The Good and The Bad: Drew, Rodriguez, Sabathia and Teixeira

Alex+Rodriguez+Toronto+Blue+Jays+v+New+York+RZgXCqursx7lThe Yankees trusted in CC Sabathia to propel the Yankees to a series victory. Unfortunately, a rocky second inning and a lack of offense gave the Yankees their first series loss of the 2015 campaign. While CC Sabathia had some good and bad moments, The offense did have a bit of power and squandered an big RBI chance late in the game. So what was good and bad about last night’s game? Let’s observe.

The Good

Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira go yard: The Yankees were hoping to see this kind of production from Rodriguez and Teixeira at some point during the season, and last night the Yankees got a glimpse of it. Both Rodriguez and Teixeira homered in the sixth inning to give the Yankees two of their three runs. While it was a bright spot last night, you hope Teixeira and Rodriguez would provide this kind of production almost every night.

John Ryan Murphy: At the end of Spring Training, the Yankees chose Murphy over Austin Romine to be the back-up catcher. Murphy showed why the Yankees made the right choice last night, going 2-for-4 with two doubles. He also had two strikeouts, but let’s look at one of the main positives of Murphy’s game; he was the only player in the lineup with a multi-hit game.

CC Sabathia: Take out the second inning and Sabathia had somewhat of a decent start. He struck out eight, didn’t give up a home run and made it into the sixth inning. For the most part, Sabathia showed he had something left in the tank.

The Bad

Stephen Drew: The Yankees pinch-hit Stephen Drew for Gregorio Petit to give Drew an RBI chance. There were runners on second and third with two outs and if he had a base-hit, he would have tied the game. Instead, Drew makes the third out of the inning and squanders a chance for a two-out rally. If the Yankees want to give the fans any hope this season, they need to start hitting in the clutch with two-outs…and Drew is the prime example of what happens when you don’t drive the run home.

Sloppy Defense: Okay, I’m not quite sure what was going on during the sixth inning, but that was the sloppiest defense I had seen from the Yankees in a long time. On Wednesday night, the Yankees tried to play hot potato with the baseball. Last night, they bobbled the ball all over the infield which allowed the fifth Blue Jays run to score. The error was later charged to Carlos Beltran, but that run was an infield team effort. Just sloppy baseball all around.

CC Sabathia: Oh look, CC’s mentioned again, and while we looked at CC’s start without the second inning above, let’s look at his start with the second inning involved. It was lackluster. Sabathia gave up four runs in the second inning, gave up eight hits overall and didn’t make it out of the sixth inning. For a pitcher that was once considered the Yankees ace, Sabathia has fell a long way, and he’s now considered “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” in my book; he has one superb inning and one clunker inning. No one’s asking Sabathia to throw a shutout every time he takes the mound, but giving up four runs every outing won’t win you a lot of games, especially with the current state of the Yankees offense.


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7 Responses to The Good and The Bad: Drew, Rodriguez, Sabathia and Teixeira

  1. The Ugly

    Has anyone told the Yankees that the season has started. They just don't look very good right now on pitching, hitting or defense. The series with the Sox will be very revealing one way or the other.

  2. Michael R says:

    The ugly is not just that they were 1-9 with runners in scoring position, but that they had physical and mental errors to boot.

  3. Robert Rufa says:

    Same team, despite a few different faces. As Yogi said, "Deja vu all over again."

  4. eileen yaeger says:

    Oy Veh!!!!

  5. Otto says:

    Please tell me why the Yankees signed Drew and traded for this other flop. I will never understand why they do not give their kids a chance. It must be truly discouraging to be in their farm system. He play well enough to make it to the big leagues yet they still give the job to older players than can no longer play. They need new brain trust to make better decisions.

  6. hotdog says:

    I know a lot of people believe Drew can still hit but giving him a bat in a clutch situation gave me the willies…

  7. Robert Rufa says:

    There should be a statistic that reflects the number of runners a batter has left on base in a season. That's one I'd used to decide who stayed and who was gone.

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