Brian Cashman on Ellsbury, McCann and Rodriguez


Early this morning, I wrote a post on what Brian Cashman planned to do with the pitching. Now, we move on to the position players, which includes Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann and Alex Rodriguez.

Brian Cashman on Jacoby Ellsbury’s recovery: “We had a timetable. I don’t think we talked about it too much publicly. He was going to be in one of those lineman-looking braces for three weeks. He’s been doing running and stuff in the brace, I think, with some low-level resistance. Obviously doing a lot of strength work. He’s been working his tail off to make sure his quads and his hammys and everything else are not falling behind. … My update through yesterday is he’s busting his tail and doing a lot of functional stuff, but he’s got to have that brace on for three weeks total and he’s just past week two.”

Brian Cashman on depending on Alex Rodriguez every day: “It was unpredictable what we were going to get. I could throw out there about the DH spot, it’s not as demanding and we all know that, but I didn’t have any expectations, let alone playing every day as a DH or being productive. He’s been very, very impressive and obviously helpful.”

Brian Cashman on Brian McCann’s foot issues: “I’m just thankful every test was negative. (The wrong orthotic) is more likely than not what was causing the issues. We’ll just swap it out and we’ll be able to go on from there and forget that it happened.”

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  1. Joe says:

    Ironman Ellsbury will be out longer without surgery than most players would be if they had surgery.

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