Brian Cashman says Yankees are in market for right-handed relief

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With a depth issue in the Yankees bullpen, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman didn’t hold back when revealed to MLB Network Radio the team was looking for right-handed relief.

“We lined up a lot of moves this winter to give ourselves a really deep bullpen,” Cashman said. “Some of which have really paid dividends. Others, recently with the designation of David Carpenter, haven’t. So, I need to probably find a right-handed arm. Not probably, I do need to find a right-handed arm for the bullpen here at some point. We have Miller, Betances, Wilson, Shreve, Lindgren, Capuano and Esmil Rogers as the long man.

“Really, outside of Dellin Betances there’s only one right-handed arm out there and he’s the long man, so I’ve got a number of lefties out there in Wilson and Shreve and Lindgren that all can get righties out. At least that’s the benefit of those guys, so it’s not as much of a pressing issued, but I certainly would love to get an arm that Carpenter I think is, but it’s just not here in New York.”

Cashman added he had options for right-handed relief in Triple-A, mostly Nick Rumbelow and Diego Moreno. Cashman added he also was looking at external options.

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26 Responses to Brian Cashman says Yankees are in market for right-handed relief

  1. tom says:


  2. Dan Scabet says:

    hard to believe there isn't anyone in their system, if that's the case someone in player development needs to go

  3. Nick Rice says:

    Ernesto Frieri was DFA'd by Tampa bay. Not a bad pick up if we can get him amd send Lindgren down

  4. J seifert says:

    Mr Cashman keep up the good work if you need a right handed pitcher I know you will one

  5. Bobby Reed says:

    My Thought is if possible would be a combo of two pitchers both out of Philly Pappelbond and Hammels for Heathcott, one of the C in the minors(Like Sanchez) who are ready and a couple of pitchers close to being ready Carpenter, Mitchell or others like him maybe a year or two away or Capuano if they want some to go right into their rotation

  6. Ollie says:

    I would suggest putting Warren back in pen (7th inning) and finding a arm possibly from minors!

    • Terry says:

      Man did I love Adam in the pen.He was lights out down the stretch.But I have to grudgingly admit he's developing into a pretty good 4 or 5 type at the end of the rotation.How about Mitchell?He's already got the fastball.Just cut him down to two pitches and let it fly.Or Cash could make a splash and go get a top of the rotation guy and another bat,then I could sleep alittle easier.Wow!!i just caught myself dreaming.Sorry about that

      • mick says:

        Big Game James would look pretty good at the front of this rotation right now. I agree, a month ago I was in favor of dropping Warren to the pen. He's just been so good his last 3-4 starts, coupled with the need for him to start, that I can't see moving him now. However, a front of the rotation guy would be great. I could probably learn to live with myself dropping Warren to the bullpen.

  7. I like Luke Gregerson. Wanted NYY to sign him before Houston got to him.

  8. scooter10 says:

    I'm fine with our bullpen depth. With Nova coming back, he can either go the pen or Warren could move back (although if keeps pitching consistently the 7th, I would keep him where he is). There's also Martin, Pinder, Ramirez and Burawa on the 40 man roster, not to mention Rumbelow and Moreno who could be added to the 40 man roster.

    I would prefer to use our trade chips for a hitter. Zobrist comes to mind. Can play all over the place….. 2B in particular comes to mind 😉

  9. mick says:

    Wondering if Cashman and the Brain Trust might consider a flyer on Raphael Soriano? He's done NY before, could be worth a look. It's not like he's doing anything important right now. He might sign a low end deal for the remaining season, in order to help himself next year. The opportunity to pitch in the post season could go along way.

  10. Balt Yank says:

    I wonder why Cashman cannot try internal options before yet again trading and releasing people. I mean, the Yankees could put a host of Triple A people in the spot but instead plan to keep Esmil Rogers and Capuano? Very odd. They may be "long men" in title, but if I see those two in a close game, the game becomes a MAYBE AT BEST for the Yankees. I.e., they are not long men in fact.

    • Cashman hasn't made a trade for anybody yet and mentioned Nick Rumbelow and Diego Moreno as two likely options they are going to try internally.

  11. Les Schraeder says:

    I thought Pinder did a decent job when he was called up. Keep Warren as a starter as he is the third best one that they have now. Yes better than Eovaldi or C.C.

  12. Robert Rufa says:

    Please bring up someone from the system. Quit buying castoffs that might or might not do well in pinstripes. You invest in young talent, use it.

  13. Tom says:

    I am watching the Friday night home game and it is better to have no other right handlers in the bed after Bastances, Rogers is terrible, has done nothing as a Yankees and should be cut NOW!

  14. tom says:

    Stupid Betances. His worst appearance since his rookie service period may save Rogers from being DFAed. uh!

    Think David Carpenter could get it done. lol.

    I won't be in shock if Yankees bring Pinder back in place of Rogers by tomorrow's game.

    • mick says:

      I tend to agree, tom. I don't think Rogers is gonna be saved. Yes, I'd like to have Carpenter. Pinder probably is already packed. Got any info on Diego Moreno?

      • tom says:

        If Yankees don't like Carpenter then there is no reason why should Moreno pitch for Yankees. Yankees could try to get a luck out of Moreno. If not, Yankees could dfa him without a hesitation to make a room for a veteran RH.

  15. mick says:

    So, basically, it's Pinder or Rumbelow. Barring a trade or FA signing.

  16. Robert says:

    Eodgers has to be nest correct Cashman

  17. Robert says:

    Rodgers has to be next. Right Cashman

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