Teixeira, we expect more production. Brian McCann, who’s been here for a year. You incorporate a young player in Didi Gregorius; we believe there’s a lot of talent there. He’s going to be able to help us defensively as well as offensively. I expect there won’t be quite as much on Ellsbury and Gardy’s plate this year in moving them around. You can put them in one spot. But let’s face it, the key to any order a lot of times is the middle of the order and how they produce, and that’s where we need to keep those guys healthy and get the production we expect out of them.”

Joe Girardi on the possibility of having co-closers: “I think you could do that. Would you like to iron it out? Sure. We would love to iron it out. I think you have to see how people react when they’re in the situation. I feel good about both of those guys (Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller) doing it. A number of guys down there, I think, are more than capable of closing. You’d like to iron it out, but it doesn’t hurt to have a guy that has the ability to close if your closer is down for a day or a couple of days. But I think they’re both more than capable.”

Joe Girardi on the changes in the American League East: “I think you obviously pay attention to what other teams are doing. And the one thing that you realize over a 162-game schedule is there’s a lot of things that have to go right for you to be the winner at the end. Sometimes it’s contributions from unexpected players that you had no idea maybe were even going to be on your roster; or that were going to be traded for, or released and you pick them up. Sometimes it’s just everything goes pretty much according to the plan. I hadn’t been on too many of those teams. I was on one that for like 28 weeks went according to plan but the first week didn’t go so well. So, yeah, I think you look to see how you measure up. But the only way you know how you measure up is to do it on the field.”

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2 Responses to Joe Girardi on Opening Day lineup, six-man rotation and more

  1. Terry says:

    Having Joe explain the 6 man rotation part makes more sense to me now.I hadn't figured that angle into it.I could see how that may actually be necessary.

  2. mick says:

    I doubt it's really a six man rotation. More likely a spot start like Billy Martin sometimes used Dick Tidrow. That sixth man has to be able to stay stretched out, and it's difficult to do over just a three week span. I expect the Yanks to start a guy like Whitley, possibly Warren, or bring up a guy from the minors, when they need the sixth man.

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