Report: Phillies and Padres interested in Austin Romine 22

austin-romineWhile there’s no clear frontrunner in the back-up catching competition, it seems other teams are interested in Austin Romine, just in case the Yankees crown John Ryan Murphy as the winner.

The Phillies scouts were present at the Yankees/Phillies game last Thursday night where Romine happened to be in the lineup. The Phillies are looking for a back-up catcher to Carlos Ruiz and became intrigued when they discovered Romine wasn’t the frontrunner of the back-up competition in Yankees camp. Both Romine and Murphy have done well this Spring defensively despite their offensive woes.

“Defensively, both guys have done a pretty good job,’’ Girardi said about Romine and Murphy. “Offensively, they have pressed a little bit which is understandable. That’s what happens a lot of times when you get into a competition. There is a decision that has to be made and it will be one of the last decisions we make.’’

Not only do the Phillies have interest in Romine, but so do the San Diego Padres. Romine is hitting .182 (4-for-22) this Spring.

22 thoughts on “Report: Phillies and Padres interested in Austin Romine

  • hotdog

    problem is, who becomes the backup if McCann or Murphy goes down…and I think Romine would be the backup to the backup in Philly…

      • hotdog

        he's likely to start at AAA as the starting catcher…i would hate to see the Yankees turn him into a backup catcher for any significant length of time…maybe for a short dl stint but he needs game action and as much as major league experience is helpful, riding the bench isn't…so if the Yankees trade Romine and either McCann or Murphy gets injured, Sanchez plays once every five games? i would imagine Sanchez would be the go to guy for backup but I could also see the Yankees getting creative and giving Sanchez a few more innings and at bats…maybe McCann can begin to shift to 1st base and Tex can get a few games at DH…i thought the Yankees were thinking of moving McCann to 1st base later in his contract…

        • tom

          Eddy Rodriguez could get first crack. Maybe Francisco Arcia is in for borrowing time. I don't know.

  • Robert Rufa

    If other teams are interested, that should make it easier to choose Murphy as McCann's backup. PS: Cervelli is batting .304 this spring, with 3 HR and a 1.223 OPS (in fewer at-bats)—a tad better than McCann.

  • Les Schraeder

    If the Yankees can get anything decent for either player now is the time to move them as I don't see either one as a starter anywhere down the road.

    • hotdog

      they won't get anyone decent for Romine…he's also out of options…Romine may just not have any place in the organization as Sanchez moves up to AAA and Murphy backs up McCann…

    • hotdog

      and they sure can't have Sanchez backing up at AAA for either of them…he needs to start…most likely, they move Romine and let Sanchez catch at AAA…without options, Romine needs to be moved…i doubt he passes through waivers without being claimed…

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