Alex Rodriguez earns Joe Torre’s praises on comeback season


If you had chalked up Alex Rodriguez having 20 home runs this season, over 3,000 career hits and over 650 career home runs despite a long absence from the game, then congratulations, you’re either psychic or you had unwavering confidence in Rodriguez’s abilities as an aging ball player!

Okay, so none of us really imagined Alex Rodriguez would show up at Spring Training and immediately fit into the middle of the lineup, especially since he’s been out of the game for over a year. But Rodriguez has silenced the critics and earned the support of the fans in his comeback season, and one person that’s been extremely impressed with Rodriguez’s turnaround is former Yankees skipper Joe Torre.

“I think what’s surprising is Alex. I’m happy for him. Miss a whole year at that age – there was never an issue of his ability to work at it. But with all the physical problems that he’s had and missing a year, it’s been, I think, remarkable how consistent he’s been and his power numbers,” Torre told the New York Daily News on Thursday while at a golf tournament.

Rodriguez and Torre’s relationship isn’t exactly like Torre’s relationship with Derek Jeter, but the two are on more friendlier terms now, especially after Rodriguez had called Torre following his suspension and offered an apology. When Rodriguez had asked Torre for advice, Torre told Rodriguez to just play baseball and so far it seems that’s exactly what Rodriguez is doing.

“He paid his debt. He was suspended. He did that. Hopefully he learned something from it. He’s been determined to come back and play the game that he’s loved. I know baseball’s been a huge part of his life. He just craves it,” Torre said. “He’s been a force, no question. People in New York love it. That’s what’s important for us. Once people pay their penalty, you can’t root against them. It’s not the right thing to do.”

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11 Responses to Alex Rodriguez earns Joe Torre’s praises on comeback season

  1. Pull over and park the car — did Joe Torre just say something nice about ARod? I don't think that's ever happened before. No backhanded compliments or anything.

  2. kay says:

    I'm surprised and pleased by what Torre has to say about ARod now. I still remember the unpleasant stories about ARod in one of Tom Verducci's books about Torre some years ago – not that I believed that stuff then, since I consider Verducci a hack.

  3. Matt says:

    Nice Joe!!!!!!

  4. K E VIN says:

    Exactly right AROD has paid his debt….Now let him finish his career , The haters can boo him all they want , his Bat will shut them all down…Alex has come full circle proud of what he's done this year with his Bat and his humble words….He's clearly a man that wants to play the game…..

  5. Nunzio says:

    Joe Torre is all class, an ex major league ball player, Joe knows what it's like to put up numbers like Alex is doing at that age, out of baseball for a year, two hip surgeries , just remarkable , for all you A-Rod haters out there , God given talent has nothing to do with steroids , Alex as you see is a great player as is,and Joe knows that , ignorant people use the word cheat even though Alex is using the word beat in breaking all these great records …..everybody makes mistakes in life ,A-Rod payed for his.

    • All I will say about Torre is that, even when Alex was a player on his team, he had never ever said anything nice about him. He would blast Arod for only caring about his own stats. This is the same Alex who has hustled out every single ground ball in his career, who has always gone out of his way to be a good teammate, especially to the younger players, and who literally switched positions during the prime of his career so that he could be a Yankee because he knew that it was the best chance he had to win a title. Despite all of that, Torre always hated and spoke poorly of Arod. I have lost a lot of respect for Torre because of his comments towards Arod.

  6. Mvasto says:

    I think both Joe Torre and Girardi said something to the affect before this season that if he gets a lot of hits and plays well, NY will forgive him. If he came back and was terrible–well, I think we get the point.

    There's no sense in really rooting against the man if you're a Yankee fan and true baseball fans have to appreciate or at least recognize his comeback. It doesn't mean what he did in the past is right, doesn't mean you have to put him in the HOF in the future (which will not happen), it just means he's doing the best he can now and doing it well and even if it is a begrudging admittance, you have to admit he is hitting well. And that's all that us necessary to say. He doesnt need to be Roberto Clemente or Lou Gehrig…just hit, Alex, and end you're career with a little class.

  7. Patricia Mongillo says:

    I am so proud of Alex Rodriguez he has worked all his life to play good ball and he showing us that's exactly what he can do he paid the price and everybody should just be quiet about it he showed us what he's made of everybody makes mistakes he's become a better person for it and I admire him he wants to play ball all the haters don't worry he'll just show you with his bat what he can do he's magical and talented we are proud to have a messy Yankee I watch him all the time I root for him and all the rest of the players good luck Alex you have a fan in me Patricia Mongillo

  8. Paul MArtin says:

    It all goes down to talent, you still have to hit the ball, and he's still hitting it, almost everybody is doing something, Arod was just caught doing it, he paid the ultimate price, and like a prodigal son, he should be forgiven, its not like he killed someone. Even if he doesn't enter the hall of fame, the numbers speak for itself. PED's doesn't teach you to hit the ball. he will have 40 homers, .280, and 100 RBI's in his last 3 years. NY will be proud of it.

  9. euie48 says:

    Ok…. if this guy is doing soooo well without PEDs, then why did he need them in the past? …. can someone explain, please…

    • Probably felt that because SO MANY players around MLB were taking them that he had to as well. He also admitted that he felt a lot of pressure when he signed the 10-year, $252 million contract at the age of 24 (24!).

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