Trade Rumors: Yankees could have interest in Martin Prado


So, remember that time when the Yankees had Martin Prado last season and then traded him and David Phelps to the Miami Marlins to get Nathan Eovaldi? Well, the Yankees might have interest in Prado again–but only if the Yankees original plan for an infielder falls through.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post is reporting the Yankees, Mets and Royals were all interested in the Marlins infielder but only if none of the teams were able to land Ben Zobrist. An American League executive said the Marlins went from saying Prado wouldn’t be traded to at least contemplating offers involving him.

In 73 games, Prado is hitting .273/.312/.369 with the Miami Marlins.

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6 Responses to Trade Rumors: Yankees could have interest in Martin Prado

  1. john says:

    Why would anyone give prospects for Ben Zobris who is only marginally better than Drew. Drew at least can hit the long ball once in a while. My only offer is that they take Ryan off our hands.

  2. Balt Yank says:

    I agree with John. While Drew sucks, a 180 hitting 20 homer dude is only marginally worse than a 250 hitting singles hitter. Both are defaults.

  3. scooter10 says:

    Prado would be a nice upgrade. He did a great job as a 2nd half acquisition last year. Could start at 2B and backup at 3B and OF. He plays with intensity and seemed to thrive in the Bronx. Would have him for 2015 and 2016. Would not give up more than a B-level prospect but if the Yankees were willing to take on the salary perhaps that's all it would take.

    • hotdog says:

      good question, are the Yankees willing to take on salary…they've been very cautious this year…Prado gets on base and with a decent offense, he'll score more runs than Drew…Prado has more rbi's in fewer at bats, hr's are overvalued while obp is often undervalued…Prado's obp is .354 compared to Drew's .263…both players have been hitting better the last couple months…would be nice to have Prado and Drew as backup…does Prado block Refsnyder though in 2016…

  4. Robert Rufa says:

    I liked Prado and hated to see him go, but what about that guy named Refsnyder? I heard he's decent–and he's a phone call away.

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