Cashman on Gregorius, Teixeira, Beltran, Drew, Rodriguez and roster decisions

Alex+Rodriguez+Atlanta+Braves+v+New+York+Yankees+YDgq7mEm5r_lWith six days to go until Opening Day, the Yankees have to begin finalizing their roster, and hope their players bounce back after two non-contending seasons. Brian Cashman was asked about whether Didi Gregorius needs a platoon partner, if Carlos Beltran, Mark Teixeira and Stephen Drew will bounce back from their horrific 2014 seasons, Alex Rodriguez‘s returning to the team following a year-long suspension and the decisions for the bullpen and the back-up catcher.

Brian Cashman on Didi Gregorius: €œIt’€™ll be more of a Joe decision right now. I’€™d just say, it’€™s something we could consider, but Ryan’€™s also here for a reason. We have two left-handers in the middle infield in Drew and Didi, and we have Ryan as an alternative, so I trust that Joe, like he does all the time, he’ll dissect the matchups and try to put the best team on the field to win. If that means Ryan’€™s in there ahead of Didi on any given day, so be it. Gregorius has shown me a lot this spring, which I’€™m happy with. He’s an exciting personality, and really, clearly, we hope that it plays well for us.”

Brian Cashman on Mark Teixeira, Stephen Drew and Carlos Beltran: “€œThere’s no reason to believe, for instance, Carlos Beltran’€™s not going to hit all of a sudden. And I have seen a lot of Stephen Drew in the last week to 10 days, and it’s encouraging. And then Tex, I haven’€™t had any worries about Tex coming back, or even Beltran. It’€™s more like, just stay healthy and we’€™ll be fine. Drew’€™s really, out of those three, the only question mark, what is he going to be? Those questions are fair to ask, and it doesn’€™t matter what gets said, only he’€˜ll answer them over time. But he’€™s looked really good at the plate.”

Brian Cashman on Alex Rodriguez: “€œI think I consistently told you guys, I don’€™t know what to expect. So in fairness, I can’€™t even say it surprises me because I didn’€™t know what to expect. It was like, let’s just let whatever’s going to be, be. Then we can talk about what’s happening rather than waste your time wrapping your mind around what it is or what it’€™s going to be or how it’s going to look when you have no idea, it’s just a guessing game. Camp’s gone really well for him.”

Brian Cashman on deciding the back-up catcher and bullpen spots: “€œWell, we’re a week away from making those decisions. So, if you define close as, a week, then I would say yeah, I think we’re close to making a decision.”

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2 Responses to Cashman on Gregorius, Teixeira, Beltran, Drew, Rodriguez and roster decisions

  1. Balt Yank says:

    It would be exciting to see TANK pitch all year. To do so, the Yankees would be wise to let him skip a turn and shoot for 175 innings for him. I'd rather see him sit an off day then have him out until 2017.

    • hotdog says:

      i can't see the Yankees expecting Tanaka to have a 200 innings season…they've got enough arms to limit Tanaka without giving up too much…concern is, will he be effective with the potential of surgery looming and can he throw his off-speed stuff at the pace he chooses…

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