Carlos Beltran left game with undisclosed rib injury


Carlos Beltran left last night’s game during the fifth inning with an undisclosed injury that occurred in the middle of his second at-bat. After the game, Joe Girardi said Beltran had an undisclosed rib injury with no given timetable for a return.

“We’ll see how he feels tomorrow and we’ll make a decision on what we’re going to do,” Girardi said following last night’s 2-1 loss against the Los Angeles Angels. “He says it probably wouldn’t bother him swinging left-handed; we’ll just have to see how he feels tomorrow.”

Beltran said he felt tightness in his ribcage during the opening game of the series, but didn’t say anything until he felt a pinch while trying to foul off a ball. The Yankees hope Beltran can at least play in the series finale, considering it’s too late to call someone up from Triple-A and send them to Los Angeles. If Beltran can’t play, the Yankees could find themselves with a two-man bench. But Beltran hopes the situation eventually doesn’t turn into a DL stint.

“I hope not, no,” he said. “The way I feel right now, I don’t think so. But tomorrow will be the day where, once I go to the cage, once I test it out, then I will know where I am.

“If I worry about how tight I feel, then you don’t play. As a ballplayer, every day you feel something. I decided to play through it, and I was fine.”

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6 Responses to Carlos Beltran left game with undisclosed rib injury

  1. Robert Rufa says:

    Rib tightness, leg fatigue. What is it with these ballplayers today?

    • Baseball has become a 365 day a year job compared to in the past when they took the entire offseason off and used drugs (speed) throughout the season to compete. That and EVERYTHING is reported these days. Even 10 years ago we probably don't even hear about Ellsbury's day off.

  2. tom says:

    Dugas is on his way? Wow. Yankees become a fun team to watch.

  3. Balt Yank says:

    I have general fatigue of EllsBooBooberry doing too many warm up sprints so he can't play CF. When he's called up, he'll get a cut on his pinkie and say he can't catch.

  4. Michael R says:

    Wow, these guys are really fragile.

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