Trade Rumors: Rival executives believe Yankees will land a pitcher


Brian Cashman has been very adamant about staying pat during the upcoming trade deadline, even though the Yankees are realistically only one or two pieces away from a legit playoff run. While Cashman is saying the Yankees won’t make a move, rival executives believe the Yankees will make a run for a starting pitcher.

The Yankees and Cole Hamels trade appears as if it’s not going to happen–the Phillies want too much and Hamels still has a pretty big contract through the year 2019, but Joel Sherman of the New York Post gave a thought on what if the Yankees offered Ivan Nova and a few secondary prospects to land a pitcher like Jeff Samardzija or even David Price. Ivan Nova would be a year further removed from Tommy John Surgery while Samardzija and Price would become free agents at the end of the year. Sherman mentions the White Sox and the Tigers can’t afford to keep Samardzija and Price, although both teams have said they are far from selling despite their standings in the American League Central.

My Thoughts: The Yankees trading for Samardzija and Price does seem rather tempting, considering the Yankees are probably the team to beat in the AL East. And it would also be interesting to have one of those two headline a rotation with Masahiro Tanaka and Michael Pineda during the postseason. But is moving Ivan Nova and secondary prospects to get Samardzija and Price a good idea?

Adding either Samardzija and Price doesn’t necessarily get rid of CC Sabathia, who is still in the rotation, and has easily been the Yankees worst starter. I guess with Price and Samardzija in the rotation, CC doesn’t become as much of an issue, but again, is a gamble like this worth it?

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13 Responses to Trade Rumors: Rival executives believe Yankees will land a pitcher

  1. jimmy1982 says:

    How is it not worth it to improve your starting rotatiion heading into the playoffs? There's never a guarantee you'll be in the same place again next year or the year after. if you're sitting in this position right now, i don't see how you CAN'T go for it.

    • Jack says:

      Absolutly right. Ian really getting tired of hearing about these fantastic prospects, who when they get up to the Bigs don't amount to a hill of beans. Give me proven major talent any day of the week. If yanks stand pat no way they play in World Series!!

  2. enter42 says:

    No way the Tigers take Nova and secondary prospects for Price. You gotta believe they would hold out for more than that whether it be from the Yanks or anyone else. Price would make the Yanks lethal. Samardzija and Nova are equals with maybe a slight edge to Jeff. Glad I'm not the GM. Lots of pressure to make the right move this time of year. I'm still hoping the Banuelos trade doesn't turn out to be a huge mistake even though Shreve is doing great.

  3. Tbird1549 says:

    Why Give up Nova? Get Leake from Cincy and and you don't have to give up that much to get him. Nova is just rounding in to pitching shape and will be very good going forward.

    • Hank Comren says:

      I have to wonder if Leake would pitch well in the American League. He doesn't miss many bats, and his era is average, but that's for a league in which the pitcher hits. I think he'd be below average in the AL East. Do you think Nova will ever be much more than he currently is? He's 28 years-old. I don't think the Yankees could get Price for him and secondary prospects (if, by secondary, they mean Ramon Flores), but Samadzija (I congratulate myself every time I spell his name correctly without looking it up) could go for that package. Wouldn't you consider that? It also would give NY the inside track on signing him. Samardzija as a free agent won't cost as much as Price, and, going forward, he's the better health risk. Though 30, he hasn't thrown that many innings. Where do you see a downside?

      • hotdog says:

        Nova is coming off an injury that sidelined him for some time…i don't think one can assess his future based on these handful of starts…i don't like moving Nova when his value is down…he could turn it up a notch especially in 2016…as is, he's doing fine, a 3.38 era and has given up 3 runs or less in 5 out of his 6 starts…Nova has always had problems keeping the pitch count low and could use more work in that area…Yankees seem to be limiting his pitches this year as well and he's not gone far into most games…Nova for Leake would be a bad trade imo…Leake is a rental, we'd be down 1 pitcher for the 2016 season…

  4. Terry says:

    If we trade for a starter,someone off the ML roster would have to be included to create a slot for him and it won't be CC.I agree with enter42,I wouldn't trade Nova for Jeff S not enough gained and Nova's younger

  5. Carmine says:

    Jeff would be a huge mistake he gives up a lot of homers and he would get hammered in the east, plus I think nova is better. 1 would give up one of their top prospects plus nova and a B prospect for price because I think he would make a huge difference plus I think the yanks will sign him as a free agent. The only thing about price is that he talked bad about the yanks saying that it was stupid policy that he cant have a beard and that he wouldn't want to play for the yanks.

  6. Balt Yank says:

    We have Capuano! Really. I mean, Girardi is starting him on Saturday. He's got the confidence. What else do we need? PS: I think Nova should go to the bullpen for many reasons, including health, and Warren back in the rotation.

  7. hotdog says:

    I can see the Yankees picking up a decent reliever with the idea that Warren's availability as a starter increases with another reliable pitcher in the pen…i just wonder how ready the Yankees are to remove CC from the rotation…i don't think that happens unless the Yankees trade for a starter and even then, that's no guarantee they move CC…

  8. Balt Yank says:

    I don't see the Yankees moving CC to the bullpen this year. They would move Nova 1st.

  9. goyanks says:

    if they make it to the playoffs, CC won't even be a factor. Don't know why everyone is stressing about him and his performance preventing a playoff run. He won't pitch in any key moment of the playoffs unless he by some miracle discovers how to become an effective finesse pitcher. So the assessment has to be Tanaka, Pineda and whoever is pitching better between Eovaldi and Nova against other playoff teams. I think they are competitive against anyone in the AL. Stand pat and then sign one of the top of the rotation guys in the off season when they will be signing a long term contract.

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