How have Didi Gregorius and Shane Greene fared so far?

Didi+Gregorius+Boston+Red+Sox+v+New+York+Yankees+mOJkHivfJSKlWe are only a week and a half into the 2015 regular season and the most talked about Yankee hasn’t been Alex Rodriguez, who has returned to the team following a 2014 suspension. It’s Didi Gregorius. Unfortuntely for Gregorius, he hasn’t gotten off on the right foot with the fans.

Over the offseason, the Yankees, Arizona Diamondbacks and Detroit Tigers were trade partners, the Yankees sending RHP Shane Greene to the Tigers and the Diamondbacks sending the Yankees Gregorius. The trade seemed innocent enough–acquire a young talent to replace the legendary Derek Jeter at the position of shortstop. But one week into the season, it seems Gregorius has let the pressure of replacing Jeter get to him, which has hindered his offense, defense and baserunning ability.

While Gregorius has floundered under the bright lights of New York, Shane Greene has found his niche at and has done an exceptional job in the Detroit Tigers rotation. Now, we’re not going to declare the winner of this three-team trade because it’s far too early for that, but after a week of play let’s see where both Greene and Gregorius stand.

Didi Gregorius: In nine games with the Yankees, Gregorius is .174/.219/.391 with no┬áHR’s, 2 RBI’s, one walk, one stolen base, one caught stealing and one error. Clearly, Gregorius hasn’t done much on offense, defense or the basepaths to give the Yankees the boost they’ve been looking for at the bottom of the order. Players like Brett Gardner and Jacoby Ellsbury share the same qualities as Gregorius–they’re not power-hitters, although out of the three Gardner is more likely to hit the ball out of the park, they play good defense and have speed. When neither Gardner or Ellsbury are hitting, they Shane+Greene+Minnesota+Twins+v+Detroit+Tigers+nGEkrb978Dklcontribute with their keen eye and their defense. Gregorius on the other hand has played all-around bad baseball and can’t seem to catch a break.

Shane Greene: In 16 innings this season, Greene has a 2-0 record with a 0.00 ERA, a 0.500 WHIP and has only given up one walk. Last season, Greene had enormous promise and he could have been in competition for the fifth starter spot had he not been traded. With Greene showing this much promise, you wonder what could have become of him. Is Greene another player that the Yankees let get away to the Detroit Tigers? Or is it too early to declare Greene a reliable pitcher in the Tigers rotation?

After nine games, it’s far too early to pass judgement on Gregorius and he isn’t the first Yankee replacing a legend to struggle: After replacing Don Mattingly, Tino Martinez was booed into oblivion for a poor April in 1996. Now Martinez is one of the most respected players in the Yankees franchise.

I’m not saying Gregorius is going to hit like Tino Martinez, but I have belief Gregorius is better than what he’s shown on the field these last nine games. We just have to give Gregorius some time to adjust.

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  1. tom says:

    Oh please…. When Martinez was traded to Yankees, he already was a solid player. Didi offers what? HR? pfftt.. SB? pffttt.. Hittability? pfffttt. He brings nothing but defensive skill set to Yankees. His struggle has nothing to do with Yankees atmosphere.

    He is still in the learning process so he may be either booming into a solid all round player or another Brendan Ryan. If Yankees find an upgrade for SS some time during this season or off-season, DO IT.

    What would happen to Nathan Eovaldi or Adam Warren if Yankees kept Shane Greene? We will never find out.

  2. Didi Gregorius was ranked the 63rd best prospect in baseball in 2013. He hit .287/.350/.452 in AAA. He just turned 25 two months ago and has only played 200 games in the majors. On top of that, he's making a huge adjustment not only in playing for the Yankees (which veteran Brian McCann admitted hurt him), but he's also replacing a legend. It's not easy.

    I'm not saying that Didi turns into an all-star, but anybody dismissing him after 10 days in the Bronx or area already looking for the Yankees to make a change are just being foolish. Give him some time. If he can settle down and at least provide the Yankees with great defense at a premium defensive position then I'd even say he should have 2 full seasons to prove himself before jumping ship.

    • hotdog says:

      his attraction to the Yankees was more based on defense than offense…very few people saw him as hitter anywhere but at the bottom of the order…that said, Gregorius not only needs to prove himself defensively but with his offense especially against right handed pitchers…if he hits anywhere above .230 and plays very good defense, he's going to be here for a while…my hope is, there's someone at the minor league level who proves himself a better option than Gregorius sometimes over the next 2 years…i don't have much faith in him although faith changes with performance…personally, I hated the trade but I hope Gregorius proves me wrong…

      • Rob says:

        You are wrong. There is absolutely no chance that he plays if he hits 230. He is a AAAA player at best.He will be an answer to a trivia question and this will be on the list of the biggest trade mistakes ever made. The man should not be in the major league. Right now Drew is a better option because he has some power. The way this season has gone, the fact there is no playoffs for two years and the fact the division is so weak makes it so it makes sense to get Chase Utley.

        • hotdog says:

          Bucky Dent actually did stay around for 6 years while producing paltry offensive numbers and he wasn't as great a shortstop as you make him out to be…Gregorius is more likely a stop-gap but if he raises his average above .230, the Yankees may keep him for a while, evaluating his progress and their long term needs over time…it's not as if they have anyone ready in the minor leagues to take up that position…the investment was in his potential…i have been vocal about my disappointment in the trade but he is not the worst shortstop in baseball and did have a decent rookie year…i can't tell if it's been difficult to adjust to New York…we've seen that happen with ballplayers…who would you rather have at short and "anyone else" is not an answer…

  3. Terry says:

    1) Gregorius was never adept in Offense. The media's portrayal of his lack of offense being handicapped by Jeter's shadow (or New York, or whatever) is pure hogwash – a lie – and a blatant one at that.

    2) Gregorius was never adept at Defense either. The media's portrayal of him as an elite defensive shortstop flies in the face of the fact that he has lost his Starting Shortstop job not once, but TWICE in the Majors due to his defensive shortcomings.

    3) It is predictable that the Media has been trying to shield Gregorius from scrutiny, and it can be expected that they will continue this charade of using any excuse under the sun, whilst pretending that Gregorius is an elite player who just happens to be getting bad breaks – despite his having no prior record of accomplishment to justify those accolades.

    For one reason or another (it isn't hard to guess why), the fix is in.

    And on the flip side, it's only to be expected that the same journalists and media personalities (and bloggers) will try to shortchange and smear anyone deemed a threat to Gregorius' image – no matter how superior their performance actually is compared to Gregorius.

    • Prior record = being named the 63rd best prospect in baseball while hitting .287/.350/.452. The Yankees had no shortstop, there were no good ones available on the market, so, really, getting a guy who was recently a top prospect and who hit very well in the minors is the best case scenario.

      My guess is that most fans will never accept him because most fans don't even remember who Mike Gallego is and they've been spoiled their entire lives.

      • Mike Sommer says:

        Rob makes a good point about how people may not remember how shortstops were before the Ripkens, Jeters, Garciaparras, Tejadas, Tulos…. and how much Jeter is/was the exception. In Yankees' SS history, Jeter stands so far above Rizzuto (and Rizzuto so far above the rest) it's unreal. But when you've seen just one SS over 20 years, it can be easy to forget what shortstops have historically been like. So here is a comparison (Yankees numbers only): Just batting average and OPS plus , and I won't name everyone.

        Peckinpaugh .257, 93
        Everett Scott .254, 57
        Koenig .285, 86
        Crosetti .245, 83
        Rizzuto .273, 93
        McDougald .276, 111 really a 3B, and just a stop gap SS between Rizzuto and Kubek
        Kubek .266, 85
        Michael .233, 71
        Dent .239, 72
        Smalley ..261, 113 not exactly the best defensive SS… better suited for 3B
        Meacham .236, 73
        Tolleson .223, 56
        Espinoza .255, 68
        Gallego .262, 98 in his limited time.
        Jeter .310, 115

        Just a comparison of numbers. If Didi can hit .260 and get the OPS plus around 88….

        • Rob says:

          What is your point? What you have done is made it clear the Yankees have never won with a shortstop as bad as Gregarious. Look at the years they won and look at who played short- the Yankees have never won with an out and out bad shortstop- which Gregarious is. He is by far the worst starting shortstop in all of baseball.

          Jeter played the position 20 years and in that time baseball has changed dramatically. How is comparing a bad player in Gregarious to Yankee shortstops in the fifties and those who played on some of the worst Yankee teams in history have any bearing on Gregarious? Did you forget that the players you mentioned-that won championships- played with people named Ruth, Gerhig, Mantle, DiMaggio, Jackson, Munson, Howard, Maris, Berra, and many others. Who on the present Yankee team compares to those players? Are you going to say this version of Tex or Arod is on that level?? So your comparison is devoid of logic. Those teams had some of the greatest hitters of all time at MANY positions and could carry a light bat- the others more then made up for it. The player that most closely resembles Gregarious is Wayne Tolleson- and the Yankees did not win with him at the position. The argument can be made that the 85 and 86 Yankees would have won the division if they had a good shortstop and not Tolleson and Meacham..

          The 5 names you mentioned before Jeter never even made the playoffs with the Yankees. They actually represent the longest playoff drought in history. Part of the reason for this streak was the fact those team's lacked an adequate shortstop. This list actually flies in the face of your argument because you highlight the Yankees never won with a bad shortstop. This is an absolute fact- the worst of those that played on winning teams was Dent who was outstanding defensively, clutch and not that bad a hitter. 240 is not great but is way better then Gregarious.

          The latest Dynasty started when Jeter took over shortstop. So the Yankees win the world series after a VERY long drought when they finally get a shortstop. This shows it is a fact the Yankees have never won when they have had a bad shortstop and Gregarious is the best example of a bad shortstop as you will ever see.

          Lets take it further? How does the fact he was once a prospect- and not a high one (287 in minors does not impress me)-years ago mean anything? I will give you a list- Joe Charbeneau, Phil Nevin, Chad Mottola (who was drafted ahead of Jeter), Gordan Beckham, and numerous others- so many guys put up a lot better then .287 and bombed so I do not see how this is an argument. I don't know how you can defend a player who has never performed by saying "well at one time he hit .287 in the minors". If Gregarious were worth anything his past teams would not have traded him. He was not dealt at the deadline where a team would have to surrender a top prospect. He was traded after teams saw that he is just a bad player. He was never traded for any player of true value- he was always traded when teams saw he was at best a AAAA player.

          The goal for all teams is to win. At no time does any team say "ok lets go lose today, we do not want to win too much". Gregarious stopped being a prospect years ago and other teams have stated they have a better chance of winning if he is not on the team.

          Finally- where do you get .260? Gregarious has never hit close to that in the major leagues- how can you expect him to hit that high when he has never even broken .220? The Yankees would also win if Headly hits .380- not going to happen. Same thing if Beltran hits 65 home runs- not going to happen. Gregarious could hit .190 and the Yankees could win if Arod hits .420. Gregarious has yet to even break .220 in the major leagues.

          Gregarious is a very bad player who is at best a backup you keep at triple A in case of an injury. He has not even shown his defense to be good enough to be a late inning replacement.

          I am sorry if I come off as harsh- it is not you- it is my shear hatred of this trade and Gregarious. The bottom line is Gregarious is not a major league player and the Yankees are a better team with him not on the club. The trade is a bust and the smart thing to do would be to see that now and for them to cut their losses.

          Young shortstops are at a premium- if Gregarious were good the D-Backs would have netted a huge return in a trade or just not traded him at all.

          Look at it this way- the Yankees gave up Shane Greene- Gregarious is young, and has years of team control which makes him cheap the next 5 years. Any legit good young player under those circumstances would net a king's ransom. The fact that all the Yankees gave up was Greene should show everyone that he is not some young stud in waiting.

          • Mike Sommer says:

            Gregorious has stunk so far, I will admit that and I am very disappointed in him. . The point is, the Yanks HAVE won with an out and out bad SS. An average OPS is 100. Take a look at those numbers again. The Crow, Kubek, Dent, were not that good. The Yanks (esp. the stars, CARRIED those SS) . How many OPS are above 100? How many are even CLOSE? Umm…. Shane Greene had a Couple good starts, then a couple that really sucked. Unfrortunately, the Yanks don't have a Ruth, Mantle, etc. right now that can carry a Drew or Didi. BTW, check out Tyler Wade at A ball. Lefty hitting SS, doing very well. I hope he continues to progress . BTW, it would help if you learned to spell Gregorious correctly. I don't have much patience for those who can't take the time to spell a player's name correctly.

          • Mike, you spelled Gregorius wrong too. Lol.

          • Mike Sommer says:

            I hope I have an excuse. My mom has just gone through a 7 hour surgery that we didn't know she'd survive, 5 days in ICU and 2 1/2 weeks in the hospital. She has a long road of recovery, and I have been fighting the family leave people who have denied me leave. Just saying. My mind is on a lot of other things right now.

    • Rob says:

      I agree with you Terry. I would just like to say those you mention in the last paragraph will stop defending Gregarious much sooner then you think. The reason is that because he is SO BAD and all other shortstops will be so superior that they will have to admit it or lose credibility.

      Gregarious is a bad baseball player- plain and simple.

  4. @Silent_H_ says:

    I agree that it would be too soon but for the fact that it was Brian Cashman, Baseball Genius, who made the trade. He's awesome at finding gold in the trash heap, but he sucks when it comes to impact trades involving young talent. I'm sure Greene will give up a run eventually, but I have no doubt we drew the short end of the stick in this trade. What's the best case scenario? A .260 little/no power, slick fielding (yet to be seen) SS and hope Greene proves to be a 4 or 5? How do you trade a hard throwing, young pitcher, under control, who thrived in NY for a guy who couldn't even stick with the D-Backs? Made no sense then and makes even less now.

    I loathe Cashman, and we have him for 3 more years

    • Celerino says:

      Greene was absolutely NOBODY when he was called up. A 25 year old guy with a 4.50 era at AAA. He had a decent half year for the Yanks last year, but thats's all. We didn't exactly give up the next Verlander to get Didi. Let the season progress a little further and watch things even out.

      • hotdog says:

        Shane Greene was a surprise without question but how many rookie starters has the team brought up in the past 5 years that's performed that well in their rookie season…i agree, he's not Verlander and is more likely to be a serviceable 5th starter than an ace but if you have a pitcher that can pitch in New York, you better have good reason to ship him out…was Gregorius a good reason…apparently Cashman thought so…we're just sitting on the sidelines watching the master perform…

        • Celerino says:

          Warren is a better pitcher than Greene. Nova is on his way back. Whitley and Mitchell are of the same caliber or better as Greene and are waiting in the wings. Greene was surplus and they had absolutely nothing waiting in the wings at shortstop. "A serviceable fifth starter" was a reasonable price for a good fielding young shortstop with upside.

          • hotdog says:

            we can debate this until the end of time but Greene was a Yankee farm hand who somehow started putting it together in the majors…it is virtually impossible to compare Warren to Greene…Warren has made his mark as a reliever, Greene is a starter…Whitely and Mitchell are AAA stock and until they can prove it on the major league level, that's all they are…here you have a rookie who performs considerably better than expected and you move him for a shortstop that has yet to prove that he can hit righties…and his defense isn't stellar enough to afford those kinds of outs on a team that struggled to score runs in 2014…like I've said, Gregorius could be the bargain in the trade but I doubt Gregorius was the only shortstop on the market that would have for into a Yankee uniform…Yankees didn't go free agent this year…maybe they should have and kept Greene for another year, wait until he implodes or not… i'm not cashing my chips in on Gregroius, no need too, I'll wait and see as well…I just didn't like the deal…i believe Gregorius will be a utility infielder…Shane Greene has done well in the majors so far…he may come down to earth but he improved his lot in 2014, he must have made some big adjustments to do so…it wasn't just luck…hd

          • YankeezFan says:

            Got to agree with you dude, i ve been saying this ever since the trade, and we moved Prado, which i loved the guys attitude on this team for Evoldi. Hated that trade too.

          • Thompson says:

            Warren has no were near the starting stuff that Greene has. Was listening to Kevin Kernan who covers basball for the NY Post and reported (which I have heard before) that lots of scouts love Greene and think he has 2-3 type stuff. He also said that several teams were upset about the trade because if they knew that Greene was available, they would have made an offer. The Tigers were shocked they were able to get him.

            Warren is best in the bullpen and has not shown anything yet as a starter and he turns 28 this year. Warren is what he, is a good bullpen guy or a #5 starter. , Greene has legit swing and miss stuff and nasty late movement, His bottom of the zone stuff is perfect for Yankee stadium. If you want to compare him to anyone on the Yankees it would be Nova, And it seems like scouts think he will be better than Nova. Green was not surplus. He would easily be the number 3 starter on the Yanks this year…With no competition…Warren, Evoldi, CC, Capuano…Mitchell, Whitley…please…any team in baseball would take Greene at this point over any of those guys.

            Didi better turn out to be something or this trade could be a big win for the Tigers. .

          • YankeezFan says:

            And the Tigers asked for and got Greene OVER ALL THOSE OTHER GUYS. Even the Tigers liked Greene over all those other guys.

          • Rob says:

            What upside? He has no power, is not a great fielder and is one of the worst hitters in baseball. Do you really expect him to all of a sudden develop power, a high baseball I.Q. and become a hitter who can raise his average .70 points. How many .190 hitters turn in .260 hitters?

            Even if he improves his average to .270- is a shortstop not great with the glove, no power and who hits .270 really a prize? I don't think so- I think Stephen Drew is done- but I would like it much better had they just signed him to play short rather then acquiring Gregarious.

        • WyomingGrizFan says:

          Reminds of the time when in 2002 it was reported in "The Sporting News," that there was a scout asked about Ted Lilly; the scout wondered just how much longer Lilly can pitch since his style was his throwing arm across his body, or something like that. He wondering just when Lilly's arm would fall off. The very next week NYY sent him away in a trade for Jeff Weaver.
          Lilly lasted for about another 11.5 years pitching about 1,650 IP going 117 – 93 in wins/losses.

  5. @Silent_H_ says:

    Sure isn't looking like a 5th starter right now.

  6. Balt Yank says:

    The Tino Martinez comparison to Didi is not apt as Tino was a very good hitter and 1B defendant replacing a Yankee legend and borderline Hall of Famer. Didi is fighting to be a MLB player. Further, unless Didi hits closer to 300 he will never be Jeter's replacement and won't last. The Yankees have never settled for mediocrity. That being said, the Yankees have signed many mediocre players recently in their endless turnstile quest for winners and let the only homegrown winner of recent years walk. Hmmm.

    • hotdog says:

      speaks to the reality that it takes time to build a winning team…we're just in a crossroad between the past and the future…my guess is that the Yankees will need at least 2-3 more years before we can comfortably say that they are one of the top teams in baseball again…i'm looking forward to that day…

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      I wasn't essentially comparing Tino and Didi. Just the fact they both struggled heavily in April and fans wanted them out 10-20 games into the season.

    • Rob says:

      EXACTLY!!! Tino hit .293 with 28 home runs the year before he was acquired. Not only that as the Yankees saw first hand he hit in the playoffs. He was a good, not great defender, he was a first baseman- not a guy put at first base to get his bat in the line up.

      I agree- unless he hits .300 and scores 100 runs he will never be his long term replacement. I do disagree on Yankees not settling for mediocre player analysis- because I believe it is misplaced. The Yankees will get rid of him because he is so bad that all other options will be considered an improvement. I dont even think you get to mediocre.

      In February 2016 you will read the following" "The Marlins have extended an invitation to spring training to Didi Gregarious".

      I also agree on this- Melky Cabrera, Cano, Green, Austin, Jackson- outfielder of Gardner, Cabrera and Jackson would be much better then the washed up Beltran and Ellsbury- who I love- his money could have went to Cano- they have no power hitter in their prime.

      How about this- Russell Martin has been better then McCan- Bartolo Colon has been very good since the Yankees let him walk. The Yankees have let many just walk they should not have.

  7. Balt Yank says:

    I never wanted Tino out. Ten games is no sample. However with Didi, considering his MLB track record is borderline to zilch, ten games raises eyebrows, especially with the baserunning gaffes and defensive mistakes. That's his strength (supposedly).

    • Giving up on young players after 10 days is always the recipe for success. /s

      Absolutely incredible the type of faith people have. All spring people bashed Young for swinging and missing 3 times in a row against a pitching machine and now somebody is calling for him to bat 3rd and referring to him as the Yankees potential all-star.

      The Yankees needed a shortstop desperately, because the next decent SS prospect is in Low-A ball, they successfully traded a non-prospect starting pitcher for a shortstop that was recently named one of the best prospects in baseball, and people are ready to give up on him after 10 days.

      Baseball is a marathon. 162 games. If Cashman panicked as much as a lot of commenters on this website do, he might actually be as bad a general manager as you people seem to believe he is. Perhaps some people just can’t wait for football season.

      • Rob says:

        He was not recently ranked as a top prospect- I believe he has been traded 3 times since the year of that ranking.

        • He was ranked 63rd best prospect prior to the 2013 season, which was the last season he was eligible to be ranked at all. He has also been traded once since that ranking — from the Diamondbacks to the Yankees. All of this info is available on

  8. YankeezFan says:

    I kinda love people who see Greene as a 5th starter… if thats the case …. WE NEED HIM.. our 3rd, 4th and 2nd starters all SUCK… Evoldi is hit city, CC is hard luck guy, and Tanaka is now a junk pitcher. If Greenes a 5th starter, then PLEASE we need more 5th starters. He's more developed than Mitchell or Whitely and even Warren. Just because he wasnt projected in the top 100 prospects dosnt make him a subpar player. Many players not drafted in the first 100 can turn out to be very good pitchers. SCOUTS HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO BE WRONG. As for Didi he was suppose to be a part-time SS, who the Yankees just handed the position to without any competition, and he just hasnt been pushed. Just giving a position player the job without earning it is always wrong. The Yankees could have spent 2M on bringing in Everth Cabrera or Asbrubal Cabrera, if they wanted a SS without getting rid of Greene. So, yea there were options, btw both those players are starting for the O's and Rays. But the real problem is the Yankees are left heavy.. and Didi compounds the problem by being lefty. I remind everyone that i posted that DIDI was a overhyped SS earlier, and it now shows that he has a lot of shorcomings. IT WILL BE A LONG SEASON.

  9. jmme says:

    greene 3-0 .039 era

    i thought the trade suked from the start.

    a young starter for a overrated weak hitting ss?

    drew or ryan is as good or better and we could have kept greene as a starter.

    cc sabby. is done so now what?

  10. Bottom line is that some people were never going to be happy with the Yankees shortstop in the post-Jeter era. Some people will think that a shortstop who isn't hitting .300 or scoring 100 runs a year is worthless. I don't blame them. They've been spoiled with one of history's all-time greatest shortstops for probably their entire lives.

    Unless Gregorius starts to really improve, I expect to hear a lot of monday-morning quarterbacks and saying the Yankees should have held on to that mediocre pitching prospect that they just knew was destined for greatness.

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