Chris Capuano will take Chase Whitley’s spot on the roster

Chase+Whitley+New+York+Yankees+v+Kansas+City+kpD50n6FZaTlWhen Chase Whitley went down with an apparent elbow injury during yesterday’s 6-1 loss, the Yankees knew they had to make a decision on who was going to take Whitley’s spot on the roster. After the game, the Yankees announced Chris Capuano will take Whitley’s spot although they are unsure of when. Capuano can’t pitch until Sunday, which means the Yankees can call up a reliever so they aren’t playing a man short.

Whitley is scheduled to undergo an MRI this afternoon, but one of the main concerns is he could possibly need Tommy John Surgery. Whitley said he had dealt with discomfort in his elbow for quite sometime, but didn’t tell the training staff about it. Brian McCann figured there was something wrong with Whitley in last night’s start when his change-up was spiking and his fastball was erratic, prompting the trainers to remove Whitley from the game.

The tone in the clubhouse was somber, and not only did potential season-ending surgery put a damper on Whitley’s mood, it also dampened the mood of Whitley’s closest friend and teammate, Adam Warren.

“The first thought is Tommy John because it’s so prevalent,” Adam Warren said. “Just makes it more real when it’s somebody real close to you. It’s just one of those injuries, it’s hard to prevent. It’s a unnatural arm motion for your arm. I hate to assume the worst right away, but that’s the first thing you think about. That’s my concern, and I’m sure he’s worried about it too.”

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5 Responses to Chris Capuano will take Chase Whitley’s spot on the roster

  1. scooter10 says:

    Guessing they will put Whitely on the DL today and bring up a fresh arm who can throw innings if needed. Since Tracy pitched yesterday, my guess is that it will be Davies or De La Cruz (either move would require a 40 man roster spot which can be made available by moving Ryan to the 60 day DL). Then that pitcher can be DFAed when Capuano's turn in the rotation comes up.

  2. It's terrible if Whitley needs TJS, but at least the timing of this worked out well. Whitley was likely going to get sent down no matter what.

  3. Robert Rufa says:

    Adam Warren says it all–an unnatural arm motion. Like the home run, the fastball is too glamorized. The price–well-rounded players. I always enjoyed watching sidearm pitchers, although there weren't that many, but I do remember a fair number who threw three-quarter. Steve Hamilton was always a favorite. (A video of him throwing his patented "Folly Floater" is priceless.)

    They've got to figure something out. It's tragic that so many young arms are being crippled, careers cut short.

  4. What I feel bad about is that Whitley knew that something was wrong yet tried to hide it. At the very least he should have said something to the trainer to get his thoughts and perhaps address the issue before it became a problem. I hope for the best for Whitley and perhaps it turns out well for him.

    • David K. says:

      I actually don't have a big problem with anyone trying to play through an injury. Everybody is banged up much of the time when playing major league ball. If you only played when you were 100%, you'd almost never play, like Carl Pavano. A lot of times, small injuries go away on their own, although it can take weeks or even months. By the time one injury goes away, another one or two have taken their place. You just have to try to guess when it's serious and when you need to see the team trainer or doctors. Sometimes its not easy to determine whether something is minor or serious.

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