Trade Rumors: Yankees ‘aggressively’ pursuing Aroldis Chapman

Cincinnati Reds Aroldis Chapman

With the Yankees showing interest in relievers, it’s quite clear they’re attempting to take a page out of the Kansas City Royals postseason book, where the bullpen ends the game after six innings. In their quest to create a dominant bullpen, the Yankees have been asking around for relief pitching, and one of the potential talks just got serious.

According to Bob Nightengale of USA TODAY, the Yankees are aggressively pursing Cincinnati Reds closer Aroldis Chapman. If the Yankees are unable to get Craig Kimbrel and Carter Capps, it’s possible the Yankees could use the same package they’ve put together for Kimbrel and Capps for the Reds. Chapman would be under team control for a year before becoming a free agent in 2017, but the Yankees are thinking of a ‘win-now’ situation.

Chapman is 3-4 with a 1.65 ERA, 77 strikeouts and a 1.191 WHIP in 43.2 innings with the Reds.

(And if you need a reason as to why the Yankees should pursue Chapman, here’s a video of Chapman pitching in the 2015 All-Star Game…and baffling Yankees first basemen Mark Teixeira).


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20 Responses to Trade Rumors: Yankees ‘aggressively’ pursuing Aroldis Chapman

  1. Rudy k. says:

    Go for. It now do it. Do. It!!!

  2. Otto says:

    No doubt Do it. Forget Kansas City it would be like the old Reds Nasty boys, With Chapman, Miller, Betances

  3. tom says:

    Since Reds won't deal any more than just Chapman, forget him.

    Marlins' Haren and Capps or Padres' Ross and Kimbrel is appealing. I don't mind losing Nova and Severino to Padres but not Marlins.

  4. Mark says:

    I get what they're trying to do but it seems like, if we're in a "win now" situation, why not have aggressively pursued Cueto or Hamels?

    • The Yankees are currently concerned with both the here-and-now and the future. So all deals done to make the 2015 team better can't hurt the 2016-17 teams.

      • Mark says:

        A trade for Hamels would have accomplished both and apparently the Phillies would have eaten a good bit of his salary. At any rate, that deal would have made more sense than giving up prospects for Chapman with regard to the team's direction in the future

    • hotdog says:

      The asking price for Hamels was too much apparently and I'm not sure how much the Yankees wanted to take on his salary even though Philly would have eaten a bunch of it…the Yankees have been very careful about spending this year…let's see who they pick up by 4pm…

  5. hotdog says:

    My hope is that there's a con-current move which allows Adam Warren to return to the rotation…Yankees need to plug that gap and apparently they are not going after a starter…who knows though…

  6. tom says:

    Ah….Kimbrel is out for Yankees. Well, at least for now.

    Capps for Mateo. Please.

    • You really want to give up on one of their best prospects at a premium position for a reliever who has exactly 4 months of success in the majors? Seems risky to me.

      • tom says:

        Capps would be ahead of Mateo on Yankees' top 5. 24 years old in MLB against 20 years old in baby A level. Oh yeah, it is easy call.

        If Mateo has power then it is bad idea to trade away the top premium position prospect. Speed? Yankees don't utilize this tool well nowadays.

        However, Mateo for Capps is out of question as a result of Yankees barking at parting with Mateo for Kimbrel. Whatever!

  7. Ollie says:

    For Chapman, anyone but Judge!

  8. anna says:

    The Yankees are the richest team in baseball the best franchise yet they cant make a deal shame on you Brian Cashman..I miss George…

    • The Yankees are not the richest team in baseball (the Dodgers) and they weren't expecting to win this year. Is it really smart to give up on a long-term plan because Teixeira and ARod are having huge seasons?

      • tom says:

        No.. Yankees are the richest team. Not even close.

        • Yankees opening day payroll was $217 million, Dodgers was $271 million. The Dodgers TV deal is also worth significantly more than the Yankees TV deal. So…yeah…it's not even close.

          • tom says:

            Yankees easily make 200 plus million in revenue than Dodgers without making effort to surpass Dodgers in payroll. Yankees are only 54m short behind Dodgers for payroll. Dodgers just used TV deals to improve the payroll spending.

            It is the Yankees. Not even close.

          • True yankee fan says:

            Shut the hell up Tom

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