Brendan Ryan diagnosed with right calf strain

Brendan Ryan 3During today’s game, Brendan Ryan went to make a play on a ball up the middle which resulted in him hurting his right calf. He was able to limp off the field, but he had to be helped down the dugout stairs and into the clubhouse. The Yankees later diagnosed Ryan with a strained right calf and are currently sending him for an MRI.

So now it’s time to play “I’m not a doctor, but let’s diagnose [insert player here] anyway”: I’ve seen video of this particular situation–it actually happened to Mark Teixeira and Francisco Cervelli in the past. On a Grade 1 calf strain, the player can get himself off the field and into the clubhouse on his own will.With a Grade 2 calf strain, they need to be helped off the field and dugout by trainers/other players. Both Teixeira and Cervelli were diagnosed with Grade 2 calf strains, so it’s safe to assume Ryan will be diagnosed with a Grade 2 strain. A Grade 3 strain is possible but judging from the injury, it didn’t appear to be Grade 3 serious.

Back to the matter at hand, the Yankees are now looking at alternatives since it’s likely Ryan won’t make the Opening Day roster. The Yankees could either call up Nick Noonan or Rob Refsnyder, although Noonan seems like the logical choice. The Yankees want Refsnyder to work on his defense in Triple-A and with Jose Pirela also on the shelf, Noonan would get the job via process of elimination. Refsnyder did say the Yankees were going to test Stephen Drew at shortstop tomorrow during a split-squad game, although Joe Girardi has yet to confirm.

It’s a shame Ryan had to get hurt. No team wants injuries to any of their players a few days before the season begins. It’s just devastating.

Other Notes

— The Yankees have officially announced their fifth starter and to no one’s surprise, Adam Warren will take the mound every fifth day for the Yankees. It was almost a given when the Yankees placed Esmil Rogers in the pen but Girardi wasn’t going to announce the fifth starter until he had a chance to speak with Warren.

Alex Rodriguez is going to play first base at George M. Steinbrenner Field tomorrow afternoon.

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17 Responses to Brendan Ryan diagnosed with right calf strain

  1. guest says:

    Good…the beginning of the end of his Yankees non career! What a waste…

    • Not sure why people get so negative about Brendan Ryan. The dude clearly cannot hit, but he's one hell of an infielder. I could see if he was the starting shortstop, but he's a backup. He played in all of 49 games last season so he's not even a backup that plays regularly.

      If you are going to have a guy that plays maybe 50 games, he's probably not going to be a good hitter anyway so why not get a guy that plays gold glove defense?

      • guest says:

        I am negative about Ryan in this kind of role…clearly he's a great fielder but sadly in a backup/part-time role he's not. IMO he's a rhythm player that needs to play everyday to show his great skills so I don't want him as a bench guy!

        • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

          If you're a back-up, your first job isn't to hit. That's what the Teixeira's and the McCann's and the Beltran's and the A-Rod's are for.

          • mick says:

            Exactly, mlblog. Anyone who can't understand the value of the leather can take a look at Refsnyder. Great kid, solid hitter, who has terrible footwork, which shows up in his throw. Footwork is more of an habitual problem that takes time. Refsnyder has what it takes, and given time and opportunity to play daily will pay dividends next season. This is a good move for the Yanks, and costs nothing.

          • guest says:


          • guest says:

            You do not read do you? Ryan is not a good defender IMO in a part time bench role…so I don't want him.

          • mick says:

            I imagine I can keep up with you. And yes, I read quite well. Maybe the issue is with your comprehension. His role has nothing to do with his defensive ability. He's a great glove, with value. What you want has little to do with the Yankee decision making process. Most intelligent fans recognize Ryan's worth to the team, as do the Yankees.

          • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

            "Ryan's not a good defender'…what Brendan Ryan have you been watching, guest? He obviously can play shortstop defensively.

          • mick says:

            Apologies for the poorly written post. It should have read, "His role as nothing to do with his OFFENSIVE ability". I will attempt a better effort in proofing, in the future.

          • guest says:

            I don't give a damn about his bat…he is not a good defender as a bench guy…he needs play often to show his great glove which he will not do in NY or frankly anywhere in MLB going forward. You may disagree with my assessment but this is what I have seen from him. I don't want him and it's just a matter of time before he's done as a Yankee!

          • guest says:

            Of course he's been a great defensive SS when playing regularly but I have seen him botch too many plays as a bench guy to know this isn't a good role for him. He needs to play full time to be great! I don't want him as a Yankee and firmly believe he's done in NY.

          • mick says:

            Yeah, that's it. Just a life time .978 defensive player. He's certainly of little use defensively.
            lol, indeed.

          • mick says:

            Once again, the game is over your head, per usual. The joke is what you don't know about the game, which apparently is everything.

  2. tom says:

    Ah… Yankees get Petit. That could mean Noonan is out of picture.

  3. tom says:

    Ryan gets grade 2 so feel free to call yourself a doctor. lol

  4. mick says:

    Not a bad post, for a ten year old. I commend your effort. It shows a far more industrious thought process than your usual drivel.

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