Luis Severino to make his next start in the Major Leagues


With the Yankees not trading for anyone during the trade deadline, it leaves many to wonder, could the Yankees brand new acquisition actually be in the minor leagues? The answer is yes, and next week, he’ll be in pinstripes taking Michael Pineda‘s spot in the rotation.

Brian Cashman announced Luis Severino will make his next start in the Major Leagues, and although the Yankees haven’t decided what day he would pitch, it seems likely Severino could start the game against the Boston Red Sox on August 4th. Cashman said Severino would not have an innings limit, simply because they had ‘prepared for this moment’ and added Severino would have been in the Majors earlier–had Diego Moreno not pitch that brilliant 5.1 scoreless inning performance against the Texas Rangers.

Another minor league arm that could be on the way is Andrew Bailey, who was promoted from Double-A Trenton to Triple-A Scranton Wilkes-Barre. Cashman views Bailey as someone who could eventually be in the mix to help the Yankees bullpen.

Severino was recently named the top prospect in the entire Yankees system by Bronx Baseball Daily and was ranked as the 35th overall prospect in the game by Baseball America prior to the start of the season. He started this year in Double-A Trenton where he had a 3.32 ERA with a 11.4 K/9 and a 2.4 BB/9 in eight starts before he was eventually promoted to Triple-A Scranton. Since his promotion, he has a 1.91 ERA with a 7.3 K/9 and 2.5 BB/9.

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19 Responses to Luis Severino to make his next start in the Major Leagues

  1. If they're not going to be active at the deadline then the only way to improve the team with through the minor leagues. Glad they promoted Severino. I hope that Refsnyder isn't far behind. Andrew Bailey could be on his back up soon too.

    • mikefoxtrot says:

      Refsnyder's not ready to field 2B….. you can't wish that away just because he can hit.

      it ain't as if the team is desperate for offense.

  2. hotdog says:

    absolutely Rob…we needed some good news today…i'm not sure where the Yankees want to play Ackley but if they give him time at 2b, that would effect how they deal with Refsnyder…i would be very surprised if they promote him but a lot of strong things have happened this year…

  3. hotdog says:

    more importantly, the Yankees need to get back to winning…losing 2 in a row is no big deal but don't make it a trend…

  4. tom says:

    Think Severino will take Figueroa's spot counting on Ryan being 100 percent healthy?

    I don't like to let go of Moreno, Cotham, Burawa or Martin. I could see Martin go before Figueroa, though.

  5. Balt Yank says:

    This is not the usual cautious move. Though a small side-note, I like JR Murphy and glad he's hitting 280+. Headley is hitting 270 and fielding better making him, for now, the player we need him to be. TEX is mashing. Rotation Dream: Tanaka, Evoaldi, Warren, Severino, CC. Nova to the pen.

  6. Matt says:

    Horrible I cannot believe they didnt grab starting pitching ???????

    • joe says:

      I can't understand why sabathia is in the starting rotation instead of warren just because of his huge salary its a loss everytime he pitches wise up girardi

  7. Buzzsaw says:

    Right all round – except nova is NOT – and never has been — a reliever. Its warren to the pen

  8. Bill says:

    gentlemen – CC is finished -say him pitch in Minneapolis he is batting practice material -CASHMAN should either have got a reliever so Warren could go back to the rotation or a back end starter -that way he still would have kept the kids at Scranton. Supposedly he tried to get San Diego's
    reliever for Mateo but they would not budge.

  9. Michael R says:

    Phil Hughes had never been a reliever either, and he made the adjustment pretty well.

  10. tommy cassella says:

    the sooner the yanks take sabbathia out of the rotation. the better off they will be.. i think the last time he gave them a quality start is when moses parted the red sea.

  11. Gary Heyward says:

    I hope that Servino, Bird, Judge and Mateo are the real thing and can help out this club in the next year or so. Good luck to Servino on August 4. Hope he pitches the way we as Yankee fans hope.

  12. Jim H says:

    Letting CC continue in the rotation could be the difference between remaining in contention & falling off below the wild card this year. He's had a great career…the operative word being "had". Warren was much more effective. Nova, Pineda, & Tanaka are great, when they're on. Unfortunately, they can't be slotted for their starts using ink. They are penciled in. Girardi is the opposite of Torre in that he is a bullpen master. The starting pitching needs to be addressed down the stretch. In other words, now !!

  13. hotdog says:

    I wonder what they do with Severino when Pineda returns…i don't think he stays up except if he throws back to back no hitters…it's not a gimme that they move CC out of the rotation to make room for Severino…or anyone else for that matter…my guess is with all the uncertainties in the rotation, we may never have 6 healthy starters at one time (not including Warren)…that would leave room for Severino but if everyone's healthy when Pineda returns, someone has to go…exit Severino…

    • True yankee fan says:

      CC needs to go. He is finished as a starter. He leads the majors in surrendering leads and is probably one more start away from leading in homeruns allowed. You can not continue to let a guy "try to figure it out" like this when you are in a pennant race.

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