Yankees are the clear winner of the Pineda/Montero trade

Michael+Pineda+Tampa+Bay+Rays+v+New+York+Yankees+kTtsUhRJIaKlWhen the Yankees traded Jesus Montero to the Seattle Mariners for Michael Pineda, people were questioning who had won the trade before either player took the field for their respective teams. There was a bit of risk on both sides–Jesus Montero was still a young kid who’s impact on the game was questionable while Michael Pineda was a young rising superstar with a history of injuries.

There were times when the trade didn’t look good for either team; Montero arrived to camp overweight and was all but labeled a disappointment by the Mariners organization while Pineda also came to camp overweight, injured his elbow and was caught using pine tar. However, Pineda turned it around and soon became the dominant force the Yankees had hoped for when they traded for him. After yesterday’s game, where Pineda racked up 16 strikeouts against a powerful Baltimore Orioles team, it became quite clear the Yankees won the trade.

“I’m a happy guy, I’m always smiling,” Pineda said following the game. “Especially when you have a game like (yesterday), your heart is happy. Your family sees you. Everything is happy. I’m happy.”

So while Pineda was racking up strikeouts in the Majors, what was Jesus Montero doing yesterday? Well, he hit a home-run…in Triple-A. Montero hasn’t developed the way the Mariners had hoped, but anyone who closely followed the Pineda/Montero trade dating back to a few years ago would love to be on the Yankees side. Pineda is still injury prone and he’s still young, but he’s proven he could be a legitimate ace of the staff, a role that has been bouncing around for the past two seasons.

“I think you have a time to reflect about what you’re doing and who you are when you’re not in the midst of a season, and you’re in the midst of fighting to keep your career going because of an injury,” Joe Girardi said. “I think you have time to reflect. And he was young. A lot of those guys (should be) maybe just a year out of college when we got them, or still in college, and I know I wasn’t the wisest person at that age either. Not that I am now either, but I had some growing up to do, and I think that’s what you’ve seen. You’ve seen him mature.”

“I’m really grown up in the last couple years,” Pineda added. “A little thing happened with me. I love playing baseball, and I love baseball, so I want to continue to play my career. Everything that happened with me, is in the past. I’m getting older too, I’m a better person and a better man.”

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11 Responses to Yankees are the clear winner of the Pineda/Montero trade

  1. Enter42 says:

    Gotta love the way Pineda has command of the plate. Don't care who is the "ace" as long as they keep the team in the game. Pineda is looking the like the real deal though.

  2. Terry says:

    Man,if he stays healthy…..MLB look out!!He really has developed nicely.Can't wait till his next start

    • Rock says:

      I am going to KC to watch the Yankees beat the Royals on Friday,.. Pineda is scheduled to start!

      • mick says:

        Rock…….going to visit my son in the K.C. area. We have tickets for all three games. Should be a great series.

  3. hotdog says:

    there was a pitcher by the name of Jose Campos that came with the trade…i know he had surgery that kept him out for over a year but he was suppose to have a pretty high ceiling…anyone know if he's scheduled to pitch sometimes this year…by the way, Manny Banuelos is pitching well for the Braves AAA affiliate…fastball in the low 90's topping out around 94…i'm hearing he may be called up soon…

    • mick says:

      hotdog…….Campos was non-tendered by the Yankees, along with Heathcott, and re-signed in December. He had been recovering from Tommy John surgery. I don't believe he has completed the process, to date. You are right in that he is a hard throwing right-hander. Hopefully, he makes a full recovery, and gets back on the bump before season's end.

      • Yeah. Unfortunately Campos has a long way to go. He's had some pretty serious elbow problems. There is still a chance that he could turn out to be a decent piece, but at this point it's hope-for-the-best-expect-the-worst mode.

  4. Now that Big Mike has tasted success I look for him to continue the trend that he is on. He looked dominant yesterday and his shoulder holds up I can see him winning at least 16-18 games.

  5. Ryan S says:

    Does anyone remember immediately after the trade when Pineda was hurt someone in the Yankees organization saying the Mariners traded in bad faith and the Yankees will never deal with the Mariners again??? So yeah, can we trade back????

  6. I would caution that it's still a little premature to say that the Yankees "won" the trade. Pineda still hasn't played a full season following Tommy John Surgery. Until he tosses 200 innings and comes out on the other side without any injuries then he is not in the clear.

    Montero has also dropped a lot of weight and is hitting .324 in AAA the last time I checked. Now that doesn't mean he's going to be successful, especially because he seems to have lost all patience at the plate, but he's not a complete failure yet.

    • mick says:

      Agreed. However, for the Yankees, Montero would likely be used primarily as a DH/backup catcher. I think the kid can hit at the ML level, but with the veterans needing rest etc, it's unlikely he could be properly utilized. Seems like a good deal for both teams, if Montero can control his diet. I really never thought he had ML level defensive ability. Your opinion, Rob?

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