Austin Romine drilled in the head last night


Chase Headley wasn’t the only Yankee who had a scary night last night. It turns out in Triple-A, Austin Romine went through a scarier turn of events.

During last night’s 13-2 Scranton victory, Lester Oliveros of the Roschester Redwings (Triple-A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins) drilled Romine in the head with a pitch after giving up back-to-back home runs. The benches cleared after Romine was hit and Oliveros was ejected from the game. I was able to find video on Twitter of the hit-by-pitch and I have to warn you, it’s a little gruesome.

The most disturbing part of the video has to be the benches cleared yet no one tended to Romine who was writhing in pain by home plate.

Romine was removed from the game and underwent tests. His condition as of this afternoon is unclear.

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9 Responses to Austin Romine drilled in the head last night

  1. scooter10 says:

    Best wishes to Romine. Hope everything is ok.

  2. Roger says:

    Two words for Oliveros "Douche Bag!" He's lucky he didn't get his ass kicked

  3. Les Schraeder says:

    On an obvious retaliation situation like this the pitcher should be suspended for at least 10 days. I wish Romine the very best.

    • mick says:

      Anytime it's obvious, as this was said to be, a beaning should always be a major suspension. You are absolutely correct.

  4. mick says:

    Any word on the condition of Romine?

  5. Eileen Yaeger says:

    My heart broke for him. We have all seen batters hit, but this one was WOW… He was down awhile. AND no one attended to him?????

    Roger, thank you for the up date!! Hope he heals wel with Romine.

  6. Bronjon says:

    I do not understand what goes on in a pitchers mind to throw a MLB pitch right at a batters head.What would happen to a hockey player if he used his stick as a weapon, well the same should be done to a pitcher who threatens a life like that. This is a vicious act done by this pitcher, we all know that this has been going on in baseball since its inception. These pitchers absolutely must be taught from an early age to hit and aim at the butt, where there is plenty of meat. It is the head hunting that MUST be stopped in MLB. Since retaliations are part of the game and MLB recognizes this, then there must be an edict from up high to stop throwing at the head, period.!!

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