Joe Girardi implies Stephen Drew will be strictly a utility man 6


Stephen Drew‘s days as the Yankees every day second basemen have come to an end–at least that’s what Joe GIrardi implied during his pregame press conference. With Rob Refsnyder on the roster, the Yankees plan to use Drew’s defense all over the infield and will try to get him in some games where his power will come in handy. Long story short, Drew’s gonna be a utility player.

“He’s been as good as anyone I’ve ever been around in handling all of this this season,” Girardi said. “We talked about what he needed to do, the different spots that he played, and he talked about just trying to help this team win. He’s been great.

“We want him to be able to play all three positions, second, short and third. We’ve asked our middle infielders to be able to do that if you want to give Headley a day off, if you want to give Didi a day off, obviously he’s going to play some second as well. Those sort of things. He’s prepared to go in anywhere.”

With Girardi speaking of Drew’s job with the team, it doesn’t seem like Drew will be the move the Yankees make when they activate Carlos Beltran off the disabled list tomorrow. It seems they’ll either remove Garrett Jones (who hasn’t played much), Brendan Ryan (who’s been hurt a lot) or even a reliever.


6 thoughts on “Joe Girardi implies Stephen Drew will be strictly a utility man

  • Terry

    This guy has incredible value in this role.Lefty pop off the bench,solid solid glove,can play any spot.I've always liked him in this role,about time

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13

      We don't need another A-Rod, Teixeira, CC contract in terms of length and money. Yankees did the right thing letting Cano go.

  • hotdog

    Refsnyder needs to prove that he belongs…i expect he'll lift his average but he could be sent down ala Pirela if he can't hit above .220…i don't think they go long with Refsnyder unless he gets that average up…i really thought Pirela would stick…all he needs is a few nice games and he's above .300…keep the faith…

  • tommy cassella

    i still say that bobby richardson can stll play second base better than anybody the yanks have on their team, even at the age of 76.

  • Ken S.

    Should have kept the "kid" (Refsnyder) and unloaded the dead wood. Ryan is not the future and is chronically injured as well.

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