Dustin Ackley the lone acquisition as trade deadline ends


After all the talks of adding a starting pitcher or even a releiver, the Yankees have made only one acquisition before the trade deadline–outfielder Dustin Ackley.

Brian Cashman revealed weeks ago that he enjoyed his current squad and had belief that they were going to be a postseason caliber team without having to overpay for rentals. While the Yankees decided not to make moves before the trade deadline, many wonder if the Yankees would consider moving Luis Severino into the starting rotation. One thing is certain, the Yankees seemed to have gotten worse on paper. But luckily for the Yankees, the World Series isn’t determined by what’s on paper.

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13 Responses to Dustin Ackley the lone acquisition as trade deadline ends

  1. tom says:

    Cashman did try something. Gyorko and Kimbrel (partial salary) for Mateo. What?

  2. Missing_Big_George says:

    Blue Jays: Revere, Tulo, Price. Yankees: Ackley. Wow, what happened to this organization? The only good thing to come out of the Ackley signing was deadweight Garrett Jones getting DFA'd. Now they should do the same thing and cut ties with over-the-hill Beltran. Let Judge play the rest of the season since they think so highly of him. Oh man don't get me started with this team. I figure three weeks and they'll be wondering what they breeze was that just passed them in the standings. Blowing down from Canada…….

    • Jack says:

      Agree with George. The only good thing is the Yanks don't make the playoffs and Girardi gets FIRED and maybeCashman and more empty seats at Yankee Stadium and Hal sells team . This management team has to go

      • hotdog says:

        that wouldn't happen…people are already applauding Cashman for holding his ground and not giving up young talent..if the Yankees don't make the playoffs, Steinbrenner and his associates will consider it a step in the right direction…

  3. Joe says:

    Ackley are you f—ing kidding me Cashman SUCKS

  4. Otto says:

    Jesus the Yankees did not make a move big deal. It is amazing why is a team always required to make a deal at the deadline. Why overpay to get someone. So the Yankees do not go far in the world series big deal. Then they can size two aces in the offseason (hopefully) and keep their prospects for next year them maybe make a deal.

  5. Otto says:

    Now they are promoting Severino so we will see

  6. joeblow says:

    The Yankees are in first place. The blue jays are chasing us. They needed to make the moves not us. We don't need to make moves just because they do. We're in first and they are not. Them making moved is exactly what is supposed to happen

  7. jimmy1982 says:

    Ok here's my take. i used to think cashman was an asshole. now i think he's an asshole but you know what? He didn't bend he didn't give in on the prospects and i give him credit for that. now we're gonna ride or die with them but i like it.

  8. Yankee Ray says:

    Disappointed like others in no trades but with Severino coming up and Bailey potentially on his way maybe not so bad. If farm plays out cash will look good.

  9. pinstripman says:

    I like the Yankees position that they took. Let the Blue Jays chase after rentals while they hang on to their upcoming players. If Toronto does not advance past the Wild-Card then they paid one heck of a "price". I see the Dodgers or Red Sox in the market for Price in the off-season. The Yankees will more than likely sign a F.A. pitcher in the off-season. They will have many options available on their terms. After 2016 they will be even more financially flexible to be ultra aggressive in the market. Good times are truly ahead for this franchise.

  10. Dago Red says:

    All I read is doom and gloom in the postings. The YANKEES are still in the lead with a 5 game lead. Today they used Mitchell, Moreno and Rumbelow. Concede the fact, the white sox scored 8 runs, and the YANKEES lost. It is not the end of the world, there is plenty baseball before the playoffs. Do believe that Cashman will make a deal or two in August. Appears that Brendon Ryan is slowly coming around, could replace and sent Drew home.

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