It’s time for MLB to change the policy for All-Star Game voting

2012 mlb all-star game

When I got an MLB AtBat alert about the latest All-Star Game results, I had to say I was stunned and maybe even a little surprised. My shock had nothing to do with none of the Yankees being in a position to start the game simply because none of the Yankees (maybe Mark Teixeira and possibly Dellin Betances) have played like All-Stars. The surprising portion is there are eight Kansas City Royals slated to start the All-Star Game if voting ended at 11:59 p.m. tonight.

Yes, you heard correctly. Eight Royals out of nine position players would start the All-Star Game for the American League, which means the only player who isn’t on the Royals that would start is Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels.

Not to take anything away from the Kansas City Royals considering they made it to the World Series for the first time since 1986 last year, but to have eight of their position players lead in voting is alarming. The Royals are mostly known for their dominant bullpen, in fact they have one of the best bullpens in the American League, but they aren’t in the Top 3 of any meaningful offensive category.

No one would be alarmed about the All-Star Game voting if the game didn’t count, but the fact of the matter is the game does count. The winner of the All-Star game has home field advantage for the duration of the World Series and any team would want to have home field advantage for the Fall Classic, simply because they know their own ballpark better than their opponent.

So what did Yankees manager Joe Girardi have to say about the matter before yesterday’s game?

“It’s a fan vote, and obviously (Royals) fans are very active,” Joe Girardi said. “I’ve often thought that if it counts for something, it should be the managers and the general mangers picking who the starters are based on the years guys are having. But it’s a fan vote, and that’s the way we want it. I’m not surprised it’s happening. They created a huge buzz last year around the country, especially in their home state, so I’m not surprised.”

I understand Major League Baseball wants to have the fans involved, but having the fans involved in the process is causing more harm than good. There are players that deserve to go to the All-Star game this year (ex. Miguel Cabrera, Mark Teixeira, Adam Jones, Jose Altuve(!!!), Edwin Encarnacion), but there’s also a chance none of these players start because the Royals fans are busy stuffing the ballot boxes for their favorites to play.

The All-Star Game is not supposed to show favoritism. It’s supposed to showcase the best talent in baseball, which means Omar Infante (who is considered one of the worst hitting second basemen in the American League) should not be considered the starting second basemen (.210 BA) over the Houston Astros’s Jose Altuve (.290 BA) (who is considered one of the best second basemen in baseball).

The current voting needs to open the eyes of Major League Baseball and I will agree with Joe Girardi on one thing; if the game counts for something, the managers and general managers should vote. Two managers out of 30 teams are going to make it to the World Series, but do they really want home field advantage to not be in their favor because an entire Royals lineup became a factor?

This years All-Star Game is causing a lot of controversy because many players who deserve to play in the Midsummer Classic aren’t going to get the chance, and players that don’t necessarily deserve a spot on the roster are going to play. Yes, people are snubbed every single year, but the amount of players that are bound to be snubbed this season is unacceptable. I’m not saying Major League Baseball needs to take away the fan vote completely, but maybe the fans vote should only count for a portion of the votes. Maybe the managers, the general managers and even the players get a portion, so the process is more fair.

The voting process for the All-Star Game this year has been a disaster, and it’s time Major League Baseball gets involved.


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18 Responses to It’s time for MLB to change the policy for All-Star Game voting

  1. Dave says:

    Do you really have no idea how ironic it would seem to a fan of any other AL team for a Yankees fan to piping in on this? This is only the mechanism that has been sending over the hill Yankees to the game forever taken to its ridiculous but inevitable extreme. Jeter for all those years was especially grating. Arod in 2011? Really? Talk about the pot callng the kettle black.

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      Were there players in the past that shouldn't have gotten in for ALL teams? Yes. But the Yankees never had eight players starting the All-Star Game if voting ended tonight. The Yankees had 1-2 players, but most of the Royals shouldn't be leading in their categories. Some of them are having nice years, but there are some players on other teams that are having better years. Miguel Cabrera for example is having a better year than Eric Hosmer. Why is Hosmer leading in votes when Cabrera is clearly the better player?

      Omar Infante shouldn't even be in the Top 5 of voting, so why is he leading over Jose Altuve who once again is clearly the better player? Fans should only have a portion of the vote and we let the GM's, managers and players decide the rest. Home field advantage for the World Series for any team is on the line and the Royals fans, who aren't at the top offensively, are going to be a factor in that?

      • KCRoyalsRock says:

        As a Royals fan, this is fun and crazy at the same time. However, I keep seeing article after article that only talk about why a player is better than another and they only talk about offensive stats. The fact is, the Royals defense is incredibly good this year, and that needs to be taken into account.

        And with that said, it certainly is the pot calling the kettle black. Finally small market teams can even the playing field. Plus, looking at the numbers, these votes are not even close to coming all from Kansas City. There just aren't that many people here. So start looking at your neighbors, because we are having a ton of voting help.

        • Get real. Nobody is voting for the Royals because of their defense. This is obviously somebody hacking the ballots. Let's not pretend that the entire country suddenly has become Royal fans or understands the importance of defense.

          The problem with this is not that a Yankee fan is complaining. The problem is that this determines who gets home-field advantage in the World Series and it's not being decided by some guy who wrote some script.

          • tom says:

            First Cardinals and now Royals. Did we just find out that Missouri is the best hacking state? heh!

          • thomas says:

            I agree, it's time to change who gets home-field advantage in the WS. I would suggest the league which has the best won-lost record in inter-league play would get home-field advantage so that the All-Star game would go back to fan chosen exhibition.

          • KCRoyalsRock says:

            I agree with you some. Most people aren't voting because of defense. But that does not change my argument. People writing articles keep looking at offense only when there are two sides to the game, and the Royals defense is better than most of the players many think should be starting instead.

            And no one is hacking anything. Maybe. Who knows. MLB has stated numerous times that the votes are legit. And we are stuck believing whatever they tell us. But I am still saying, those votes are not all coming from the KC area. Not enough people.

            Any yeah, home field advantage needs to go as long as the fans determine who starts.

            But also remember, just because a Royal starts the game, does not mean he stays in all nine innings.

          • I would be shocked if the system weren't hacked, but you are right about pretty much everything you said. Defense should matter, I'm just not sure that it does in the minds of most fans (a lot of fans still think pitcher's win-loss record is all important). And I do believe that a good portion of the legitimate votes are coming from outside Kansas City. At this point, I bet there are people voting for Royals just to prove a point that the system is a sham though (I also feel like the Royals gained a bunch of fans with their run last year). Sorry if I came off like a jerk. I didn't realize that you were actually being level-headed. Most opposing team fan commenters come here to troll. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you stay a while.

          • KCRoyalsRock says:

            No sweat, you didn't come off like a jerk at all. In fact, I've been enjoying the back-and-forth. I'm just a little frustrated because almost every article focuses exclusively on offense and nothing else. The one's that do mention defense, can only look at the stats available to them. One of our broadcasters said it best, the Royals make plays other teams can't (or can't as consistently). And there is no column for that.

            Honestly though, if the Royals do start eight players, I'd love to see us dominate the NL while the starters are in (and they get chances to show the nation the defense we get to see every game), and then as soon as the rest of the AL gets a chance, they tank the game. But that's just the Royals fan in me being petty for all the negative ASG voting articles. 🙂

            And finally, thank you for making quite possibly my first posting of a comment for an article (I cant remember if I have ever posted a comment before) as much fun as it's been. I'll definitely come back.

  2. tom says:

    It is definitely alarming. I don't like 1B, 2B and OF leading votes. 3B, C, SS and other OF are okay.

  3. glinda_darling says:

    I think it's time to get the FBI involved in the KC balloting!

  4. YankeezFan says:

    I think the most obvious choice is that about 2 or 3 thousand KC fans got together and created 50 email accounts and then each voted 25 times, that would create about 1.8m votes which would squew the voting, however I don't know why they left Trout in? Maybe they didn't want to make it obvious.

    • KCRoyalsRock says:

      That's why I am sure not all the votes are just KC fans going straight down the line voting Royals. The numbers would be more even across the Royals players.

      I did think of something. During one of the broadcasts, they were talking about traveling around the world and seeing Royals gear everywhere. Now I am not trying to imply the Royals are the "world's team", but it did get me wondering if the voting is just limited to North America. If not, that could be a huge reason behind the numbers after the playoff run last year. Everybody loves an underdog story.

      • YankeezFan says:

        Pllllleeeeaaaseeee….. you think the 300 million people in Japan are voting for KC players and not JAPANESE players then….. get ahold of yourself, that dosnt even make half sense.

        • KCRoyalsRock says:

          Yep, you are right. The whole world is made up of North America and Japan. No other countries exist.

          Now who isn't making sense?

  5. YankeezFan says:

    Delusional is what i would have called your comment, but i downgraded it. The broadcaster you mentioned was talking about was travelling from theKaufman staddium in KC to down town KC. Everyone knows that the Japan has the 2nd highest veiwers of MLB. Tanaka gets followed around by 15 japanese reporters what other country has that following? I also doubt there are many MLB fans in Europe, so nice try.

    • KCRoyalsRock says:

      First of all, I made no statements of fact. I just pondered about the possibility of international votes coming in. And that pondering applies to all teams, not just the Royals. Until MLB decides to share the stats on where the votes are coming from, neither you or I will know.

      Second of all, you are making statements about things you believe, not things you know. Such as what the broadcaster was talking about (I admit I am making an assumption that someone named "YankeezFan" is not glued to every Royals game broadcast), what "everyone knows" about Japan's MLB viewership, and how many MLB fans there are in Europe.

      Plus, other cultures do not think the same as Americans do. It is entirely possible they are not just voting for Japanese players just because they are from Japan.

      There are no delusions here on my side. How about your side?

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