Rumor: A trade for Troy Tulowitzki still unlikely

Troy+Tulowitzki+85th+MLB+Star+Game+DSkUKU58kkwlAfter rumors swirled Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki was considering asking his team for a trade, many viewed the Yankees or the New York Mets as a potential landing spot. Unfortunately, it’s not happening.

The New York Daily News is reporting it’s highly unlikely Tulowitzi is swapped to either New York team. The Mets are still paying off the outrageous contract of David Wright, who has once again landed himself on the disabled list. The Yankees acquired both Didi Gregorius and Stephen Drew over the offseason to fill the hole that was left vacated after Derek Jeter retired and they don’t want to take on the six-years, $118 Million left in his contract.

The Rockies reportedly said they weren’t as willing to move Tulowitzki in a trade but if there was any chance for the Rockies, Yankees or Mets to work out a deal, it would have to take a dramatic change of internal options.

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17 Responses to Rumor: A trade for Troy Tulowitzki still unlikely

  1. Shelly says:

    We'll be alright with Sir Didi!

  2. hotdog says:

    $20 mil a year for a talented shortstop who spends too much time on the DL…then again, we spent a boatload on Ellsbury for 7…i also would prefer Didi and shop somewhere else if need be…of course it would depend on how much money the Rockies would be willing to pay if any and the prospects they would want in trade…i don't feel he'd be worth it if we're banking on a healthy productive shortstop over 6 seasons…our shortstops in the system with any chance of making the bigs are at Charleston and Tampa…

    • mick says:

      Reports are that both Tulo and Carlos Gonzalez have been made available. Although I don't think a deal could be made financially benefitting both teams, I'd love to have both. Of the two, I'd prefer Gonzalez. I got to see him regularly while living in Denver, and that kid can play the game. If he could handle the pressure of the NY press, he could thrive as a Yankee. A five tool player.

  3. Dan says:

    I like Tulowitzki as an option over "sir didi", but the circumstances would have to b perfect as far as prospects and how much of the contract Colorado would be willing to eat goes. That being said probably never gonna see Tulo in pinstripes as awesome as that would be but a guy can dream right? However I would like to see Tulo traded to a contender and see if maybe getting him out of Colorado is the key for him to be healthy for a full year. Another question that you could ask is that if Tulo gets traded what are the chances that Car Go gets traded to? Would love to hear what everybody else thinks

  4. Balt Yank says:

    This would be a huge error until AROD vacates the DH spot. This guy can hit but can't stay healthy. SS is not his position. Right now, we are getting lucky with Ellsbury, unlucky with Tanaka. Roll dice on a rookie not a 100 million multi-year contract. (And this is called "common sense"….).

    • mick says:

      Take a look at his home/away splits. Tulo mashes at Coors Field, but not so much when he's on the road. Ellsbury looks a hell of a lot better than lucky. He and Gardner are swinging at beach balls, while the rest are swinging a baseballs.

  5. I don't see the Yankees making a move of any significance due to their bad contracts still on the books. Jones should be moved for sure. Perhaps the Yankees will look for a starting pitcher to bolster their staff. Call me nuts but I would like to see them trade a few relievers and go after Chapman from the Reds and use Miller and Betances as setup men. Chapman will be traded by the deadline with Boston being a likely candidate along with Cueto as well.

  6. mick says:

    Having signed a four year deal with Miller, taking into account his perfect record in the save category thus far, I doubt we'll see a deal for Mr. Chapman. Cueto might draw some interest, depending on how things go with Tanaka, Capuano, and Nova. I think Warren will be back in the pen when Capuano gets back, if Whitley can continue to pitch as he has. Warren can give the Yanks a couple of innings, if needed, and has been successful in that role before. Rogers would still be the long man. If a deal is to be made, I'd like it to be for a guy like Mike Morse. A power bat, from the right side, plays corner outfield, and 1B. (plus he also has played a little SS and 3B, if memory serves) I was hoping the Yanks would bring him in as a free agent, before the beginning of the season. I think his stick would be big in the Stadium. Really big.

    • Les says:

      Mick, I totally agree with you on Morse. I just don't see where the Yankees could obtain him without giving up a reliever which I would gladly do if the Marlins would go for it. As far as Chapman my main interest is also to prevent him from going to the Red Sox as I see them going after both Cueto and Chapman. Imagine though if the Yankees were able to get him. Both Miller and Betances can pitch multiple innings.That would elevate their bullpen to perhaps the best in baseball history. It would put unbelievable pressure on the opposition to be ahead after six innings.

      • mick says:

        I understand, but many think the Yanks already have the best pen in baseball. I think the Saux would like to have Chapman, but I'd almost give odds on Papelbon returning. The Phillies want to move him, even more later in the season, and the Saux have inquired on him, as well. Plus, Papelbon wants to return, so likely he'll make it easy. I see Warren returning to the pen, Whitley taking over his starting job, and the Yankees standing pat unless Tanaka goes down for the count. I don't think the Yankees will continue to rehab him, if he goes to the DL again. Many are talking about Tulo, and I like him, but of the two, I'd take Cargo. Hell of a player. Still, with the team the Yankees have, Morse would be the better piece now. I am not sure about Cueto, but I wouldn't mind Chapman, anytime. Even as a starter, again. lol. Just ain't gonna happen, though.

        • hotdog says:

          Phillies likely want to package Papelbon with Hamels and pull some good prospects away from Boston…that's where Boston won't budge…maybe they let a guy like Jackie Bradley Jr. go or Gavin Cecchini but I would imagine that Boston is looking to move guys like Craig, Daniel Nava and Joe Kelley…no Mookie Betts, no Brock Holt and certainly no Blake Swihart or Henry Owens but if the Sox want to stay in contention, they need to add pitching…those Red Sox are mighty stingy and that strategy has worked to their advantage…

          • mick says:

            The same is going to be said about Cincinnati. They aren't gonna let Aroldis Chapman and Johnny Cueto go for nothing? If any team wants pitching, you will give up top prospects, or you will continue to pitch with mediocre guys like Boston has. btw……..don't think the Phils won't deal Papelbon given the opportunity. A half dozen doughnuts and the contract might be enough. They'll eat some of that contract, too.

  7. OK Mick, here is your chance to step up to the plate. I will bet you a half dozen donuts that Cueto gets traded before the deadline passes. I will also bet the same wager that Boston will make a relatively significant trade before the deadline.

  8. mick says:

    Les…….lol. I'll buy you a sack of doughnuts, pal. I have real doubt that Chapman and Cueto would go to one team. Especially any team that refuses to give up top prospects. I say the likelihood of trading Cueto is pretty good due to his impending free agent status. He's a cheap rental for the remainder of the season. Baltimore? I'd take him, but I'm not sure the Yanks will. I don't think the Yankees will add the contracts of either Chapman or Cueto. Boston's a wild card right now. They have the affordability, they have the prospects, but don't want to part with the kids. Top prospects are the only way to buy quality pitching, other than free agency. Boston would like to make a move relatively soon, but I'm not sure they won't wait for free agent pitching. They look really average. Would Cueto make enough of a difference this season? Would either closer? Plus, they need a catcher.

    • hotdog says:

      Cueto has also made public that he will not negotiate an extension…why would he…

  9. Thank you Mick for swinging. Cueto will be moved before the deadline. Boston will also make a trade for a very good player. I like Maple Bars by the way but they would be a bitch to ship. I will have to think of something else. Enjoy your weekend. I am hoping that Big Mike comes to the rescue today again Kansas City.

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