Trade Rumors: Cueto, Price, discussing starters for relievers and Zobrist


The Yankees may not have sealed the deal on any trades as of yet, but they have been talking a lot, and they almost did offer one of their current starting pitchers for an ace that ended up going elsewhere. Here’s some quick trade rumors involving the Yankees.

— As we all know, Johnny Cueto has found his home in Kansas City with the Royals, but an interesting tidbit is the Yankees were willing to trade Ivan Nova in order to acquire Cueto. Of course, the deal fell through mostly because the Yankees didn’t want to give up their top prospects.

— With Cueto off the board, the Yankees have set their sights on David Price, who may or may not be available. Detroit did say they were going to wait until the middle of the week to decide whether they were buyers or sellers, but they seem determined to find any way to make it to the postseason.

— The Yankees have talked to every team about starting pitching and relieving, and it’s possible CC Sabathia‘s job could be in danger should the Yankees land the right player. Some of the players rumored to be of interest include Jim Johnson, Brad Ziegler, Joaquin Benoit and previously Tyler Clippard (Clippard was traded to the New York Mets earlier this afternoon, so he’s no longer a candidate).

Ben Zobrist is expected to be traded from the Oakland Athletics and the Yankees are one of the many teams interested in him. Zobrist could provide insurance in the infield, although it’s possible Stephen Drew‘s job could be in jeopardy should the Yankees land the second basemen.

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16 Responses to Trade Rumors: Cueto, Price, discussing starters for relievers and Zobrist

  1. Rudy k. says:

    I think. Yankees will stay pat and stay with same roster.

    • Steve says:

      If they do there nuts!!!! They r at least 2 players away from going to World Series I believe !

      • billyball says:

        What two players and what are you willing to give up for that crapshoot known as playoffs?

        • hotdog says:

          you don't need to perform miracles…look at the Mets, they've added 2 bats and Tyler Clippard…they want to win now…they didn't make splashy moves but added here and there to improve the team…Yankees are just playing this a different way at least through 9:10 pm on July 27th…if they don't win the world series, everyone will be harping on what Cashman didn't do during the trade deadline but in reality, how many teams will win the world series this year…don't add by subtracting…

  2. Miguel says:

    We need Zobrist, drew is killing us

  3. Miguel says:

    We're a couple of pieces away from doing damage in the playoffs

  4. Balt Yank says:

    I don't see Drew to Zobrist as a difference maker. Zobrist is a few years past his good years.

  5. Ray says:

    Price would be the perfect fit. Nobody is pitching well and the definitely need an ace

  6. tom says:

    Freakin' B-Jays get Tulowitzki. Yankees better do something.

    • hotdog says:

      is doing nothing something….and Toronto didn't have to give up their 2 best prospects…it would be like giving the Rockies Gregorius (better defense less offense),Mateo and Bird for Tulo and Hawkins, while keeping Severino and Judge untouched…i've never been impressed with Cashman's ability to work trades with a few exceptions…

  7. Scott says:

    Now we are going to panic because the blue jays , who have done nothing since 1992 got an expensive injury riddled player ??? Wake up . We are 14 games over and in the drivers seat. Moves should be minimal . Under no circumstances do we trade these prospects. We waited all these years for this team to develop talent and they aw almost ready , so trading them off would be moronic

    • hotdog says:

      who says we need to trade top prospects…other teams haven't and they've improved their lot…i would like to see Mike Leake on the team, that would not take top 5 talent to get him…maybe the Yankees are considering Severino if there's a need but to be content with CC is a mistake imo…

  8. hotdog says:

    got to admit Delia, the Yankees have been doing a lot of talking…where's the beef…

  9. hotdog says:

    On the plus side for the Yankees, they keep winning…even if they do nothing, winning solves everything…

  10. Guest says:

    If the Yankees trade for a starter, I'm okay with it if:
    A) CC (worst starter) or Nova (arm fatigue) goes to the bullpen
    B) Capuano is DFA'ed
    C) Yankees don't give up Judge, Severino, Mateo, Bird, or Refsnyder
    Yankees need a right-handed reliever?
    Here's one:
    last 10 appearances:
    W 1, L 0, ERA 0.68, SV 2, IP 13.1, H 5, ER 1, BB 6, SO 17
    His name is Andrew Bailey. I know he's at AA, but it's not like he doesn't have MLB experience.

    • hotdog says:

      last I checked Bailey was doing well in the minors so it's possible he see some action…Yankees do need a starter…i think you're right about Nova…there's something not quite right with him…giving up Refsnyder won't hurt us as much as giving up Sanchez…Sanchez is a 22 year old catcher at AAA…he's not Buster Posey but he has some pop and throws out a large percentage of base runners…in my eyes he's a #3 prospect and possibly more valuable than Judge…

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