Jacoby Ellsbury will not return to the Yankees lineup tomorrow


The Yankees had been trying to get Jacoby Ellsbury back in the lineup by Friday’s series opener against the Tampa Bay Rays. However, Ellsbury returning to the ball club on Friday is officially out of the question.

Brian Cashman wasn’t sure whether Ellsbury would join his teammates in the Bronx  and later said he’d announce a final decision in the evening. In the end, Cashman had decided Ellsbury wouldn’t start against the Rays as Ellsbury had originally anticipated. Cashman added Ellsbury needed to gain strength in his legs, especially after sitting out with general fatigue. Ellsbury was once again out of the Tampa Yankees lineup tonight.

“He’s going through a spring training-like progression,” Cashman said. “With all the sprints and work, he is going through, he is slowly getting his legs back.”

Ellsbury has been on the DL with a knee sprain for the last six weeks.

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7 Responses to Jacoby Ellsbury will not return to the Yankees lineup tomorrow

  1. Terry says:

    Man,I so miss Ells in the line-up.He brings a different dynamic to the line-up.He can get you through those pitcher's duels.He makes the outfield defense better,the batting order deeper,really miss him

    • Yeah, this team is much better with Ellsbury in the lineup. Him and Gardner at the top created a real dynamic duo. Hopefully when he comes back, he's 100 percent and ready to go because the offense has been really sluggish without him.

  2. Call Me Crazy says:

    Something is wrong. I have had 6 complex knee operations since incurring the "Terrible Triad"(i.e., torn medial meniscus, medial collateral ligament, and medial meniscus) when I was 17 years old in a pick-up basketball game. IMO the Yankee "brass" are not disclosing critical information about llsbury's injury. A week ago, Cashman finally indicated that Ellsbury sprained his MCL — medial collateral ligament. If that were tge case, then Jacoby should be able to play this weekend. I have a sense that Ellsbury might have a slight tear in his MCL. He might have been a borderline case for surgery, and management opted for rehab rather than the "knife".

  3. Balt Yank says:

    BooBoobury needs to play baseball and shut down the "workouts." He's a primadonna who plays at 100% or nothing. His speed is fine at 80%. See what the NY Post reports: "Ellsbury was scratched from Class-A Tampa’s lineup Thursday night, but only because he did so much pregame work, Cashman said."

  4. Jeter222 says:

    Agree totally with comments RE: how different, and better, Yanks offense is with Ellsbury in the line-up. Don't see how him wanting to be at 100% (esp the way he plays) makes him a prima donna, though. He's a professional athlete who's trying to be at his best so he can perform at the level he and his teammates expect.

  5. Tony says:

    WE should have signed Cano and let the young Yankees come up. Is he really worth the money the Yankees shelled out for him?

    • mick says:

      The better question where Cano is signed is "did the Yankees make the right decision"? That is a resounding yes, judging by Cano's stats in Seattle. The Yankees are better off with McCann, Ellsbury, and Beltran, imo.

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