CC Sabathia 0-5 to begin a season for the first time in his career

C+C+Sabathia+New+York+Yankees+v+Baltimore+PxwI7LxUiCOlCC Sabathia has not been terrible to begin the season but he hasn’t been the ace the Yankees signed years ago either. The opposing team believes Sabathia has looked better than in recent years, and even his teammates believe the weight of losing during Sabathia’s starts should fall on their shoulders since the offense has failed to score for him. But Sabathia continues to hold himself accountable for not giving his team a chance to win each time he steps on the mound.

“This is what it is.” Sabathia said following last night’s 5-1 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays. “I’m out there trying to help the team. I’m just good enough to lose right now.”

Let’s look at what the Yankees have done this season when Sabathia takes the mound: They’re 1-5 when Sabathia starts a game and 16-6 when the rest of the pitching staff pitches. Sabathia is this year’s version of Hiroki Kuroda in the sense where the offense doesn’t contribute during his starts. Sabathia’s record is pretty tricky since he has pitched meaningful games this year, the most obvious one being the 1-0 loss to the Detroit Tigers in Comerica Park last month.

“CC didn’t really pitch that bad,” Sabathia’s former teammate Russell Martin, who is now with the Toronto Blue Jays, said following last night’s game. “I don’t think he’s had much run support. His last start against Boston, I thought he threw the ball really well. He doesn’t have the same velocity he had a few years ago, but he’s still pitching, he still has a lot of weapons for you, it’s not an easy at-bat. We got to him a little bit but not a whole lot.”

The Yankees have surely moved on from last night and are now looking ahead to the series against the Baltimore Orioles, but to Sabathia, an 0-5 record to begin the season doesn’t look good to him and if there’s anything he wants to accomplish, it’s to turn his game around.

“I feel healthy. I feel good,” he said. “… I feel like I should be a little better. Just a couple of pitches here and there in games that have killed me. The triple in the Baltimore game. The single. Just those little things I need to tighten up.”

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18 Responses to CC Sabathia 0-5 to begin a season for the first time in his career

  1. He's had a few starts where you could see his old command return, and as a result reason for me to hope that he could potentially turn this around, but at this point I think it's safe to say that he's been terrible overall so far.

    He's eating up innings, which is a good thing, especially with how this bullpen has been worked early on, but a 5.45 ERA is pretty bad. If he doesn't start to turn it around at some point, Girardi is going to have to consider taking him out of the rotation. He can't make it through the season with a 5+ ERA. If he can get it down to 4.50 or lower it might work.

    • tom says:

      If Sabathia continues getting the 4 runs per 6 innings every start for the rest of the season, his ERA will be lower than 5.45 easy. He got two worse starts (4 ERin 5.2 IP and 7 ERin 5 IP). As long as he doesn't repeat those he will be all right but he needs some good offense to help his W column for love's sake.

      • Guest says:

        4 runs per 6 innings is a 6 ERA. It's math. Earned runs divided by innings pitched multiplied by 9.
        "If Sabathia continues getting the 4 runs per 6 innings every start for the rest of the season, his ERA will be lower than 5.45"… …in no universe that follows the laws of mathematics.

  2. Terry says:

    He didn't pitch that bad last night,a few mistakes and he paid for them.I think that he can get down to 4.50,we'll need to score more runs for him.He can still gut out innings,which isn't bad if he's the #5.But with Adam and Whit holding down two spots,we don't have that margin for error.With Caps and Nova working their way back,interesting decisions are Definately coming.He's been a great pitcher for us,it's tough to watch

  3. Robert Rufa says:

    I'm not surprised to hear Girardi defend Sabathia. Sure the offense didn't step up when it needed to, but that happens to every pitcher. He's 0-5, and his ERA does give him away. But what else is Joe gonna do? If he decides to keep CC in the rotation, of course he's going to defend the decision.

  4. mick says:

    According to Michael Kay during last night's telecast, CC's run support is about 2.25 RPG. I didn't check the stat, but no pitcher will have many W's with that run support.

    • mick says:

      So, I checked the stat. CC has received a total of thirteen runs in six starts. That's not run support.

      • The problem with CC isn't his lack of run support. I know that Delia put it in the headline, but a win-loss record is completely meaningless for a pitcher. It might look nice on the back of CC's baseball card, but if he's winning games 8-7 every night then he still sucks.

        CC's real problem is his 5.45 ERA, his 6 home runs allowed and his 11.1 H/9 rate. He's been entirely too hittable. It doesn't matter what the lineup does. They don't throw the ball across the plate.

        • mick says:

          Rob, I'm not saying CC has been good, just that wins/losses stats mean little, as does his era. If a pitcher gives up a bunch of earned runs without getting an out, it can severely effect his era. How many pitchers can you list who have won games without his team scoring? So, it does matter what the lineup does. In truth, CC should have a couple of wins, but took losses due to the lack of run support. Too Hittable? Absolutely. But, he has been pretty good a couple of times, and you fail to recognize that. The only chance CC had of winning last night was 1-0. That's all the run support he got last night. I'm not asking the lineup to give him 8-7 wins. CC has not been good, but few pitchers win with run support of two runs per.

  5. Balt Yank says:

    If CC can go 5 to 6 innings per night, he'll be in the rotation all year. I mean,he's making $22 million. If his ERA goes above 6, maybe then he'll sit.

  6. Ollie says:

    The Yankees are now in the position where they can give CC a chance to work out of it, that is the advantage of winning. He is going to have to turn it around in the next couple of starts or Girardi won't have a choice!

    • Just what makes you think that this is Girardi's decision? I think Cashman controls who plays to some degree. That also applies in the case of Drew. I strongly believe that no matter how those two perform they will continue to play on a regular basis. Regrettably the Yankees may fail to make it to the playoffs because of those two and Beltran.

      • It is 100 percent Girardi's decision. Cashman decides who is on the team, Girardi decides who plays. That's how it's always worked around here.

  7. hotdog says:

    CC's is better than his 0-5 start and he's making adjustments which are huge for a guy who was a power pitcher throughout his career…he is far from a lost cause, something he was closer to before the beginning of this season…

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      Aside from that 1-0 loss to the Tigers, I don't see much of a difference in CC. He hasn't been horrendous, but he hasn't been good either.

  8. Balt Yank says:

    I agree with hotdog. CC is becoming a pitcher, a fifth starter type with room for improvement. Last year briefly before injury, he was a thrower w/ velocity or movement. Yikes.

  9. Balt Yank says:

    w/o, i mean, w/o

  10. carddugout says:

    The Yankees and C.C. need to make his health a priority. I bet his performance would increase dramatically if he got in better shape and didn't eat so much Cap'n Crunch. haha. It'd be great to see him turn things around.

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