3 thoughts on “Whitley has tear in right elbow; Capuano to start on Sunday

  • Terry

    Ah man,that was my initial reaction.Caps against the Royals?First game out?I guess we'll see where he's at.Two good series back to back out of the division.Yet another test.Another legit bat would make me feel better

  • Balt Yank

    I was hoping based on yesterday's lineup that Pirela and Chris Young would get more time. Girardi needs to play some decent hitters. A line up with McCann, Headley, Drew, Didi, in that order is akin to pitching 9 innings, hitting 6 innings, because three innings are automatic outs. Pirela can play third.

  • hotdog

    this KC team has some really good hitters…Capuano has to come out with his "A" game…might wind up being a high scoring game, 9-8 or so…

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