Andrew Miller throws 30-pitch side session


Andrew Miller is on the road to rejoining the Yankees bullpen and as of this morning, he has completed the next step in his recovery.

Miller threw a 30-pitch side session today and reported no issues in his left forearm. The next step would be getting into a rehab game, but the Yankees haven’t decided when they’ll put Miller in an in-game situation.

Miller was placed on the 15-day disabled list on June 10 but had a 1.03 ERA and a 0.684 WHIP in 26.1 innings.

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3 Responses to Andrew Miller throws 30-pitch side session

  1. Terry says:

    Surviving without him and Ells,but need both pieces to separate from the pack.Trade deadline could be interesting.Both should also be back by then

    • Peter Russo says:

      Terry: The Yankees have improved in a key category. They are second in run scored. look at the bullpen yes, the bullpen blew the game for Pineda but, the resiliency of the team as a whole and they won the game with little ball. Remember the error was made on a ball in the dirt allowing the runner to score from second. That is a team victory and it happened in the last teams at bat.

  2. Balt Yank says:

    Headley has been a better hitter since moving to 2nd. Pirela shows why he should be with us: He's got heart and spunk. Further, he would hit w/ more play. Anyway, with Miller back we have a nice bullpen with RHs Warren and Mitchell to round it out. Capuano is a 1 inning pitcher and we really don't need him; I'd trade him. When BooBoobury comes back, I'd have Headley hit sixth with some protection: BooBoo, Gardner, crapRod, TEX, McCann, Headley, Beltran/Jones, Didi, Pirela.

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