Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs battle to serve as Derek Jeter’s investment banker


When the media asked Derek Jeter what he planned to do post-retirement last season, Jeter mentioned the idea of owning his own team. Now, Wall Street wants to get involved and help Jeter achieve his goal.

FOX Business News is reporting two of Wall Street’s biggest financial firms–Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs–have been courting the former Yankees shortstop, not only to manage his net worth but also to serve as Jeter’s financial investment banker to finance some of Jeter’s business ventures.

Jeter had been busy this past offseason–he started his own website/blog named ‘The Players Tribune’ where athletes, himself included, tell first-person unfiltered stories of their lives and careers. He also spoke at a Goldman Sachs technology conference in November and weeks later, met with Morgan Stanley brokers.

“Jeter is a such a hot commodity for Wall Street because of his stature and because he saved his money,” one banker told FOX Business News.

Not only are investors hoping to help Jeter finance his goal of owning a team, they also show interest in financing in “The Players Tribune’ and have taken interest in Jeter’s other venture in possibly owning a football team.

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4 Responses to Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs battle to serve as Derek Jeter’s investment banker

  1. guest says:

    Who cares! Sick of The Jeter…never want to read about him again! Go away…thank god the selfish prick is gone!

    • Celerino says:

      I think "guest" is actually Joe Girardi. Even if he's not, I bet Joe will appreciate having a shortstop with range who he can put anywhere he likes in the lineup.

  2. We will see who wins

  3. pedro coelho says:


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