Brett Gardner could hear from MLB office about his white cleats 7


During yesterday’s game, Brett Gardner caught the eye of many when he decided to wear white New Balance cleats during the Yankees 2-1 victory over the Seattle Mariners. The shoes seemed to have impressed everyone….except for Major League Baseball’s front office. And since Gardner was the only Yankee wearing the white cleats, he could be disciplined for his actions.

Major League Baseball rules state team uniforms have to comply with certain rules regarding color, depending on the organization. So, with Gardner possibly facing a fine, why did he wear the cleats in the first place?

“Just a one-time thing, man,” Gardner told the New York Post on Sunday night at a Carlos Beltran charity event. “Just today. Won’t happen again. Some guys wanted me to wear them. CC [Sabathia] was pitching today, and he was excited about them. So I said, ‘Why not?’

The cleats didn’t do much for Gardner offensively, but he did walk twice and scored a run. Well, whether Gardner gets fined or not, we have to admit…his cleats did look really cool.

Update: Major League Baseball spoke on the matter and said Gardner will not be fined–but he will receive a letter on uniform regulations. So…we’re never going to see those really cool cleats again.

7 thoughts on “Brett Gardner could hear from MLB office about his white cleats

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13

      The problem is everyone else was wearing navy blue with white cleats. Gardner's were white and gold. MLB rules state everyone has to have uniformed cleats on their respective teams.

  • hotdog

    we might see those cleats if everyone decides to wear them…maybe Hal will spring for them but I heard he's out to sea and has no contact with the mainland…and prefers it that way…

  • BxBomber

    Ya know, what's the big deal. The way players wear their uniforms these days is a joke. What about socks and stirrups? Nobody wears them the proper way anymore. Hats turned sideways, jewelry hanging out everywhere, hair below the shoulders…..and beards, what's up with that??? They have that Taliban look, jeez, it's ridiculous. And not to mention everyone covered in tattoo's. And mlb is concerned about a pair of white cleets. Give me a break! Thanks for listening, lol

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