Update: Blue Jays reach a deal for David Price


UPDATE:┬áThe Yankees have missed out on another starting pitcher as David Price has been traded to the Toronto Blue Jays, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.┬áPer Heyman, the deal includes Daniel Norris. Jon Morosi of Fox Sports adds that it also “likely” includes Anthony Alford as well.

ORIGINAL POST: With their refusal to trade four of their top prospects, the Yankees have missed out on Johnny Cueto, Mat Latos and Cole Hamels, but now it seems the Yankees will miss out on one other pitcher.

Accord to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, the Yankees have contacted the Detroit Tigers regarding David Price, but their reluctance to trade Luis Severino leaves the Yankees “little to no chance” in acquiring Price. The Toronto Blue Jays have become front runners in the Price sweepstakes, following the Yankees refusal to trade their top prospects.

Price is 9-4 with a 2.53 ERA and a 1.110 WHIP in 146 innings for the Detroit Tigers.

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28 Responses to Update: Blue Jays reach a deal for David Price

  1. john says:

    Smart move on Yankees part. Severino has Price potential and is younger and cheaper. I think he could be a number 3 now.

    • Mark says:


      • jimmy1982 says:

        Foolish. cashman has, essentially, just wasted the stellar bounce-back years of arod and tex because, unless he's got a deal in place for sonny gray, the yanks have no one in their farm that can match price's ability and experience in the playoffs. not to mention who knows if arod and tex will be even healthy enough to repeat what they're doing this year. bravo cashman!

  2. RZA says:

    Well yeah, seeing how the Jays got him.

  3. Kate. says:

    I say smart move too. I've had enough of the Yankees trading away prospects for a quick fix. Clearly that is not working. If we want to go back to a time when the Yankees were successful it was through the development of their own talent, i.e. The Core Four. We can't win every year. No body can. Trying to accomplish that every year at the expense of trading our young prospects is both silly and bad business. Perhaps I'm naive. But I hope Brian Cashman sticks to his guns this time and doesn't trade away our future.

    • hotdog says:

      problem is that the Yankees didn't need to trade prospects then because they could outspend everyone and acquire the right free agents…nowadays there are more hands out there with money to burn…that makes trades an important option…not advocating they move anyone but he needs to mix and match more than ever…

  4. Rudy k. says:

    What is cashmen waiting for Hamels. Price. Gone. What is he is going to do he better do something the Jays got very strong in two days six game lead can very.fast and yankees only have two starters and two terrible second baseman if he blows this he should be fired.

    • hotdog says:

      Cashman will never be fired…George I believe would have sent him packing long ago but Hal seems to have other interests…if we win the world series doing nothing, they'll crown Brian Cashman…doing nothing would presumably put him in the hot seat but that depends how you look at it…what is keeping your top prospects worth on the open market…

      • tom says:

        Right. If Nova or Pineda was put on 60 day DL, Cashman would make a move for either elite southpaw yesterday. Easy.

  5. Terry says:

    The problem here is other teams are getting better for the stretch run and we're not.We've played well and are in first place but the Royals and Blue Jays got a bit better and that could be a problem.We still have those same question marks and it's approaching crunch time.I loved the core four but that doesn't happen very often.We could still use a little help

    • hotdog says:

      Toronto got quite a bit better…got to hand it to their GM who is going all-out…KC as well…the difference is that the Yankees are always in it from year to year, Toronto and KC could go down the drain for a decade and when they come up, they need to go all out…the Yankees need to play their prospects that they are protecting or they're just spinning their wheels…hopefully we'll get to see Severino, Judge, Refsnyder and possibly Sanchez next year…Yankees just have to figure out whether they can give them the time to develop and find places to put them…where would Bird go, he's a 1st baseman in part because his defense isn't that good…you can't move Tex and Arod is the DH…we've got 26 hours to go before the trade deadline expires…maybe Cashman has a move up his sleeve…

  6. Robert DeFrancisco says:

    We are just fine but We need Kimbrol or Jeff S from the white sox and we will be fine — do not give away any of our 4 big prospects for any of them however

  7. hotdog says:

    the Blue Jays want to take the division and go deep this year…what's wrong with that…they gave up their #1 prospect who isn't doing so well at AAA…Severino is 7-0 and has pitched like a wizard…no way you give Detroit this guy for Price…my only concern is that Cashman has a way of moving prospects during the winter…i hope he lets these kids play before he sends them packing…maybe doing nothing is doing nothing foolish but I think Cashman can do better than that…will he though…

    • privy says:

      If he didn't move the prospects now he definitely won't in the winter. Severino and Judge will be in the Bronx in 2016

      • hotdog says:

        think about what happened this past winter…

        • tom says:

          We have no business to count on prospects to be other Yankee. Whilst Cashman did not help Yankees play deeper in the postseason, he has enough highest level players to throw in a mix with veteran next season so he won't have to make a big splash again this winter. No Judge means Upton, Heyward and Cespedes for a fat contract.

          Cueto and Price trade is the best news for Yankees because Yankees won't lose 1st round pick to get top SP with top prospects in the wing.

      • hotdog says:

        Cashman wouldn't move his top 2 prospects over the winter but other deals will likely be made…maybe very little but something…

        • tom says:

          Most of them would be OFers. Too many lefty OFers on the 2016 reserve list. Trim them down for Rule 5 picks lol.

          Nova and Pineda may be traded if Yankees opt to sign top SP. umm.

    • tom says:

      Now, it is safe to say B-Jays trade for Tulowitzki is very good. lol.

      • hotdog says:

        the Blue Jays certainly went long this year…we have a series coming up against them during the next home stand…should be interesting…

  8. Privy says:

    If the Yankees get Mike Leake I think he becomes a serviceable starter while Pineda and Nova recover.

    • hotdog says:

      Leake would be a 6th starter…i agree, he could be an important piece and likely would be used if any of the starting 5 go down…

  9. tom says:

    Maybe Yankees now begin to talk with Padres for either Ross or Shields. I prefer the former.

  10. Balt Yank says:

    Yankees made the smart move. We can't trade away next year for Price and a lotta luck to win a World Series. We are not 1 pitcher away; we need 2 playoff pitchers. Pineda, Tanaka, Evoaldi are inconsistent middle-tier starters. That being said, you have to admire Toronto this past week. Upgrade indeed.

  11. tom says:

    Vance Worley is dfaed by Pirates. Get him. Very ideal right handed long reliever to push Warren back into the rotation.

  12. joeblow says:

    The Yankees were very smart not to give away Severino. Lets not panic because the jays made two big moves this is what they should do. They are chasing us not the other way around. We are in first place we should be getting in their heads not them getting into our heads. As for the royals they got ripped off for Zobrist. He isn't even that good and the royals gave away a stud pitcher they paid 3 and a half million dollars for to get him just because he plays every position. Not knocking Zobrist but I just don't think hes on the level that the geeks put him on. We are going to be just fine.

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