Alex Rodriguez proves a comeback isn’t impossible


The Yankees were down 5-0 in the fourth inning of yesterday’s 8-5 win over the Minnesota Twins, and at the time it just seemed like Alex Rodriguez‘s solo-shot was there to prevent another shut-out loss. But Rodriguez hit another homer in the seventh inning and then hit his third homer of the game in the ninth inning, making it the first time since August 14, 2010 that Rodriguez hit three home runs in a game.

Rodriguez’s three home runs sparked a comeback, with the final blow dealt by John Ryan Murphy in the top of the ninth inning, but the team admits without Rodriguez, the Yankees never would have had the chance at the victory. Rodriguez’s three-homer game comes just two days shy of his 40th birthday, and aside from Rodriguez’s play in the field, the aging veteran hasn’t showed signs of slowing down.

“Some people say life starts at 40; I’ll sign up for that right now,” Rodriguez said after the Yankees victory.

No one expected Rodriguez to come out of the gate swinging and Rodriguez has provided a distraction to the Yankees ball club, a good distraction. Rodriguez has become one of the leaders in the clubhouse, he’s been producing offensively and has silenced the critics. And no one is more pleased than Rodriguez’s teammates and his manager.

“It is more than I expected because of the layoff and the hip surgeries and his age,” Joe Girardi said. “I think it would be hard for us to predict that.

“He’s a teacher. He brings people together because he teaches, but he also likes to have fun. I have said a lot of times, people around him are laughing a lot. It is important during a long season.”

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6 Responses to Alex Rodriguez proves a comeback isn’t impossible

  1. Terry says:

    Love everything about Alex's comeback.What a great story but how about Murph's shot sealing the deal and getting the job done before extra's.Saving the pen for another day.Real nice

    • Yankeeboy23 says:

      I'm happy for the Yankees that they are getting value for the millions that they signed up for with A-Rod. In my mind it still doesn't change the disgrace he has bestowed upon the Yankees and MLB. I'm sorry that I can't forget and forgive. I sure would not have been given the chances he has if I had conducted myself the way he did in my profession. I understand the predicament the Yankees were in allowing him to continue to be a Yankee. Let's not forget just because he has performed on the field.

      • kay says:

        He has owned up and made amends as far as he is able. In my opinion the behavior of Ryan Braun and some of the others was much worse. Braun made a great deal of trouble for innocent people, including that unfortunate driver who had the delivery of Braun's sample. ARod only went after people who were powerful enough to take care of themselves. And he has apologized publicly and privately to them. He hasn't "bestowed disgrace [on] the Yankees." No one thinks the Yankees are disgraced. ARod is a well-liked, popular player and almost everyone in the game seems to be happy for him as a person that he has turned his life around.

    • Mikie Melendez says:

      Hi, Yanks!! 2 months before MLB's starting day I wrote to everyone that Leave Alex alone and keep the boot of his neck. The reason I said that remark was to let everyone know that you wll be surprised by the performance on A-Rod. Well I hit the prediction and today my worlds are higly priced. Alex had a lot to proove and I was sure he will deliver. Now all those Yankee haters, eat you worlds. There is A-Rod for a long time. I'm a Yankkee leaving out of the Country here in Puerto Rico and Iam already celebrating the Finals. We're gonna be there for sure. Take my world for it.

  2. Donald Vasquez says:

    I forgive Alex he did his time. He has helped the Yankees this year and will be a asset down the stretch.

  3. Vincieboy says:

    The best thing that could have ever happened to A-Rod is that Derek Jeter retired

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